Thursday, April 30

Orlando or bust......

Bon Voyage...
I'm going to Florida today, yippee! I couldn't talk about it because I was going to surprise a friend, but she now knows due to unforeseen circumstances. (All's good!)

Anyway, I have been up since 5:45, awake longer. I haven't seen most of them in over a year and a couple in many years, so I am a little excited and a lot nervous. Six girl friends together in Orlando... I'll keep you posted.

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Wednesday, April 29

Wordless Wednesday

When I think of Spring....

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Sunday, April 26

Feature Blog... Creativity, Musing & Such

The feature blog is someone I have know for a very long time...we were friends in high school and recently rekindled our friendship. I am so excite for you to meet her. (Can you say spiral perm and hair spray? Jill is in the middle and I am on the left.)

Creativity, Musings & Such... Jill!

A.K.A. "The Good Mail Queen"....

Jill's profile: I'm a well-intentioned, moody person with a frumpy look. I don't like chaos, loud noises, spiders, headaches, jazz music or early morning wake-up calls. I love my family, my friends, getting good mail, being creative and being at home, especially when it's freshly vacuumed.

My profile for Jill: She is passionate and committed to her religion.(Just one thing I find beautiful about Jill.)Creative yes, Jill is "The Good Mail Queen". She is very thoughtful, caring and giving. Since 2006 Jill has mailed out 1191 "Good Mail" letters!
Good Mail Defined
1. tangible generosity
2. thoughtfulness in action
3. delivery of happiness
Few words can describe her photography talents.

She finds beauty behind the lens that many would never see. If that hasn't convinced you, check out her blog, there you will find a wonderful wife, mother, sister, and friend. Creativity, Musings & Such. You'll heart Jill as much as I do...

Jill is offering a buy one get one free on good mail labels. Sweet! Let her know you saw her info here...

Saturday, April 25

Giveaway... New Blog Giveaway from Subjective Beauty!

A little over one month ago I got a face lift .... oops I mean a blog face lift/makeover. I searched and searched then one day I found her...I found Sara Bond. She is the master mind behind Subjective Beauty her talent far exceeded any of my wildest dreams. (That is hard to do.)

Honestly, at first I was going to try and make one on my own. For days I looked at the random numbers and letters looking for patterns, comparing one blog to another. One by one I was pulling my hair out. It came down to do I want to be bald or do I want to finding a professional? If I need a root canal I wouldn't go to the library and rent, "Root Canal for Dummies" I would go to the dentist. I can not believe how smart I can be. :D

Here is an interview with Sara. This will answer a lot of question you might have about her. You can also take it from me, she is so patient, sweet and very talented.

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Wednesday, April 22

Chick Chat... Videos and Giveaways.....

Chick Chat is back! Time to see and hear from our fellow bloggers.

Today, the Three Bay B Chicks, (Me)Ann On and On, Bitchin’ Wives Club, Bantering Blonde, and Hangin’ with Mrs. Cooper will all be dishing about their husbands. Who are the men behind these ladies? What funny experiences have they shared as a couple? As women, how do we retain our individualism after marriage?

Get clicking to find out! Since each site has a unique video, you will have to visit all five blogs to see the videos.

I must have been completely off my rocker when I said, "Sure, I would love to make a video." First of all, I realize that I make some sort of smacking noise, like I'm sucking on a Lemon Head...I'm not. Second, sorry for the zooming in and out of focus. I used my camera and it has auto focus. Can we say mood lights...or just plan fuzzy. Sigh. Since there was no way I was going to do this over and over...this is the first and only take of my video. (Keeping with the authenticity...)

Want to join in on the fun and participate in an upcoming Chick Chat? Let us know by sending an e-mail to We are always looking for participants and topic suggestions.

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Tuesday, April 21

SoMeWhaT... Wordless Wednesday

Walking along the shoreline of the St.Lawrence River a light breeze lifted my hair, the rhythm of the water paused beneath my feet. The sun glistened, the humm of my friends words hung in the air. RRRRRR, the poetic moment abruptly ended... are those dentures in the sand. Ewwwwwww....

