Friday, February 26

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I'm on a blog hop....see you around.

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Cupcakes in Quebec City

An aroma that makes you feel like a child
wanting to lick the batter off the spoon.
The sweetness that fills the dainty cup.
A delicate hand placing every morsel.

My walk with Sam on this fine winter day
brought me to the door step of this adorable cupcake shop.
Another hidden treasure that I've discovered that makes my heart pitter~pat.

Wednesday, February 24

Wordless Wednesday...Name that photo Giveaway

Taken on the ferry.... Isn't the Chateau Frontenac amazing?

What would you name this photo?
The winner will receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

I would love it if you took part in my "Burning Question" (Tuesday) post.
It is right below this one....(Thanks)

The Burning Question...Week One

I am going to challenge myself to uphold a routine of sorts. Small to you, but grand to me.
This decision has been made without mortar and stone to allow room for error.

Each Tuesday I will ask a question for both you and I to answer.
Sometimes it will come in the form of a statement that you need to finish.

Week 1: The Burning Question...

What is something that surprises you about adult life?

Let's clarity the fact that unless you are still wearing scrunchies in your hair and filling out SAT forms you qualify. (Special considerations will be made if you fall under this category.)

I'm not sure if there is a magical age that bestowed upon me the crown and sash of adulthood, but I feel like an adult. I no longer enjoy the drama that I relished in my youth. Of course, I denied any form of enjoyment when asked in my 20's.
As an adult (said with the sounds of horns trumpeting in the background) I am surprised by my inability shed extra pounds without having to join a reality show or infomercial. I am surprised that I was naive to think I would be the same by doing the same thing and that I thought "I" would be different. I am surprised by the ease of age differences and that I can call other adults, twice my age, by their first names and not get a scolded. I am surprised by the lack of fear I have in purchasing something big. I remember as a teen being completely in awe of my parents for having the money to "own" a house.

What is something that surprises you about adult life?
It's your turn.....

Tuesday, February 23

3 hours and 12 minutes

Last night at this time I was two hours into what felt like 10 minutes of a phone call.
It's unavoidable when friends hole up in the one part of the house where no one will look for you, the laundry room, and place their attention on one another.

The conversational lasted a total of 3 hours and 12 minutes. It is only because I noted the time did we part ways. We still had hours more to say.

When I ended the call not a tooth was hiding behind the smile I wore.... Sometimes laughter ...friendship.... and years of memories are all you need to be rejuvenated.

If you could talk to someone for three hours who would it be?

This post was written for Monday night. I am a day behind because I was trying to get rid of a virus on the computer... Sigh!

Sunday, February 21

Playing with Fire

The unfolded clean load of laundry props up my arm on the left of me. The smell of clean fills the small space. Laying on the bed mid afternoon feels a bit mischievous. With dishes to do, floors to sweep and rugs to vacuum I close the door of duty while I drift into writing.

I have to clear the cobwebs and dust off the spot where I frequented often. Some how months have passed with a to do list forgetting this place and the comfort it brings.

With my eyes closed I start to juggle my thoughts. Flipping through the air like batons on fire I see my past, present and future. My past goes up and it lands in the palm of my hand while releasing it I patiently wait for the landing of my future. Something has caused me to drop my present.

All three batons are falling to the floor as I shuffle from side to side trying to avoid them. My past is never to be repeated, but only something to learn from. My present and future are molded from reality and dreams. I've been around determination and perseverance this week reminding me of the person I use to look at in the mirror. Where did she go? Or, did she find a better way of life and looking back is just a reminder of how far I've come. Maybe my determination has shifted without my knowledge. Like the batons on the floor...maybe I've allowed them to go out and decided juggling fire isn't me anymore.

The sound of my husband's voice brings me back. Grabbing for the unfolded towel I resume my actions feeling a little lighter in thought.


Congratulations, Danielle at Danielle's Meandering Thoughts for winning the fabulous book Penguin Luck by Kay Mupetson and some yummy chocolate.

Another congrats to Little Purple Room who has the blog Turn Left at the Pig, read her profile and you'll understand...She is very creative. She won some Quebec treats for my Wordless Wednesday photo challenge.

Wednesday, February 17

Wordless Wednesday

Can you put a name to this? A special giveaway just for today....
I promise- you will like the surprise item.

Just leave a comment with your creative title.
(The photo is of my husband and Sam.)

I will let you know the winner on Thursday. Have fun!

Did you see my other giveaway? HINT, there is chocolate involved.

Sunday, February 14

Monday To Do: Review and a Giveaway

If someone were to ask me "what would a perfect day be like" I'm sure the answer would be very long, but I do know a book and chocolate would fit in there somewhere.....

So, it is for that reason I am hosting a giveaway with two of my favorite things.
Imagine yourself curled up on the bed, all comfy and cozy. Of course, wearing your old tattered p.j.'s , the ones you reserve for days just like this. Maybe some soft music is playing and
the window is open offering a gentle breeze.
No one is around, just you a box of chocolate and a new book.

Penguin Luck by Kay Mupetson
I believe in dreams. I believe the power of love and encouragement can lead to people fulfilling their dreams. Once just a storyteller, Kay Mupetson is now an author. From a thought to paper Doreen Lowe comes to life within the 282 pages.

