Tuesday, June 19

Fill In the Blank....Ice Cream









 It  ______________________________________________.   
 If only _________________________________________________.
The thought of ____________________________________________.

~It is always so much fun to see how you fill in the blanks. I hope you take a minute to comment.~

All photos from WeHeartIt

Monday, June 18

My Monday Pinterest Pick(s)

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

What's your favorite thing about summer?


Sunday, June 17

Strawberry Fields

Sometimes driving down a country road (lost) can lead to a sweet surprise.  

I was kind of lost, but knew I was going in the right direction when I saw a U-pick sign.  
I soon found myself surrounded by one of June's splendors.
 Situated between the rows of berries I grasped the smallest bit of fruit, 
 it reached my lips and an explosion of sweetness like no other soon filled my mouth.
 Quarts became pounds.
 Berries became jam.

Did you know that one cup of strawberries contains only 43 calories?

It's almost the end of the season.  I hope you can get out and pick some for yourself.
The recipes are endless and they taste better than any store bought berries.

Do you ever go berry picking?


Monday, June 11

My Monday Pinterest Pick

Something to think about....
Have a Happy Monday!


Sunday, June 10

Your Sunday Best

A Rural Journal hosts Your Sunday Best, a weekly photo challenge where you can
post your best photography of the week.
While I continue to take a lot of photos, it seems I need to explore new subjects outside of ducks, geese,
 swans, turtles and the beautiful nightly sunsets.  

This weeks photo represents the perfect Sunday morning at the cottage. 
 Have a relaxing day....


Wednesday, June 6


It is nearing the end of a beautiful summer day.  One last walk along the shore is the only thing on your mind.   Your heels sink into the sand, as you look down your coral painted toes peek out from beneath the warm sand. This makes you smile. Your cottage is now in sight, but you stand with your eyes to the sky. Your fixated, as though by a spell, on the hues of orange filling the sky. 


Sonia Kashuk's Tango Mango and Fairy Princess Nail Polish

Have you bought anything coral this season?

All photos from WeHeartIt except the last one, it's from Brunch at Saks. 

Tuesday, June 5

Did you watch any of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration? 

 Princess Elizabeth of York

Can you imagine having her jewelry box to play in?
Some of her spectacular tiaras and crowns...

Three CHEERS for the Her Majesty the Queen! Hip Hip...Hooray!  

Here is a sweet BBC broadcast from 1940 with Princess Elizabeth (now Queen) and Princess Margaret.

Today when I was talking to my mom about this she told me when she was in England she saw the Queen and her husband...and when in Vatican City she saw the Pope on Palm Sunday. Really Mom!  It's funny how casually she said it...
 I would be like a broken record telling everyone every chance I got. 
 That's my mom for you. 


Monday, June 4

My Monday Pinterest Pick and Tulip Time...

Source: pickchur.com via Jan on Pinterest

I saw this photo on Pinterest today and it reminded me of a special festival I went to in May.  

Since 1929, the small city of Holland, Michigan has blossomed with literally hundreds of thousands of tulips — and an equal number of tulip-lovers who attend our annual Tulip Time Festival. (Click here for more information)  Not only are the streets and parks lined with numerous species of tulips the festival also highlights costumed locals performing  traditional Dutch dances.  I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took...

More tulip talk:
It's a good debut mystery that centers around the tulip trade in the 1630s. 

What is your favorite flower?