Tuesday, March 16

The Burning Question.... Week Four

Week Four... Well, here we go!

What is one word you would use to define yourself?
Ask someone close to you to answer this question about you....
share that answer too.

It should be so simple because it is one word, but for me this is just as hard as writing a full essay. Can one word define someone? Most likely one word can not really define you, but do your best. This is just for fun. Wink.

Me in one word: soft (Dictionary link)
I asked my husband to define me in one word: quirky (Dictionary link)

My husband in one word: Bullseye (D. link)


Anonymous said...

my husband says my word would be
my husband in one word 'persistant';)

Unknown said...

My one word: disturbed!
Hubby's one word: Wow!!!
(and I'm not sure that was in a complimentary way!) lol

Anonymous said...


Steph said...


Pamela Scott said...

Me in one word: stubborn
I asked my husband to define me in one word: Bubbly

My husband in one word: Unique

Anonymous said...

hmm....I may need to get to know Pam's husband..or her hubby knows my hubby? STUBBORD! but...I prefer to say I am..deliberate *wink* Cher