Sunday, January 31

Sharing is Caring...A Blonde Walks into A Blog

Need I say more.... Talk about a great blog name!
A Blonde Walks into a Blog

I just love it.

Outside of her crafty name, Juliana always has her readers giggling and today especially....JUMPING UP and DOWN. She is giving away...listen to really listen,


No need to enter, really. It's not beautiful. (I'm telling a bold face lie.) It's not silky smooth. (Another fib.) You would hate it. (I think my nose is growing.) O.k. I'm done blabbering. You can go over and sign up, but if you win I expect a thank you card. LOL

If that's not enough she has about a trillion (exaggeration..I think it's more like 4) other cool giveaways going on. I know you have to go....Well, enjoy every minute of it. (Smile.)

I'm giving away eyeglasses. <---Click here..that would look cool with Burberry.

Flower Power

(Fuzzy photo...drats.)
Look at these cute pins I made. I am not taking credit for the creation.
I was at How About Orange a few days ago and found this post. She made hair clips. I made pins and used pearls for the middle. It was a fun Saturday craft project that cost $3.00.

Did you do anything crafty this weekend?

Did you sign up for my Glasses USA free eyeglasses with your single vision prescription.
(If you don't need eyeglasses win them for a person who does.)
Click Here to sign up.

Saturday, January 30

Bag Lady

The mailman (well, I'm not sure if it's a man or women) came this week and left me this.

Look at this fancy box!

A special someone sent me this bag. I love it and I appreciate the thoughtful gift.

I love the birds on the fabric.
I already have my bag packed for work on Monday. This might just be the first time I am looking forward to my 7:00 a.m. student on Monday mornings.

Do you carry a bag everywhere you go? More than one?
I never leave the house without at least one bag...more like two or three,
a lot of just in case stuff.

What is something you have in your bag that someone might find funny or strange?

Did you see my giveaway? You don't want to miss it....a pair of "you pick" eyeglasses.

Thursday, January 28

Giveaway Day! Glasses USA

Just a few days ago I did a review for Glasses USA. Remember? I usually forget what I had for breakfast by noon, (Smile.) so you can click to refresh your memory.
(My new prescription eyeglasses.)

GLASSES USA, provides the highest quality optical product and outstanding customer service for everyone around the world. With an in-house laboratory they can control the prices making fashionable glasses affordable for everyone.

I talked to the one and only fabulous Hillary who is my Glasses USA contact and we decided that a giveaway would be fun. So...let's have a giveaway.

You have your choice between 68 eyeglass frames. Yes, you read that right. Glasses USA is offering one winner a pair of single vision eyeglasses with your prescription. 68 to choose from.....

Remember how easy it was for me? 1- Pick out eyeglass frames. O.k. that's pretty difficult because they have so many to choose from and I am the most indecisive person...ever.
2-Fax over your prescription.
3- You skip because this is where you would have to pay.
4- Wait for them to arrive in your mailbox and I am here to tell you that they ship FAST.

Do you need new glasses? Wait, you don't have to "need" them... you just have to want some new eyeglasses.

Here is how you can win....
Go HERE and pick a pair of eyeglass frames that you would like to win. They can be for you, your kids, your husband, your mother, your favorite blog friend... that is up to you! Just make sure to come back here and tell my which eyeglasses YOU picked. (Mandatory, but you can change your mind if you decide to give them to someone.)

Extra Entries: Leave a separate comment for each. I know it's a lot of typing, but for FREE glasses it's totally worth it.

Tell me something you learned by looking around Glasses USA. (3 Entries)
Become a follower (2 Entries) If you already are, thanks...just leave a message telling me.
Grab my button (2 Entries)
Blog about this giveaway, link to my blog and come back and leave the link to your blog post.
(5 Entries)
Tell me your a SITSer (1 extra entry)
Here's the biggie, if you purchase a pair of eyeglasses you get (10 Entries)

Open to US and Canada. Deadline is February 6th.

This giveaway was written by me. It is not a paid review, but I did receive a complimentary pair of fabulous glasses for writing a review. I must add that I was beyond excited to receive my new glasses and share with EVERYONE that they are of GREAT quality.

Wednesday, January 27

Wordless Wednesday...

A photo from a couple years ago... Two of my favorite men in one of the most beautiful places. Glacier National Park, dad and my husband.

Have you been there?

Tuesday, January 26

Stolen Moments

Last night, I went to see my friend in the hospital. She had her baby and they are very happy. Seeing my friends happy is what makes a good day- great. As I listened to the new parents talk I could hear a little bit of who they were becoming the people they were meant to be. It's like listening to a good singer, but waiting to hear them hit the high note. My friends not only hit the high note they went an octive above harmonizing until their voices morphed into one voice singing the most beautiful lullaby....the baby wasn't in the room. That's happiness!

