Tuesday, March 27

Special Delivery

Having a conversation with an old friend is like getting a bouquet of flowers just because!

When is the last time you called an old friend?


Sunday, March 25

Slow Down

I'm sure I say the same thing from year to year, but something seems so different about this Spring.  Perhaps it's the unusually warm weather. It's like we hit the fast forward button (that made me think of a vhs for some reason) and we're moving too quickly to enjoy the subtleties of the season.

It isn't Spring until my mom asks for the third time in a week, "Did I tell you that my crocuses are already blooming?".  This year she has already picked dozens of daffodils and her weeping cherry tree is in full bloom. Thanks to Skype I can actually enjoy them with her. 
Did you have a chance to walk through the muddy park in your rain boots? There are so many cute rain boots out there I can hardly stand it. But, how many pairs could one actually own? (That's a rhetorical question if my husband is reading this...)  I can't go from winter boots to flip-flops...I can't. You wouldn't want me to.  First things first...I need a pedicure. Yes, need far surpasses want at this point. Next, legs.... white... frightening.  One word...self-tanner. Wait that's technically two.  You see it's all too fast I can't even think straight.

All this pampering talk...now I've gone off track.  All I was trying to say is... I need a pause button.

I love the details of Spring and I don't want to miss them. 

Next thing you know people will be complaining about the heat. Then the cold. Then the heat. I want to get off the weather-coaster and enjoy each and every mud puddle, rain drop, budding flower, chirping bird and all the fashion that makes Spring so special. 

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Thursday, March 22


While fashion continues to tell another new story this spring, lace has once again effortlessly made it's way back on the rack. The delicate twists and loops provide the right amount of sexy and innocence for day or night. Splurging on a piece of lace could be just what your wardrobe needs.

Undoubtedly we think of lace when it comes to lingerie, but the sweetness of a lace item for me is taking a step ahead of  slinky. Whether you pair it with jeans or the classic pencil skirt, adding a sheer lace top is an ageless investment. Define your style with a little bit of lace this season.


Wednesday, March 21

The Cardigan

Where is it?
Usually it is right here.
I begin to rotate one hanger for another in my closet of  must haves. Only seconds pass yet a little panic is starting to rise within. The idea of it being gone stings my eyes. "Slow down, it's here", breathlessly I whisper to myself. Finally, my fingers get to it before my eyes can...my heart starts to relax and happiness is once again restored.  There clutched between my finger is my favorite....
outfit saving,
temperature controlling,
 memory holding,


Maybe Mr. Rogers was your first introduction to this item of leisure.
If he were still alive yesterday would have been his birthday.
Or...maybe it was one of the many fashion icons from one generation to the next...
The Cardigan.....
named after a British Army Major General during the Crimean War (1853-1856), James Brudenell,
7th Earl of Cardigan

Is here to stay.

Do you have a can't live without cardigan? 


Tuesday, March 20

The Path.

Happy Saturday...
No, I am not drinking already.  
I work Friday through Monday, so Tuesday is my Saturday.

 There is nothing like waking up naturally then enjoying a little breakfast in bed.

Knowing it's the first day of Spring makes today seem a little brighter.
It's a time of disconnected space....connecting.
 A path is formed.  

This path is visible, which makes the "what if" surface.
There might be 5 reasons why you shouldn't do something new today, but 1 really good reason to go for it.

It's the connected space...the path...made for you!

Where will you go...what will you do with it?

Monday, March 19


Chanel creative directer, Karl Lagerfeld has recently started a website



Thursday, March 15

For some of you SPRING is in the air...
 The birds are out...
 singing a lovely song...
 and doing a little happy dance.
With fresh snow falling, I can only imagine the warmth and ease of each step that a spring day brings. 
Thanks to Kathleen Young, a talented blogger and photographer, at 
Chronicles of a County Girl, I'm able to capture a bit of what is to come. 

How are you enjoying today?

Photo 1.2.and 3 Kathleen Young.
Photo 4 is from WeHeartIt.

Wednesday, March 14

Oak Hill Designs .... Winner

I put all the entries from my giveaway into a hat and......

Congrats....fruit.root.leaf on winning this custom designed and hand stamped necklace by Oak Hill Designs.
Thank you Lynn from Oak Hill Designs for this giveaway and for being my first Sponsor!
  Remember, you don't always need a special occasion to give a gift.  Just think of the smile you could put on someone's face...just because.
A note from Oak Hill Designs...Mothers Day deadline is April 25th. All orders placed after April 25th WILL NOT be started until May 14th. Her daughter is graduating from high school on May 13th. 


Saturday, March 10


Through my lens.....

Our little getaway was just what we needed.  

Warm weather.
 Great company.
 Delectable Morsels.
 Comfy B&B. 
Speaking in English.
 Beautiful Scenery.

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