Tuesday, October 30

Pumpkin Spice...Part Two

Source: google.com via Sabina on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Sabina on Pinterest
Source: polyvore.com via Kalie on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Erin on Pinterest
Source: i.imgur.com via Trish on Pinterest
Source: polyvore.com via Dana on Pinterest

Each year I "fall" in love.  The colors make me sing.The sunsets make me smile. 
 Sitting, walking, running with the crisp air hitting my face. I cherish the moments. 
It strengthens me...it fills me.

Monday, October 29

My Monday Pinterest Picks- Pumpkin Spice

It is cold today, so I decide to warm us up with some Pumpkin Spice.
                                                                     Source: blueeyedbakers.com via Kirsten on Pinterest
                                                                                                         Source: countryliving.com via Nancy on Pinterest

Wednesday, October 24

You Advertise we Buy...

Mouth slightly open, chin up...wand in hand. 

                                                                                                                  Source: Uploaded by user via Kristina on Pinterest

It's not a magical wand, but it is does represent a promise from a cosmetic company to fulfill a need. 
 I want pretty, long, full  lashes that I see in advertisements and I don't want
 to continue to waste my money on products that do not perform.
 (I think I've purchased 4 mascaras in the last couple of months.)
That is a very obvious statement....I know, but it's a problem consumers
 have been dealing with for quite some time.
Announced this morning on Telegraph.co.UK....
  the DiorShow New Look mascara advertisement with Natalie Portman 
was pulled due to "exaggerated product effect".

What mascara do you use? Why?


Saturday, October 20


Get started now....Get what started when?

Everyone is always frantically running around in the month of December and then on the15th or so you realize you need to send out Christmas cards too.  You search through all your summer photos hoping one is "good enough" for the card. 

Seriously, do yourself a favor and get your Photo Christmas Cards done now.  
Shutterfly has a wonderful new card collection this year from traditional colors and embellishments to merry and bright colors that take on a modern feel.  They also feature religious/scripture based cards (including Hanukkah) and cards that you can showcase your fur babies photos on.
Whatever your style Shutterfly is sure to have something you'll love.

 To check out some of their special offers CLICK HERE.
Other Social Channels: Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shutterfly/
Instagram: Shutterfly
Blog: http://blog.shutterfly.com/

I'd LOVE to see what you choose....

Wednesday, October 17

Ever Changing....

There is nothing like a warm cup of coffee and my new dog by my side first thing in the morning. It might be the first time in weeks I feel like I can blog. I've missed it. I had no idea how often I referenced blogging when talking. Pinterest too. It sparks my creativity and keeps me in-the-know. Double edge I guess because when I'm not feeling creative I don't like the posts I write. Therefore, I have countless "saved" posts in waiting. Do you do the same thing? 

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately.  It's a funny thing you know.  Talking to people you do not "know" yet eventually you find yourself wondering how they are doing and caring about them.  You're a part of their life and they yours yet, I've never met a blogger friend in person...you?

My blog is a place where my dreams and present life meet. It's where I play dress up, talk about products and decorate my house. It has been a place where I share my thoughts, my day to day life and people who surround me.  It's "ever changing".  I'm not always sure what I'll do next, but I'm always glad to come back after a long break.


Monday, October 8

My Monday Pinterest Pick...St.Louis!

I'm getting ready to fly back to Michigan after spending a long weekend in St. Louis, Missouri 
with my nieces.  It would be hard to leave, but I'll be seeing them in 4 days for my parent's 50th Anniversary weekend getaway.  (It's a surprise destination, so I'll tell you more about that next week.) 

While the city has so much to offer I thought I'd highlight the arch today using Pinterest. 
 Have you been to St.Louis?  I appreciate (after living in a Quebec City) the French influence here.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


Monday, October 1

I've surfaced...and.my Monday Pinterest Pick



                                                                    Source: dailystendhalnitesaudade.tumblr.com via Christi
My wheels are going round and round. I'm at a green light that is stuck. 
Today is no different. 
I'm not complaining...each day is action packed with memorable moments.  

This is another reason I've been occupied...
For 10 years I have been waiting to get a Great Dane, but we were never in a good 
position to get one.Then along came this sweet stray who needed a home.  
Miss Quincy Grange now happily resides with us and is an amazing addition to our family. 
 Who knows maybe she'll have a Great Dane for a sibling some day. 
(We think Quincy is a Lab/German Shepard mix and anywhere from 7-12 months old.)

Do you have a dog?  Did you train it? What was your secret to training it?

Have a wonderful day!