Monday, May 31

Mary Edward Walker on Memorial Day

The last Monday in May is reserved and recognized by the United States as Memorial Day. Once called Decoration Day, it is on this day that we observe the men and women who died while in the military.

Women in history... Mary Edward Walker

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The only female to finish medical school in her class, she volunteered for the Union Army during the American Civil War. Working as an unpaid surgeon (because of being female) close to the front line then eventually receiving a "Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon (civilian)" she became the first female U.S. Army Surgeon. Captured by the Confederates and arrested as a spy she was eventually released. Dr. Mary Edward Walker was given the Medal of Honor by President Andrew Johnson. The first and only women to ever receive this highest of military medals, which was revoked for "unusual circumstances" two years before she died, but Mary refused to give it back and wore the medal until the day she died. (In 1977 the medal was reinstated by Jimmy Carter.)

Like many women who have made history, Mary Walker was devoted to women's rights.

This is just a snippet about Mary Walker. If you would like to learn more click here, here and here.

As a wife, daughter and grand daughter of soldiers who came home after servicing in the military I can not imagine the loss felt by those who take this day to remember family members. Saying I'm sorry most likely wouldn't begin to heal the hurt, but I am humbled by their sacrifice.

Across the lines, but still a proud American....

Saturday, May 29

Sex In My City

There was sex in my city too...English sex. I'm not even sure why I was excited to see Sex In The City, but I was.... I can not deny the fact that I like fashion and makeup. I'm not a shopaholic or a fashionista, but I enjoy dressing up, putting on heels, doing my hair and make-up whenever I can.

My movie review without giving anything way: From sparkle to shine...starting with gay glam had me smiling and laughing out loud. Swans were floating, butts were slapped, the purity of white was an entertaining twist at the worlds best gay wedding. Jetting off to Abu Dhabi in only couture the foursome told their stories one by one. Mommy talk, marrital strife and menopause heated the reel. There was a little something for every woman in the audience to nod her head at. When luxury turned and their glass slippers lost, reality set in and it was time to go home.

While I enjoyed the movie for the limited depth it should rightfully be given...the disrespect for another culture and religious beliefs made me pause in discomfort. It's just not something I find funny and perhaps it's what makes me different from others who can just laugh it off.

Leaving the movie I was still batting my fake lashes and spinning on my stilettos. As I walked to the car hand in hand with my Mr. Big I reminded myself the entertainment world is where it should be for me....$12.00 out of my pocket.

Thursday, May 27

Bruised banana and Rose Colored Glasses....

I'm sitting here eating my bruised banana wishing it was a piece of banana cream pie. But...butt...since I am on another weight loss roller coaster my imagination is the only thing that will be eating pie. That's not completely true... You see, I am the worst dieter! I might eat less of the things I love, but I will eat it. Like many, <---saying that makes me feel better, I am an inconsistent dieter. I've been fancy and called it a lifestyle change, a new way of life, and a plethora of other feel good titles, but in reality it's a diet because in my perfect rose color glass wearing world I could eat what I want and not gain a pound.
I have been wanting to write on my blog, but I've noticed my inability to share and connect with others lately. I'm only 75% present when I'm talking face to face with someone outside of my husband. I'm not sure if it's this diet or something else, but I'm going to snap out of it. Realizing the problem is the only way to start to fix it...right.

Any who, there you have it. Silence, diet and bruised bananas. Now, I'm off to eat my boiled egg. Yummmm Yummmm

I need help....
What are the best foods to snack on? What are your diet secrets?

*Thanks for the prayers, not for my diet, for my dad. He is at home and doing great!

This diet has been given a's getting serious.

Monday, May 24

The Burning Question....

I'll make this weeks question a lot easier than the last.

Do you have certain things that remind you of someone or something?
Example: When I hear someone talking about bow hunting I think of my husband.

Please share with me a few words that come to mind when you think of a few
people in your life...

My mother: the smell of Oil of Olay, gardenias, beautiful horses and the smell of baked goods.

My father: the sound of crackling eggs in a frying pan, the wine Pouilly Fuisse, the smell of the grill in the summer time and Sunday football.

My father-in-law: yummy bloody mary's, ironed shirts, Maine and the unfortunate brown snake commonly mistaken for the water moccasin :)

*My dad is going to have emergency surgery today, (non- life threatening) so if you could take a minute to pray for a speedy recovery I'd appreciate it very much!

I'm looking forward to your answers!

Happy National Patriot's Day Canada!

There is nothing better than a holiday falling on a Monday. I love three day weekends. Today we are relaxing from a busy weekend going here and there. The sun draws me outside, but I'm just as happy looking out at the glorious day. My absence from blogging has me feeling behind yet o.k. with the decision.

Here is a little something I made yesterday...

A while back I saw something like this on another blog. (Check out Burlap and see how cute it really can look.) I went to the dollar store and purchased the three canvas frames and purchased the three colors of craft paint. I went online and found silhouettes of birds. I can not draw, but with a little practicing on paper I drew the branches and birds. Less than $10.00 and now I have something on my naked wall. I'm thinking about painting the middle one by connecting the two with a branch. For now, I will keep it this way.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, May 18

The Burning Question....

I hope today is treating you well. Here is the burning question for the day.....