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Monday, April 20

Giveaway ... The Little Black Dress Etsy Shop

We have a new Etsy Shop Feature....and you are going to love her. Kaleigh Wiese is the founder, owner, and creative director of The Modern Creative:

At an early age, Kaleigh was taught the importance of a handwritten note. She would draw pictures and write to loved ones to show them how much she cared. Her little personality showed brightly as she would reflect on moments and memories during her process of her creations. She remembers her mother writing thank you cards, and with her southern Texas upbringing she remembers the beautiful notes her mother would receive back as well.

Kaleigh has been essentially designing her whole life. However, in 2004 she began a career in design. She has worked with many large and small companies doing graphics, and marketing. Her love however is paper products. It brings a smile to her face to create a one of a kind announcement, invite, card or stationary set. A personal touch is very important to her, and she desires to bring the public quality and originality at an affordable price.

She currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and is married to her childhood sweetheart. She volunteers many of her services for local non-profit organizations. In the last year in-particularly, she has served at Opera Omaha.

The Little Black Dress was launched in 2008 to showcase her love for a personal touch. Each card is an original, has a statement, leaves a memory and ... is of exceptional quality!

Grab a cup of hot coffee, tea,a bowl of ice cream.... and browse her full range of paper novelties designed with a modern flair at The Little Black Dress

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Saturday, April 18

Name this post....contest.

For weeks now I have been trying to "workout". My P90X dvd, one of my many abandoned exercise attempts somehow has gone missing (mischievous smile) and my ancient Buns of Steel VHS (no laughing) got stuck in the player. The only thing left were my two feet, so I started running...well I putter at best.

Yesterday, I got it in my head that I was going to run home from work. Truth be told I ate half of a pizza and I could see it settling in all the wrong places. Arriving at work I realized that I forgot the bag with my sweat pants. Normally this would be the perfect excuse to take the next bus home....instead (insanity set in) I went in search of something very inexpensive. The first two stores had some pants, but they were $59-$79 dollars, not cheap. Next store...a lingerie shop. Thinking to myself, "ah-no" I walked past, but found myself turning around and going in. (What?)

Passing the thongs and the nipple tassels I found the clearance rack. Miraculously, there were a pair of thin cotton/lycra blend sweat pants for $5.00. I took a quick glance from top to bottom, the last thing I needed to do was mistake them for normal sweats only to find out they were crotchless. I was a little bit disappointed when I couldn't find my size in the matching half shirt. (I think I threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about me wearing it.) Waiving in and out of the manual, ummm- colorful vibrating products I found the equally colorful sales person. I decided to play charades to avoid using my French, with a point and a 'pull on the pants' motion she understood then directed me to the dressing room. Looking back that could have been a fatal mistake.

I instantly wanted to vomit once the completely unforgiving lt. blue ripple showing pants were on. (Reason- 34 why I do not like wearing "colorful" pants.) I pulled down on my shirt, begging for it to relinquish it's tight weave, trying to cover as much as possible. With a $5.00 price point I tore off the tag and walked to the counter. Glancing at the voluptuous female and bulging male mannequins I let out a snicker. Me in a sex toy shop is equivalent to me shopping at an auto parts store...

The moral of the story is to not forget your workout pants, but if you happen to wander into a porn shop and purchase a cheap pair of sweat pants you will most likely have your best running time, EVER.

I couldn't think of a good title for this, for the person with the craftiest title I am going to give a little prize. (One is lt. blue and a size large- just kidding...) I'm thinking Chocolate from a brand new Chocolate shop that opened up about a month ago....only two blocks from my house. Lord have mercy on me, please let the next shop be a diet clinic.



Friday, April 17

Giveaway Congrats and Swapping

There were so many of you interested in the The Monogram Divas, Monogram Bag. I have been writing and cutting....finally I picked the winner. Congratulations Aunt of 14 and thank you everyone for entering the drawing.

