Tuesday, March 23

The Burning Question.... Week Five

The Burning question for week 5....
What's next for you?
Take it in any direction you want...and run with it.

My answer:
Finish teaching, so I can get home and off the roads.
The weather is terrible here, it's freaking me out just knowing I have to drive on the highway. I'm not usually a wimp about driving, but I hate icy roads.

In the near future: I would like to make a plan for my Mr. and I to spend quality time together. (We already do, but I would like to plan some mini trips, hikes, outings...you know what I mean.) I would like us to help each other with our weaknesses, to start to feel better about our accomplishments instead of letting little failures (things that are not going as planned) get us down.

A little further into the future: A home with little kiddos running around and furry friends of all shapes and sizes. An open door (a screen door to keep the bugs out) where friends and family walk in and make themselves at home while I cook dinner using items from my own garden.

I look forward to your reading your answer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Mitzi said...

That sounds like the perfect plan. Live life as it comes and plan for the future. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

What's next for me? Hopefully, enjoying a new smaller home with my retired husband. And visiting all our children wherever they may be. :)

Fred said...

Next I will write a book.

Unknown said...

I hope you got home safe and sound!

For me? I hope to finally stop renting and build our house soon!

Steph said...

I think I can only thing as far as this evening. I hope to catch up on some TV and get to bed at a decent hour.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Pamela Scott said...

I love the plans for your future...in mine I see book, I have a story to tell and I have already started to write it, I have a name and everything, I have been on quite a journey and I feel like I am strong enough to finally let alot go in my past so writing it all down is very comforting and I know thru my story I can help alot of women, especially since God is helping me every step of the way!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh yeah!! I love your answers!!! Hopefully the roads weren't too bad (???)

Today: Continue in my productivity, because I'm off to a great start!

In the near future: To really have a handle on exercising every day. Habits are hard to make AND break, lol!

A little further: Italy baby!! Enjoying all it has to offer with my family and newfound friends!!!