Monday, August 27

My Monday Pinterest Picks

It's a random day of pinning....
Source: via Ann on Pinterest
Source: via Ann on Pinterest

I had a nice~relaxing weekend.
I unpacked my bag long enough to wash my clothing...and re-pack.  We are off to again... 
to visit more family and friends.  My Michigan days are limited. So many places to go and people to hug before heading west this fall. 

How was your weekend?
Do you have a Pinterest account?
If so, I'd love to visit...

Friday, August 24


Grab a pack of flavorful gum today...and blow some bubbles.
When's the last time you did that?

Life is too a little silly today.
All photos from WeHeartIt.

Friday, August 17

Simple words

What impact are your words leaving on someone today?

Just the other day my Mom told me a story about my Aunt going out to lunch with a friend. While waiting she casually complimented someone she didn't know.  Before leaving the restaurant the lady (she complimented) came over and thanked her for brightening her day.  

It's such a simple thing to say something nice.

Do you remember the last compliment you received? How about one you gave?
Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, August 15

Bon Appetit

It is in Quebec City where I learned how to experiment in the kitchen. 
I will always treasure those throw-together meals on Rue Marie Rollet when one 
phone call turned into a table full of people, countless bottles of wine and hours of conversation.  
 Some of my favorite meals have been made with some of my favorite people.

 Julia Child started passionately cooking when she was 32 and has reminded us all
we can be who we want to be with some effort....

Happy 100th Birthday Ms. Child.
Bon Appetit!

Thursday, August 9

Non-motorized vehicle of the difficult sorts...

Let me first start off by saying I am not the person in these photos,
but I did learn how to use a paddle board this week.  
 What a blast!
Just when I thought I was "cool" I found out that people (talented and crazy) are doing yoga on them.
I can stand....that's about it.

Have you used a paddle board?  Would you?

Tuesday, August 7

On my mind...

Source: via Frederic on Pinterest

 I've got a lot on my mind lately.  If only this is what it looked like.

We are already 7 days into Michigan clock is ticking and I want to slow it down.  
In the next week or so we'll have an idea of where we are moving to and...and...I'm not ready.
That being said, it's been the best summer that I can remember, so I'll stop my whining.

What do you to relieve stress?

Monday, August 6

My Monday Pinterest Pick

Source: via Ronen on Pinterest

Are you watching the Olympics?

While in Lexington we watched a little each evening.  Talk about nail biting. Entertaining.  Inspiring.
  I could become addicted, but we are back at the cottage where there isn't a television and for that I am thankful.  
Well, I guess we could watch a wee bit on the computer.... (wink)

What has been your favorite moment or event so far?

Thursday, August 2

A little bit of Lexington

We've been in Lexington, Kentucky since Saturday.
(Insert smile.)

It's another part of the country that has swept me off my feet.  The rolling hills, countless horses and southern hospitality conjures up feelings of wonder and delight.  My in-laws only add to the splendor.
Each a.m. I go for a run, (I'll call it running when in actuality it's somewhere between a run/walk/crawl) but stop and talk
 to each horse along the way. A long morning "run" filled with anthropomorphic conversations
 eventually leads to a new list of  friends.  When I finally arrive back at my in-laws house it's pool time.

 We went to downtown Lexington for dinner and a taping of Wood Songs Old-Time Radio Hour.
Nearly every Monday evening the historical Kentucky Theater is filled with a live-audience to hear grassroots music that broadcasts to over 500 radio stations worldwide. 

We had the pleasure of hearing Adian Legg and The Dunwells both outstanding British performers.
(It you click on the link you can hear how talented they are for yourself.)

 Downtown Lexington is relatively small, but full of charm.

 We are going to a few horse farms and a distillery tomorrow.  As for today, we are going to graze all day, sip some cocktails and enjoy each others company....poolside. 

Have you been to Kentucky?  
Do you like Bluegrass music?