Tuesday, March 30

The Burning Question.... Week Six

Week Six of The Burning Question....

If you wrote a book about your life
what would the title be?

Un Peu... (A little in French)
A Cardigan for my heart
From the Flickering Candle

Mr.'s: Born 200 Years Too Late


Unknown said...

Mine would be, "Laughing all the wayh to the Grave."

Mitzi said...

Fat and Lazy-The diary of an aging housewife.

Been there done that.

Trying my best to live for JESUS.

Growing old way too fast.

Living a life of Simple Pleasures

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OOh great post. I need more time to ponder this one....but maybe Ben & Jerry's mistress. :-)

Ginny Marie said...

That's a great question! Um, I don't have a funny answer, though. That requires too much thought for this time of night!

Thanks for stopping by Lemon Drop Pie to welcome me to SITS! You're awesome!

Carole Poirot said...

"Paris to Timbuktu and that thing called life" I think that would sum up my life (yes, I've been to Timbuktu) - at least so far ;-) Thanks for stopping at my blog to welcome me to SITS. Your blog is cool :-) Love from London x

Anonymous said...

I really have no idea but the first thing that sprung to mind was "Mary Poppins has nothing on me"... where that came from i will never know - but I'm sure it'll keep me wondering all afternoon!!

Julie said...

Something about having a crazy house with 4 boys'

Thanks for stopping by the Red Hen Studios blog from SITS!

Tine M. said...

Something in French, I guess. I LOVE THAT LANGUAGE!