Saturday, July 30


All I need is for someone to admit it...admit it....come on. I know one of you can take full responsibility for NOT telling me about EMERSONMADE.
Did my husband pay you off? Hummm....I'll get to the bottom of this.
My timing is not coincidental.What better way to spend a lazy Saturday morning?

(I know some of you are rolling yours any moment of your day could ever be described as lazy.)
Q. Who is EmersonMade/Emerson!
A. They are those ones here! Emerson makes EmersonMade and that's her husband and partner Ryan.(below)
"EmersonMade is a company that believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful.
Happy Saturday my friends.
I hope you enjoy all the big and small parts of your day.


Thursday, July 28

Tidbits...from my day

  • (At a store) I had an entire conversation in French and walked out with the exact item I intended to purchase at the correct price. Believe me, that's a big deal.
  • I used a new razor...nothing beats that "first shave" feeling.
  • Hugged someone "Hello" ..from a month vacation and "Goodbye" ...The goodbye might possible be forever...a student that I have taught every Monday and Thursday for the last 6 months.
  • Dined on delightful veggies straight from my garden...outside on the deck.
  • Waddled into the kitchen because my legs were stiff from yesterday's short jog.
  • Added the word "waddle" to my list of words that I dislike. Moist and wart are tied for number one.  
  • Tried to imagine what brings me the same joy as a tennis ball does for Sam.
  • Took a mental snapshot of the beautifully~sunny~summer afternoon for a distant dreadful~snowy~winters day.
  • Started and ended my day by talking to my mom. (Insert smile.)

Any tidbits from your day? 


Wednesday, July 27

What's for dinner?

Better yet, what's for dessert?

A few nights ago we went to the beach for dinner with some of our dear friends. Fresh gazpacho, a variety of cheese and bread with chocolate brioche for dessert....that is what summer is all about.
(Above) Sam, had so much fun...digging and swimming.


Monday, July 25

Sunday Flea Market...

Every Sunday morning about five miles from my where the magic happens.  The earlier you get there the better. It's also a lot cooler. Controlling my purchasing power, I ride my bike.  Ultimately, it just makes my bike ride just more difficult because I haven't let it stop me yet.
 Here are a few things I found over the last couple weeks....

Lemonade jar $10.00
Flower pin in the "Flea Market Finds" photo $1.00
Glass cake stand $2.00
Pink tray...given to me by the vendor 
A sweet gentleman who endured an entire conversation with me in Franglish...
a mixture of French and English
Earring $1.00 
I won't be wearing them, but using the stones for crafts
Big wooden Quebec butter (beurre) box $10.00
Medium wooden Canadian cheese box $8.00
Small wooden Canadian cheese box $5.00

Do you heart flea markets?
Are you on the lookout for a certain item these days?


Saturday, July 23

Lazy summer day...

A life without love is like a year without summer. 
~Swedish Proverb

What are you doing today?


Thursday, July 21

From you

Stay cool....

Photos from: We Heart It

Wednesday, July 20

Crafty Auntie Annie

I honestly have no idea what is cool to a young teenager. When my nieces were here a couple weeks ago we went shopping. We were in this super cute store and they were ooohing and ahhhing over things I can make. I was putting skill above being frugal. Of course, then my skills were put to the test later that night.

Photo from the store
T-shirt my niece and I made.
A pillow my other niece and I made.
She got a little crafty on the back.

Let's just say, we were up late.  Some of us watching t.v. and another one sewing away because she opened her big crafty mouth. My sore aching eyes were completely worth it.  All in the name of love and those freckles and that beautiful strawberry blond hair.

What's the last thing you made?


Tuesday, July 19

My Birthday....

The flickering candles illuminate the delightful morsels that everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying, bite after yummy bite, on their special day.  Sucking in air to make my wish...I exhaled my thanks.
It's o.k. if you haven't hear of the Gaspé Peninsula, but with a few highlights from my birthday trip you might just find yourself behind the wheel of your car in this direction.

The Perce Rock. Le Rocher Perce.
Not just any limestone rock unless this 288 feet high and 1545 feet long- dating back 375 million years ago rock is normal. 
Whale Watching Cruise. Croisiere Aux Baleines
Thrilling. Exciting. Adventure. You're never sure what you are going to get when on a whale watching cruise, but on July 12th the humpback whales were wishing me happy...breaching...birthday. I'll share a video in another post.
Bonaventure Island. Ile Bonaventure
Birds. Birds. Birds, but not creepy...I promise.  Not in a million years would I ever consider myself a birder. I can now understand why their little hearts flutter when in the presence of these winged delights. We hiked about 30 minutes on the island to discover the most accessible world-wide and largest Northern Gannet Colony in North America. When I say large I mean 110 thousand large.
Cute, curious, head popping...seals!

As if he requested the gently breeze, blue skies and a beautifully secluded lake in the Gaspesie Park, together my husband and I were one with nature. After a picnic and a nap we sat listening to the lapping water and birds while reading a magazine.
True "Summer Bliss".

Each village has a new reason to stop. 
I love the look of these fishing boats. I can only imagine the stories they could tell.
Lighthouses dating back to the 1800's speckle the shoreline. 
Most are open to the public.

What can I say...40 is fabulous. 
Thank you Mr. for making it a birthday I'll never forget. 
And...thank you MOM for the card party.  I am still getting cards each day from people I haven't spoken to in years.  It is so humbling to read their kind words. 


Saturday, July 9


Last week at this time, I was waving good-bye to my sister, brother-in-law and my two nieces. Although, my heart was filled with sadness, I knew it would be a shame to waste that time sulking knowing every moment of the last 5 days was spent in the presence of my amazing family. Our tired feet and full bellies went to bed each night after a day of memories that are sure to last.

My sister and her husband...on the day of their 20th anniversary!
(They are still smiling....)

My nieces entering the walls of the "Old City" in Quebec.
Today, I wave good-bye to my readers for a mysterious 5 days away with my husband for my 4oth birthday gift. Hints from him: we are driving and I need cute as well as functional clothing/footwear.

Talk to you soon...


Wednesday, July 6

What did the table at your 4th of July party look like?

Did you have grandma's baked beans and mom's potato salad? Can you imagine a table without the classics? Gasp! I can't, which means my mom needs to give me some cooking lessons. I think it's going to take years to perfect her chicken salad, macaroni and cheese, green jello thing..just for starters.

Maybe the handwritten cookbook given to my siblings and I for Christmas a couple years ago was the first step, but....but.... I just know it won't taste the same. (I did say handwritten- amazing, yes!)

What fabulous classics were on your table and who made them?


Monday, July 4

Happy 4th of July....

I laid in bed this morning wondering what my American family and friends had planned for today. I envisioned bolts of red, white and blue swaying in the gentle breeze with the smell of grills tempting taste buds. I could feel the sprinkling of water on my legs as the kids chased one another just after a dip in the lake. Most importantly, I could the hear the laughter of my siblings.