Monday, June 29

A visit that became a stay....

We are still in Michigan....

Bouncing from home to home, bed to bed, my husband and I have extended our visit to a stay. Nothing permanent.

This is the forth post I have started in the last four days....I will finish it.

Each day has become a blurrrrrr. In the beginning of our stay I was planning each and every step I took. Five weeks into this "stay" I have given up. Too much going on in too many directions.

This is what I know:
As of yesterday, Michigan feels more like home than Quebec City. Although, all of our "stuff" is there, it feels more natural here. I miss my Q.C. two and four legged friends like crazy, but there is something about the ease of things here. I like that I can express myself in English and everybody understands me. I like making small talk with the cashier at the grocery store and people I bump into.

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Tuesday, June 23

Etsy Feature...Little Bits of Heaven Print Shop and a Giveaway

Blogging has once again opened another door to a very talented lady named Rachael. She has been hiding her talents for far too long. Once you take a look around her new Etsy Shop, Little Bits of Heaven Print Shop, you'll surely agree.

Her bio: Hi + welcome to the Little Bites of Heaven print shop!

I have always had a passion for the photographic work of others, but I didn't consider pursuing it as a career for myself until recently when I purchased my very first camera that wasn't a point and shoot. And I fell in love.

I am a self-taught photographer. Open to learning something new every day, I find inspiration in a variety of places. The written words of a friend, an artist's view of the world, the melodic notes in a song, the smell of a spring rain storm, the delightful taste of my husband's culinary skills, the sound of my children's laughter.

The work of creating an image that is soulful, emotional is a process that I find incredibly rewarding. Sometimes difficult + frustrating, but always beautiful. The images here are a representation of my journey towards realizing a dream.

Rachael would like to welcome each of you to visit Little Bits of Heaven Print Shop. While you are there check out her super fab talent...yes, you might get a little jealous. Talk yourself into coming back (get past the feelings of "Why do some people have all the luck?") and let us know what print you like best. Why?....because not only is she talented, she is also kind and would like to give one 8x10 print to a lucky winner.

Here is how you can win:
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Sunday, June 14


The guitars are strumming. Music fills the room. Emotions embrace the hearts and souls there to worship. The lady with her arms raised, the man crying on his wifes shoulder and the passion through every note being sung, cause my eyes to fill. With both admiration and wonderment my palms come together. Blurred vision. A stinging sensation in my eyes. I struggle to see the words and harmonize with my mother. I want to carry these feeling everywhere I go.

I look at my parents and see how they have grown. I have always thought the world of them, but thank the lord for the people they are today. Under this roof they have become better people, better husband and wife and better role models for their children and grandchildren.

With the little eye contact we make in that hour, I hope they can feel what my eyes see. Again, my palms come together until my words run out... and my actions start to speak louder.

I'm grateful for these days and hold them in my heart. When I return home...hours...miles away, it is these memories that I will call on. It is these memories that I will once again look forward to.

Friday, June 12

Winners of the My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cake

Say it isn't so..... I have been away for far too long. Lots to tell, but first things first.

The winners of My Grandma's New England Coffee Cake giveaways.... drum roll....
Debbie: Oh, you evil temptress! And making us choose? That's just cruel. I'd dive into that cinnamon walnut first. Yum!!!
Amy:I would love to try the Chocolate chip lower fat coffee cake. It looks wonderful.

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*High speed internet is the best thing ever! I will start posting my happenings later today.