Thursday, October 29

Happy Birthday!!!
To my older (hee hee), perhaps a little wiser (only said on your birthday),
beautiful, kind and admirable sister...

Have a wonderful day! We will be thinking of you!

Tuesday, October 27

Wordless Wednesday....

The sunset after a hike in Idaho...

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Sunday, October 25

One year Anniversary GIFTAWAY

My One Year Anniversary is in just a few days.
So many days captured by words that define my movement and thoughts. Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my blog.

Let's celebrate with another giftaway, not just a giveaway it's also a gift from me to one of you.
Estee Lauder Color Harmonies

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To another year of blogging...Cheers! (Insert the sound of clinking glasses.)Again, thanks for being a part of my written world.

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Friday, October 23

There's More to Life Than the Corner Office

Do you like to read books? Or should I ask...Do you have time to read books? I go through phases. I read a lot, then I stop for a while.

A few months ago I was contacted by some at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations. They were looking for people to read then review a book. I knew I would be nature bound and in need of some good reading material, so I was happy to oblige.

It was a sunny day on Flat Head Lake in Montana. I was with my old (not in age) landlord getting ready to bask in the sun. Together we toted books and magazines to the dock along with some tasty snacks and drinks. Within a few pages of, There's More To Life Than The Corner Office, (The Secret to Total Life Prosperity) I realized this book came at the perfect time and I was in the perfect setting to take it all in. Like the book states, “there are no accidents”....

One page turned to 45, then 45 turned into 100. I had to apologize to Karen for being so anti-social, but what started as a leisure read turned into a book that had words to alter my life, if I allowed them to. Application is always more challenging than just reading the words. Making the right choice means thinking. Follow through takes patience.

With a note pad and pen I started jotting down words...then paragraphs. I started asking myself questions along the way. I couldn't put the book down. As if it were just moment earlier when I started the book I found myself at the end. Under the dancing stars of the night sky I sat by myself. Although many words found their way into my mind I was taken back by these simple words that carry the weight of many wrong doings, “What happens to us in life is less important then the way we respond to it”..... If only I'd heard those words about 36 years earlier. I'm sure my parents tried to say something along that line but, as their kid it was my job to void all helpful comments or advise, right?

I do not want to give anything away...outside the fact that this book is motivating and inspiring. Lamar Smith's words are refreshing. The story of Patrick Mitchell could also be your story or someone close to you. With a few more Al Crafton's and a lot less John Carter's could just be the answer. <--- Now you have to read the book... isn't the curiosity getting to you?

Find some time.... fill your day with motivation..... Let me give you this. I am going to give one lucky reader the chance to win, THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN THE CORNER OFFICE (The Secret to Total Life Proserity) by, Lamar Smith and Tammy Kling. Simply leave a comment below. Tell me about the last compliment you received and how it impacted you...or just say “Hello”.

Friday, October 9


Mobe liven' here in Idaho while doing research...

In just a few days we will resume our highway travels with Missoula and Grand Rapids pit stops...Quebec City bound. It should go without saying my heart will be sad. I also have to remember that I am lucky to travel and see so many beautiful places. For that reason, I am thankful and will do my best to smile in the face of change.

Some photos from last week...

Wednesday, October 7


A friend from the lodge passed away yesterday...just hours before we were dancing and singing to Copacabana. You will be missed.

Tuesday, October 6

Wordless Wednesday...

One of the bulls on the ranch was having a bad morning....

Sunday, October 4

Alive and Well...

Combine two unlikely people and make something great. A lot like relationships, right. Kenny Chesney and Dave Matt Matthews, Alive and Well.
Take a minute...listen to this is so worth it!

Friday, October 2

Pj party with the Cow Patties

Camping under the stars and in the cow patties is how we roll. Well, something like that. We were staying in Missoula while our truck was being fixed (post right before this one) and we decided to camp on the property where we use to live. Instead of sleeping in the house like usual we camped in one of the cow pastures.

Someone didn't want to get out of the car...hee hee hee

Between lots of laughs and giggles...we fell asleep and woke up to this...

Big Sky Country!

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