LATER TODAY...(just to build the suspense) I am hosting another giveaway.

Do you like swaps? Not partners (ladies get your minds out to for gutter :D) I mean gift swaps. Dandelion Wishes is having her Favorite Thing Gift Swap. There are limited spaces, so go check it out if you are interested. While participating in the last swap I met the most fantastic blogger, Scrappy Sue from beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. (See March 15th post for photos of my fab. gifts.)

There is always an open invitation to "I love being carded!" bi-weekly card swap. Just send me an this point there are about 60 people swapping "Good Mail". Wouldn't it be nice to open the mailbox and see a card or a gift than those stinken bills?

Wednesday, April 15

Susan Boyle

Bright colors mixed with sophisticated matte, books are bound to please the readers eye. Let this be a lesson to us all.....not to judge a book by it's cover.

(Click the link below.)

Youtube- Susan Boyle- Singer Britains, You Got Talent.

My eyes filled up with tears and a lump formed in my throat. A humble woman fills the hearts of judging eyes and reminds people that being real is so much more than being what others want you to be.

Tuesday, April 14

SPT= Self Portrait Tuesday

I am so lucky to have many friends, but I'm not sure where I would be without these three. My husband, my mom and my dad.....

Gifts...SPT focus: let's focus on the gift of service, the gift of a smile, the gift of a repurposed or gently used item, the gift of a kind word. you know, those gifts that would be hard to wrap in a box with a pretty bow.

for tuesday, april 7: gift a family member (I didn't do this one...)
for tuesday, april 14: gift a friend
for tuesday, april 21: gift a neighbor, teacher, co-worker
for tuesday, april 28: gift a total stranger

i have a feeling that by the end of this month, the person who will have received the greatest gift is...

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Ben Hur in French...a repeat Easter from last year.
Hoppy, Hoppy Easter my favorite peeps.
Peeps, why did I have to say that? Kleenex please....(see last post to understand)

Saturday, April 11

Je voudrais... Peeps


Celebrating holidays for the right reason (religion) is what keeps our spirits alive and ourselves in check. It has also become a tradition to combine holidays with tables full of Mom's best and Aunt Nieces desserts. It's a time when the lazy bring chips, the healthy bring veggies and the smart ones bring wine. God love the chip people, since I never keep them in my house I usually pull up a chair to the nearest bag and savor every crispy chomp.

I envy those who can make beautiful desserts that taste good. I really do have an Aunt Niece who can make the BEST desserts. Her cupcakes are to die for....

(Actual photo of cupcakes my aunt made for our pre-wedding party. Fun cupcake stand too!))

I heart cupcakes! I saw these really cute cupcakes at Zen Cupcake blog and decided to make them. Easy peasy...all I needed were Easters finest, yellow chick PEEPS and some Betty Crocker moist magic in a box.
Betty (check)
Eggs (check)
Peeps... what the.....where are the Peeps? One store, two stores- five stores later, still with empty hands I gave up. Easter without Peeps? No way...

Me: Another attempt at the store, "Je voudrais ummmm Peeps."
Worker: Quizzical expression, "Peps"... Close enough, but to be sure she understood I repeated myself.
Me: "Peeeeps".
Worker: Looking at me like I might be crazy..."No, no peps".

Easter without Peeps is like Christmas without Santa.... Honestly, I'm not even sure I like them, but now I love them. Now, I am longing for Target (always longing for Target) and the ease of walking in, to grab those cute yellow chicks. While the yellow sprinkle coating dissolves and my cavities are zinging I swallow the yummy marshmallow goo anticipating the next.

I did end up making these... I even toasted the coconut, a simple yet satisfying accomplishment.

Thursday, April 9

Monogram Bag Giveaway....CLICK HERE!

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta- Scotland

Scotland this time last year, time flies...
For more Friday Foto Finish here and you'll magically appear in the wonderful world of Candid Carrie.