Tuesday, March 30

The Burning Question.... Week Six

Week Six of The Burning Question....

If you wrote a book about your life
what would the title be?

Un Peu... (A little in French)
A Cardigan for my heart
From the Flickering Candle

Mr.'s: Born 200 Years Too Late

Sunday, March 28

Giveaway.. To Do... Monday Review Seventh Generation

If I look outside my happiness grows. The snow that once covered every inch within sight is now melting. Then as fast as that thought comes, so does the great desire to spring clean. I'm not a fanatic, but I do like a clean house. While Sam (my sweet furry friend) was a guest I realized how hard it is to maintain the place to my standards, so I had to come up with a plan. That is when I read about Seventh Generation cleaning products.

For the last 20 years Seventh Generation has been thinking about our future. No finger pointing, but have you been doing that for yourself for the last 20 years? I can raise my hand with honesty...I haven't. I didn't know how, but with some positive influences and the desire, years later I am happy with my efforts.

With people like Seventh Generation making household and personal care products that are effective and safe for the air, the surfaces, the fabrics, the pets and the people within our living homes...it swaddles me with comfort. (Click for additional information.)

Taking this review seriously, my Mr. and I did some cleaning this morning then talked about the products. We decided:
  • Seventh Generation items clean just as well or better than the competition, who use do not focus on being green. You are getting a quality item that produces an amazing outcome.
  • The products have a fresh clean smell. It allows you to breathe in a clean scent with the comfort of knowing it's not harmful.
  • If you care at all about yourself then why wouldn't you purchase Seventh Generation. I know that sound simple, but in reality it is very simple... If you want to better yourself and the environment than you should use Seventh Generation. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to try many items as a review, but they have a customer for life now.

I want you to enjoy Seventh Generation too! So, one lucky follower will have the opportunity to try all the items I did. Check this list out:
  • Seventh Generation Green Mandarin & leaf Natural Shower Cleanser
  • Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress & Fir Natural Toilet Bowl Cleanser
  • Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress & Fir Natural Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Wild Orange & Cedar Spice Natural Kitchen Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural All Purpose Cleanser
  • Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels
  • A Seventh Generation Tote
I know... isn't that amazing and they are not sample sizes. Talk about generous!

How to win: (Mandatory) Go to Seventh Generation and find a product you would really like to try then come back here and leave a comment. If you already use their items share your product review with us.

Extra Entries:
(2) Join the Seventh Generation Nation...(Why: receive coupons and special offers, forums, a personal profile and chance to participate in research panels.)
(2) Follow my blog... If you already do, you get 2 entries
(2) Blog about this giveaway or put it on a giveaway Linky
(1) Enter my other giveaway, come back here and let me know you did

Bonus: If your a SITS-er you get an extra entry! If you are part of my "I love being carded!" card swap you get an extra entry.

This giveaway is open to US only due to shipping costs...darn it! This giveaway will end
April 9th. I will email the winner, so please make sure to include your email address.

Thanks for your attention. I hope this is something you consider when you're shopping. Remember it's never to late to be good to yourself. Have a wonderful day.

I still have my Wilton "Cupcake Fun"...Apron giveaway going on...CLICK HERE

This post was written by myself for my readers. I was given (as stated above) Seventh Generation items to write an honest review, which is what I did.

Saturday, March 27


Did you know some peeple are afrade to right because they might sound "ignorant" compeared to others.... You know what I think, that is sad! You're voice is as beautifull as the one who speaks too much. Please know this blog welcomes all writers from ivy league to elementary. Spell it right or wrong I'm happy you found a place to express yourself.

I'm taken back by the dark remarks about minor errors. This is suppose to be fun...lets keep it that way. I'm thankfull for all of you who visit, comment or just plane stalk.

****This is not directed at anyone who has commented on my blog. It's just a general observation from reading random blogs.****

Wednesday, March 24

Sweet LIttle Cedar

Tonight... I held him in my arms. Tonight.... I fell in love once again with the dream of someday holding a little "us". Until then, I get to enjoy his coo's, his baby faces and his innocence. Thank you K & R for sharing him with us. Survivor was just another show until we started our tradition. Go Russell!... Go Boston Rob!

Photo taken by K's dear and talented friend Jane. K's blog...Flotsom&Knitsom.

Tuesday, March 23

Wordless Wednesday...Scotland, beautiful Scotland, a couple years ago

As my feet touched the cobblestone streets I could feel the history.

I could hear voices whispering their stories...

I touched every wall and leaned into the wind to embrace the past.
Happy Wordless Wednesday!

The Burning Question.... Week Five

The Burning question for week 5....
What's next for you?
Take it in any direction you want...and run with it.

My answer:
Finish teaching, so I can get home and off the roads.
The weather is terrible here, it's freaking me out just knowing I have to drive on the highway. I'm not usually a wimp about driving, but I hate icy roads.

In the near future: I would like to make a plan for my Mr. and I to spend quality time together. (We already do, but I would like to plan some mini trips, hikes, outings...you know what I mean.) I would like us to help each other with our weaknesses, to start to feel better about our accomplishments instead of letting little failures (things that are not going as planned) get us down.

A little further into the future: A home with little kiddos running around and furry friends of all shapes and sizes. An open door (a screen door to keep the bugs out) where friends and family walk in and make themselves at home while I cook dinner using items from my own garden.