Are most of your dreams and goals, wants or needs?
Give me an example....

Me: My dreams of having a family is a want, but driven by a need or is it the opposite. Darn it, I hate when I ask hard questions.
Answering this question is truly difficult.
What do we need?
Then I have turn that into the question....of dreams and goals. (I was just talking to myself and typing it at the same time.... I think I need professional help. LOL)
I dream of traveling the world...want
My daily goal is to be a good person...want

O.k. this will take some time.... You try to answer this one.

Sunday, May 16


I saw this tutorial on the Rookie Moms blog and decided to try it using my husband's t-shirt.
I'm sure they will be too long for Cedar, but I'll fix that once he tries them on.
Speaking of Cedar and his mom...
Did I mention they are moving in less than a month? I can not believe it.
Therefore, I will ignore it until the last possible moment...
then cry my eyes out on the pillow I just made.

I found a fabric flower tutorial on Sew Ritzy~Titzy and
I made another apron...without a pattern.
Maybe an Etsy shop is in my future?

Saturday, May 15

What the?

My discovery on a casual stroll yesterday..... I'm not sure what they are selling, but I am not buying it. Creative- Check, Confusing- Check, Creepy-Double Check

Wednesday, May 12

Wordless Wednesday...

The Little Ballerina

Another moment captured with my niece......

Tuesday, May 11

The Burning Question....

Every Tuesday.... You, me and a burning question!



Yesterday, I talked with someone who's mother had her at 45.
It made me smile and hopeful.
Today, I'm wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday. (I took it off when I got home from working with one student for 2 1/2hrs. That's not really gross is it? :)
Tomorrow, I will call a friend to say hello...just because.

Monday, May 10


The first night I was at my sisters house we saw the unforgettable Jerseylicious. Out of my nieces mouth, "can you say Bumpit". What? Yup, Bumpit...!

First stop Walgreen's....

Tease and spray girls....

Our audience was captivated.

Well, kind of...

(Yes, that is one cat.)
The outcome makes this former 80's girl proud. It was a tearful moment.


Of course, it would be Jerseylicious without a lesson in how to wear heels.

That's what Aunts are for....

It was fun to play dress up, but I was glad to see them in flip flops the next day.

Sunday, May 9

Flying the friendly skies

The wings embrace air above and below. The occasional dance with gravity jerks me back from a place that I'm trying to keep fresh in my mind. A place where people know me and love me. A place that I am a daughter, a sister and Aunt Annie.

I'm flying back to open arms, but empty rooms. These rooms remind me of the distance and separation from family.

My eyes play checkers with the land below. The light from the setting sun slowly starts to soften on darkening clouds. We are on the descend.

One arm reaches back for family while the other reaches forward to a place a live with the man I love.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

Saturday, May 8

All my bags are backed

As I try to stuff one more thing into my bag, my thoughts drift back to this last week here in Missouri. No doubt grabbing a tissue to soak up my tears is the next thing I have to do.

My sister and her husband did some traveling for work while I got to spend quality time with my nieces and mother.

One week ago today..... 200 photos later.

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Monday, May 3

The Burning Question....

Your answers last week were so much fun! I might start a Mr.Linky....we'll see.
(Let me know if that sounds like something you'd be interested in.)

Last week I asked what makes you smile. (5 things)
This week....

"__________________ is music to my ears."
3 things

The sound of percolating coffee in the music to my ears.

When I open my drapes first thing in the morning is music to my ears.
It's the start of a new day.

It's the look on my husbands face while at a social gathering ,we're on opposite sides of a full room and our eyes meet. He mouths "love you"'s music to my ears.
I'm twitterpatted all over again.

Your turn. What is music to your ears?

Sunday, May 2

Winner...Winner....and more winners

Thank you everyone for entering my giveaways to celebrate 500 followers. It was fun meeting new bloggers and it's always nice to hear from oldies, but goodies. I usually start all my giveaways on Mondays, but I'm taking a giveaway break. On with the winners.....

Congrats to:
Jaime for winning the Skinny Dip Pampering Kit
Kelsey for winning the $40.00 Walmart g.c. from P& G for a Swiffer SweeperVac
Amy for winning the Nabob Coffee and candle
Julie for winning the $25.00 ABC Necktie g.c.
Eva for winning the Scarlet Threads apron giveaway

Make sure to come back on Tuesday for the burning question.

Have a very nice day!
Photos of St. Louis later today...

Saturday, May 1

The Red, White and Blue

I realized today that I never wrote about my trip to the US. I'm sitting in the Detroit Airport at this very moment. I just a few hours I will be snuggling with two of my nieces. My sister and husband needed some help this week, so they invited me to Missouri. My flight from Quebec City to here was pleasantly uneventful.

It is very different to be around everyone speaking English. Like a tortoise, I am slowly coming out from the safety of my shell. While I enjoy the beauty of language, I am more relaxed in the comfort of what I know.

Even more amazing, President Obama is at University of Michigan (about 40 minutes from the airport) today and I can see Air Force One. (Technically, it isn't officially Air Force One unless the President is on it.) So, it's like a big welcome to the US for me.

Have a wonderful Saturday. I will be posting all the winners tomorrow. Thanks for taking part in my giveaways. If you didn't, you still have until 11:59 tonight to enter.