Monday, November 30

Pass me the tissue! Please...

Tomorrow morning my husband is leaving for 18 days!
That means going through 90% of the holiday season alone. Snort, snort, honk, honk.....
I'm pretty sad. What really stinks is that we will not talk for over a week because he will be hours from a phone.


Off to mop the puddle of tears that have fallen to my feet and cuddle...time is a wasting.
I'll be fine, mostly I'll miss him....a lot!

That photo was going to be on our Christmas card...

Sunday, November 29

They Talk A Lot...

The Weight of the Invisible Hand...

Well look who's trying to surface.... It's perfect timing you know. The "what will they think" and the "what if they do not like....".

It's the "they" platoon who slowly come from the head and out of the mouth without a lot of thought. Or, maybe it starts in the head, lingers there for a few days, weeks then falls from the tongue and out of the lips without using the heart.

Why do we do this to ourselves? (Head banging against the wall, repeat-repeat ...get a cold cloth for the redness and swelling.)

Who are "they"? A select few, masses of the unknown or collection of everyone? People we emulate or despise?

Why are "they" important? Is that a trick question? No. Let's start with this, fitting in is so much easier than not. (A major reason "they" creep into our thoughts to begin with.) When "they" like you there is less to worry about. In fact, sometimes you feel down right cool. Don't worry, we all try to fit in to some degree. When we let "them" eek in and scoot a little bit of you out starts the problem. There is nothing wrong with you. A natural change is inevitable and also another topic all together. To answer the original question, why are "they" important, well they are not important. It's something we do to ourselves. Giving the power to someone else is something we have total control over. Displaced blame becomes a poor me situation. "They", can make you do some crazy things, but the reality is you are responsible for your own actions. (Ouch, not so fun..)

Were "they" involved in the 80's... you bet. I am taking total responsibility for my hair in the 80's. I was influenced, but a willing participant in the Aqua Net, tease and blow dry hair do. (Smile)

Allowing them to nestle in the insecurities within yourself is destructive. It is just a matter of time before we start to mistake "their" thoughts for our own.

"Own it Girl" perhaps, Pretty Women isn't the best movie to reference here. (Smile) But hey, be proud of who you are.

(Skimming the surface of "they" thoughts.)
The Weight of the Invisible Hand, is a quote from Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations.

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving at it's finest!

Have a wonderful day with friends and family.

Off to enjoy Thanksgiving with Jones..... (I think I threw-up in my mouth a little bit.)
If anyone is willing to try it, I'll consider buying it for you.

Tuesday, November 24

Wordless Wednesday

Hello Chloe...

My parents cat.

Monday, November 23

What's that smell?

The alarm went off before the sun came up. The start of a new contract (ESL class) occupied my mind from 8:00 until 3:30. I walked into my apartment, slid onto the couch with a wet rag on my head to alleviate the pain from the start of a migraine. I spent the rest of the night in the dark. (I feel good now.)

With my fan on, (all year around) I gently laid my head on the pillow. Happy to be in my bed I shifted into the perfect sleeping position. It was only a few moments until the aroma wafted into my room.... What aroma is that you ask? PIZZA. My skinny husband...need I say more...thought pizza sounded good. For the record, pizza always sounds good to me. Pizza is also what I see when I'm doing calisthenics to get into my pants....

Thank you my dear husband, for bringing me a piece of pizza- at 10:55p.m. For better or worse, right....through thickness and health, right.

Sunday, November 22

The Breast Cancer Site

I'm "Thankful" for organizations like this....

Go on over and click to help fund mammograms for those in need.
They also have some great items for holiday gifts.

You can also sign up to get a free pink ribbon pin.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

As I slowly get use to the 4:30 p.m. blackout I'm still a puppet to my up's and down's. If truth is to surface I'm quite certain self confidence is a factor. If I choose to ignore it, it will surface in another way. If I choose to deal with it... well it's sucks for the moment.