A young junior associate in a "real" Manhattan law firm.
A women with unique challenges,
(you have to read it...I'm not going to tell you)
a persistent career and personal life. Big decisions...emotions....and a balancing act.
Yup, it's good!

(Sometimes reviews say too much and in this case I have decided less is more.)

I'm offering one copy and some Lindt Lindor super yummy milk chocolate with a dreamy white chocolate center....need I say more, to one lucky winner.

I would love to know if someone encouraged you to follow your dreams.
If that doesn't apply to you than tell me one dream you wish you could fulfill. (One entry)
Follow my blog or if you follow my blog. (One entry)
Tell me what book you are reading or what types of books you like. (One entry)
If your a SITSer. (One entry)
This giveaway is open to US and Canada and it will end on 2/20

If you are interested in ordering this book CLICK HERE. It retails for $18.95

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

I was asked to do a book review and given a book for a giveaway. I wrote what I feel is truthful.
I also endorse any consumption of chocolate. I bought this chocolate because I love it!
Do not believe what "they" tell is good for you. :D

Stop oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman!

Something came in the mail this week. It put a huge smile on my face, made my lashes long, my lips shine, my skin a little sun kissed and I smell purrrttty too. I also have a place to put all my new treats, a place with sass and style.
Two very kind and generous people know me pretty well, THANK YOU!

Saturday, February 13

Patina Soul... Sharing is Caring

I'm going to share with you a beautiful new blog I found. It's the kind of blog that makes you want to grab a steaming hot cup of tea, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and kick your feet up....because you know it will be a while until you move.

~Patina Soul~

The love of all things old,time-worn,chipped, tattered, torn and aged to perfection.

I couldn't have said it better.
The doors open to her Etsy shop tomorrow.
I'm hiding my credit card because I have a feeling I could do a lot of damage there. Well, maybe just one thing...or two. (Smile.)
She's hosting a giveaway for a $50.00 gift certificate to her shop.... hurry it ends tonight.
CLICK here and look at the right side of her blog...many GIVEAWAYS.
Love is in the air....

A giveaway is coming your way....

Follow Friday Week 5

This is my second hop....
Friday Follow

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Thursday, February 11

Joyeux Anniversaire

On a ranch, somewhere in Montana....we made some wonderful memories!
Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma!


On your farm, where your kids were born and raised.....sharing memories.

I admire you! I love you!! And, I'm thankful for you!!!

Wednesday, February 10

Wordless Wednesday

Grandma's Barn

Tuesday, February 9

A very nice daydream

If you need me I'll be in my living room...

When I tire of my spacious lounge area I'll saunter (because that is what you do in a house like this) into my refreshing kitchen....

Where I'll indulge in....

Oops, I mean this...

Wait until you see my bedroom and the view...

Monday, February 8

Hands, House and Heart Full

Hands, House and Heart Full

What a sweet blog.
I've enjoyed reading her posts. Struggling for direction is definitely a topic a lot of
bloggers think about from time to time.... where am I going with this blog.

AND, if you read on....SHE is not only a Spirit Jumper, she is raising money for St.Baldrick's.
You really need to check out St.Baldrick's.... O.k. I'll tell you, Kristen is going to shave her head! She is shaving her head for childhood cancer research. You need to go over there and read about this and if you can try to donate a little something. A big something would be great too!

She also hosts some pretty wonderful giveaways.
Right now, she has up for grabs a SodaStream...Fountain Jet with CO2, 2 re-usable carbonating bottles, a sample pack of flavors and 3 full-size flavors of winner's choice.

WOW, right!

I want to win this....
What? I'm just being honest. (Crooked Smile) I also want you to know about this giveaway.
(Ends Feb. 10th until 9:59 p.m.)

Hands, House, and Heart Full

Sunday, February 7

Monday To Do: Reviews... Spirit Jump

The Power of Communication Part 2

This is a different kind of review....I'm not giving anything away, but I'm sharing with you something very special!

A little over a year ago I got involved in a fantastic organization who's sole mission is to make other people feel good. A group of people who reach out to cancer patients who need some positive words and an occasional treat. A group of "Spirit Jumpers"!

The Spirit Jump Mission

Spirit Jump is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer. Spirit Jump accomplishes this by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts during this most difficult time.

If you know someone who has cancer and needs their Spirits Jumped, if you would like to learn more about Spirit Jump or if you would like to learn how to become a Spirit Jumper....
Click Here-Spirit Jump.Org

French Fries and Football

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. My husband and I were watching a nature show. We (I) got the munchies and couldn't get french fries out of my mind...donuts were a close second, but Tim Horton's is too far and there's a bar across the street. Opening the door I could smell the grease. "I'd like a heart attack to go please".

I got home and my husband was snoozing, so I turned the channel to the Super Bowl. What? Quickly, I got up and ran into the bathroom just to check my temperature. Nope...there's nothing wrong with me. I guess everyone needs some good old American football every once in a while. I'm mostly watching the commercials...

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What was your favorite commercial?

Ummm, maybe the fries weren't a good stomach is hurting. It has nothing to do with how fast I ate them, right?

Winner for Glasses USA giveaway

My giveaway for Glasses USA is over. Congratulations to Carrie at Making Lemonade! Enjoy your new glasses.

Have you won anything lately? I would love to hear about it!