Wednesday, November 23

$40.00....Sam's Club- Yoplait Giveaway

It's the eve of Thanksgiving. Are you heading out the door to do some last minute grocery shopping? Are you wondering if you have enough food? Do you have something for everyone? If you have overnight guest now you have to think about breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and late night snack. By the second day you are questioning who's bright idea was it to invite everyone to stay at your house...(I know you love them, but man can those kids eat...)

Now you're wondering why you even stopped by here today when all I've done is stress you out more, but I do have a solution for you....Yogurt. To be more specific, Yoplait yogurt at Sam's Club.
Breakfast...yogurt. For some people lunch...yogurt. Snacks...definitely...yogurt.

Whether you start your day with a yogurt or enjoy it as an afternoon snack, Sam´s Club can help you stock up on your family´s favorite Yoplait® yogurts at great, everyday low prices. With their extended yogurt selections, featuring new Yoplait Light® with Granola and Trix yogurt, finding the flavors, and prices, you love just became even easier.

And, do I have a treat for you. Because of MyBlogSpark, Yoplait and Sam's Club I am going to give one person a $40.00 gift card to Sam's Club to fill up your fridge with Yoplait.(I got the same thing and you should see my refrigerator.)

This giveaway starts today, November 23 and ends in one week. On Wednesday, Nov. 30th I will pick one name. Here is how you can win:
Follow my blog- 1 entry
Check out and tell me your favorite yogurt- 2 entries
Check out Sam's and tell me something you found to put on your Christmas list- 2 entries

That's not it.... if you link this giveaway or share it on your blog you get an additional 5 entries.  10 possible points.

Good luck and happy shopping... I'll be thinking about you as I drive to Detroit (in a rental car) to catch a plane heading to Lexington.  Final the arms of my husband!


Wednesday, November 16

Nurse Ann, Annie the Nanny, Aunt Annie......

Just when my seat was starting to get warm in Idaho I was asked to fly to Michigan to help out a friend. My one piece of luggage was just big enough for me to pack all of my hats: nurse, aunt, nanny, cleaning lady, dog groomer, chauffeur, counselor, friend, in-law, daughter......

Speaking of hats, my hat goes off to all of you parents. My goodness there is a lot to remember and too much to manage. Now, going days without a shower because it's hard to find the time or wearing whatever is within sight makes sense to me. Not to mention just how unimportant it all is when you have the chance to hold a child in your arms, listen to them sound out new words for their spelling test or hear them laugh so hard they may burst open with happiness. So many emotions, so many new experiences, so lucky you are....

Since my sister and parents live within 45 minutes of where I am staying I've had the opportunity to see them and to watch my nieces and nephew doing (nail biting) extracurricular activities. I feel alive when I hear "Aunt Annie......"

My friend is doing well enough that today we are going to make cupcakes. What are you doing?


Photos from WeHeartIt

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