Just like last week when talking about controllable vs. uncontrollable it is only you who can build your self confidence and it is you who allows self destruction.

This week I'm reading a lot of "Thankful" posts and hearing "Thankful" words... How about some "Thankful" actions, without words... O.k. you can mix them together if that is what you choose. (Smile.)

It's an exercise with you and a mirror.

Don't look a magazine with the airbrushed within, don't watch the t.v. with the toothpick thin, look at yourself and like what you's all up to you, it's not me.

I love this time of year. Here is another fun Christmas Event...
Here Comes Santa Claus
There's everything from holiday food, toys, jewelry and more!
For more details check out Jolly Mom

Wednesday, November 18

Wordless Wednesday...

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Rainier in Washington.
It was amazing...

It seemed no matter where I was, it was with me.

Monday, November 16

Another day at the office...

With a beautiful view of Vieux (old) Quebec.

*The photo was taken with my computer...

Tip Junkie...

Sharing is caring... because I care about you I thought I'd share what I found.
Tip Junkie is hosting a 12 day giveaway.

There are 2 winners everyday!

Have fun...and good luck.

Saturday, November 14

Controllable vs. Uncontrollable

It has to be human nature to focus on the uncontrollable, yet it is such a waste of the good that is within us.

It's true to say that I have a big heart mixed with being very stubborn. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, well, it's o.k. just try not to let it happen again. Fool me three times, what...are you kidding... A few weeks later, ouch that hurt, this time I mean it...Please don't do it again. The cycle continues until finally I bow out with my tail between my legs with my heart bound in duct tape. Unless you have Goo Gone, there is always a sticky residue left in place of the tape.

Then there is the controllable, me. I am in charge of my destiny. I am responsible for my actions. I do know the truth whether I choose to except it or not. It is also up to me how I choose to handle any situation that I am in.

Instead of allowing myself to focus on the uncontrollable I've been making a big effort (with a few set backs) to focus on what I have, who I am and want to be. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'm kick starting my thankful (controllable) and forgetting the rest (uncontrollable).

I guess talking about it makes it real, not easier.

Friday, November 13

Quebec City at sunset...

Thursday, November 12

Holiday must haves...

This just in...straight from CNN
November 10, 2009
As merchants stock less holiday merchandise, retail experts say procrastinators will either miss the best deals or products when they are finally ready to buy.

If you expect holiday bargains to get better as Christmas Eve draws near, you may be disappointed this year. Retailers aren't as panicked about the upcoming holiday shopping season as they were last year.

That's bad news for shoppers because this could mean leaner sales, sparsely stocked stores and a run on the best deals for such sought-after items as smartphones, thigh-high boots, side-sling bags and ruffled cardigans.....

AND most importantly... the holiday sweaters!

Have a moo-velous Christmas
No, that is not my senior picture...My bangs were much higher. (They are amateurs.)
H-O-T, nothing says sexy like a man in a holiday sweater.
We W-th you a Merry Christmas, We W-th you a Merry Christmas.....
I have not idea what to say except, gorgeous!
I think his pant legs are cuffed and rolled...
Not only is it festive, it makes you feel like dancing!
"Let's get this party started!"

Wednesday, November 11

Wordless Wednesday...

New signs that have me shaking my head a little.....

From our hike on Sunday.

From our hotel room in South Dakota.
(I later found out that they were not talking about a parrot or
the love birds that travel with me <--- not!
We were in a town where a lot of people pheasant hunt.)
On one of the mountain roads in Idaho that we continued to travel on.... hummmm.
Notice the word FIRE.

On another mountain road in Idaho. One lane with traffic going in two directions....
Hum, is there a sign on the other side of the road?

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Veterans Day

I am so proud to be a Veterans wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and friend.
Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our freedom.

Tuesday, November 10

The day we became us...Happy Anniversary!

Seven years together, three of them as husband and! It's the day that track our commitment, but I feel his love everyday in a new way.

Happy 47th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thank you for sharing your special day with us.