I look forward to your reading your answer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Sunday, March 21

Monday To Do: Review Wilton


The sound of a mixer and the sweet scent of vanilla swirl in the air. Draped with fabric sewn in just the right shape I'm protected from all errors. The richest of butter twists under the blade waiting for a creative end. Filling in the cute paper wrap. I hesitate only for a moment before I sink my teeth into the wondrous mini creation.

You can not begin a baking conversation without hearing the name of the industry leader Wilton. With just a few clicks on the computer you can begin your journey into the world of tantalizing treats. May it be a cake or a cookie, a cupcake or candy the answers all come from Wilton's 80 years of experience and knowledge.

Come celebrate with Wilton! I mean it, they have everything you need to prepare for a sweet celebration.

After years of intimidation I finally cracked the eggs and mixed the flour to make cupcakes from scratch. I went to Wilton's "Make Perfect Cupcakes" and within a few minutes I could feel my confidence growing and my stomach growling. The well written site helped me every step of the way. Honestly, every step:
If I could ship out my cupcakes to all of your homes I would with great delight. Unfortunately, that seems to be out of the question, so I'll do the next best thing and host a fun giveaway.

Made with my very own hands one lucky winner with receive an apron. What good is an apron without a baking project, so I'm giving away a Wilton CUPCAKE FUN book with over 150 cupcake and treat designs for every occasion. Here is how you can win:

CLICK HERE and tell me something you learned when looking around at the Wilton site.

This is mandatory....please do this first.

Additional entries:
(2 entries)Follow my blog. If you already do just let me know
(2 entries) Subscribe to the Wilton Newsletter
(5 entries) Post/link....share this giveaway on your blog
*Recap... You will win an apron and Wilton's Cupcake Fun book.
This giveaway is open to US and Canada and will end on April 3rd. I will email the winner, so please make sure to leave your email address with your comments.

THANK YOU, Wilton for the three review items that I was given. This is an honest review written by myself for my readers.

Congratulations to The Lucky Ladybug (Cheryl F.) for being the winner of the Kroger Family g.c.

Saturday, March 20

He can not find his morals...

I just have to say this.....Jesse James, YOU SUCK! (Tiger you're just as bad, so don't go sidestepping.)

I know it's really not my business, but this is getting to be too flippin' much. All this cheating irks me. Seriously, why can't these men see beyond their extremities that are getting in the way of their morals? Are we excepting it to the point that we just flip our hand in the air, sigh, then uttering words of disappointment? I am not entertained by it either. I truly do not like watching movies focused on infidelity. Yet, they seem to make a lot of money. What a sad state!

There, it's out of my system. Too bad being unfaithful wasn't out of yours (Jesse/Tiger) when you got married. Shame on you! <---Yes, I am aware that I sounds very "old" of me.

*Mom, I know you really dislike the word "sucks", but it couldn't be avoided. :D

Tuesday, March 16

Wordless Wednesday. Robin,Turdus, Robin...

The poor robin beautiful to sight with a disturbing scientific name, Turdus Migratorius.
Yes, that says Turdus. Go ahead, laugh.
My science driven husband like to share these things with me.
A funny Robin.
Another crafty Robin

Beautiful Robins to be....

A Rockin' Robin.

The Burning Question.... Week Four

Week Four... Well, here we go!

What is one word you would use to define yourself?
Ask someone close to you to answer this question about you....
share that answer too.

It should be so simple because it is one word, but for me this is just as hard as writing a full essay. Can one word define someone? Most likely one word can not really define you, but do your best. This is just for fun. Wink.

Me in one word: soft (Dictionary link)
I asked my husband to define me in one word: quirky (Dictionary link)

My husband in one word: Bullseye (D. link)

Monday, March 15

Locked out...

I locked myself out of my apartment. Sigh. While pacing back and forth I remembered there is a window that doesn't lock, so like a thief in the night (it was daytime) I broke in. Evidence......
It didn't really hurt...
Have you ever had to break into your home? Did you hurt yourself?

Saturday, March 13

My Saturday...

With Sam returned to her rightful owners only dirty floors awaited my attention at home.
So, I replaced my spring cleaning ambition with a walk...

In the photos:
The curly haired watch dog on the $10.00 chair was at a
charming little second hand store I walked through.

Quaint streets in the lower town on the waters edge.
(Saint Lawrence River)

I walked from the year-round farmers market to rue de Petit Champlain with roots dating back to the beginning of the seventeenth century. Notice the mural in a few photos. This mural illustrates historical origins of the Cap-Blanc neighborhood.
It makes me stop in mytrack every time I see it.

The photos with people ice skating is Place d'Youville. It's located in Old Quebec next to the historical wall...the entrance into Vieux Quebec.

Other random photos of items I liked...an old birds cage, an old phone and an old type writer.

The cats in the large window made me smile... cat's doing what they do best....relaxing in the sun.

And, I thought I would share with you the last bite of my tofu kung pao...

Was the weather nice in your neck of the woods?

Friday, March 12

Mr.'s gone...

My husband is gone for the weekend.
Tonight, I'll be dining with some very special friends.

Coco Chanel (movie), Ferrero Rocher (chocolate),
Champfleury (fantastic Canadian cheese) Fuzion (red wine)

What would you do if you were alone for the weekend?

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