Tonight, I read an emotional post written by a mother about spending "extra" time with her daughter. (Hold'em Close, by My Little Life) The stolen moments that were not really meant for her, but she took them anyway because it felt right. A very dear friend of mine had a stolen moment too. One that reminds me to live each day....

You see, she owned a restaurant and worked crazy hours. (That is how we became close. My husband who was my boyfriend at the time and I watched her son three nights a week for over a year.) Instead of hurrying around on a typical school day she let her son sleep in. They spent the morning lounging then they went to the library. The entire day was about the two of them sharing simple mother-son time. The next day after getting her son off to school she took some "me time" to do yoga. That is where our friend found her a few hours later only she had had an aneurysm and later that day passed away. When I think of her I can only smile (with a broken heart) because she left all of us the same message she lived by.... She lived life each and every day.

Only you can decide your moments...Only you can decide if you're going to steal a bit of the day for you. Only you have the ability to live each day as if it were your last.

Tonight "Sharing is Caring" blog is My Little Life. (Smile.) Thanks Mama M. for the wonder post and my Mama M and Papa H for giving me this wonderful life!

Have you taken a day off with your children? Do you remember how you felt hours after your children were born?

Monday, January 25

Sharing is Caring... How About Orange

I'm not going to write a lot about this blog that is absolutely adorable, super crafty, amazingly hip, down right fabulous, resourceful, always coming up with something cool to blog about spot that I found... it will just make me green with envy.

How About Orange....
check it out. It is because I am your friend and I care that I find it important to share this with you.

Sharing is Caring!

Sliding and Suds

What's more fun than going to work at 6:30 in the morning? Walking on a sheet of ice. What is more fun than that? ....Falling.

What's more than than falling? Falling twice. I'm sure the best will be when I look at my bruise tonight while soaking in the tub, with a glass of wine, singing a sappy Norah Jones song. O.k. now I feel better. (Smile.)

Happy Baby Stepping Monday.

Monday To Do: Reviews...

Late November...All I remember was saying...."I am never going to find these glasses if I set them here". One would think if you had to say that to yourself you wouldn't set them there, but I decided if I said that(making a mental note) than of course I'd remember. That's a big fat NO. It was at that time, that very minute...I lost my glasses.

I almost thought it was a joke when I received an email asking me if I would like to do a review for Glasses USA. Thankfully, it wasn't a joke and now I am styling with a new pair of
f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s eyeglasses.

These are called Trumpp Black. "Be fierce and Trumpp them all with these eyeglass frames! Be controlled with crisp lines and cut corners on these metallic frames. Fashionably comfortable with adjustable nose pads for a tailored feel, being bold never looked so fierce", in their words. (That is a great description.) In my words.... To begin with they are sassy! I love the square frame. The metal is a great quality and they are very light in weight. They are cute, affordable and stylish.

The Trumpp Black Full Frames with quality single vision lenses, free case and cloth...100% satisfaction Guaranteed= $54.95 I bet you're thinking I forgot a 1 or a 2 in front of that number, but I didn't!!! Isn't that amazing! $54.95!!!

Let's be honest, when I saw the price point of their glasses I was skeptical. I thought maybe the glass will be a bit fuzzy or the metal a little warped. LOL. I questioned for just one minute that I might be getting myself into a interesting position because I did this under the conditions that I would write a review. I didn't want to have to write a bad review....I would have if they were of poor quality, with no hesitation either.

Well, color me crazy, but with this price point I just might have to get another pair. You know, just in case I set them down. (Smile.)

Glasses USA has hundreds for glasses for both men and women.

Here are the categories:
1. Full Frames
2. Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses
3. Rimless Eyeglasses
4. Classic Frames
5. Progressive Lenses
6. Retro Frames
7. Flexible Eyeglasses
8. Fashion
Just in case you need another look at these lunettes noires très chics .

Here are the prices:
1. $18.00 - $36.00
2. $36.00 - $54.00
3. $54.00 - $72.00
4. $72.00 - $90.00
5. $90.00 - $108.00
Are you wondering like I was how can they offer these prices? It's a pretty easy answer, Glasses USA has their own laboratories. They pride themselves on being affordable, accurate and honest.

If your any thing like me (Oh..I'm so sorry if that is the case) now you are saying to yourself..."I don't need new glasses" or "I just got new eyeglasses last year" than it's o.k. Glasses USA has sunglasses too! Now, there is no excuse! At these prices why not, right! I've never had prescription sunglasses, but I've always wanted's looking like I'll be getting my first pair very soon!!!

Although, this is a review based completely on my own feelings and not because I got free glasses I would like to offer one person a 15% savings. Just leave me a message telling me when was the last time you got new glasses? Or, let me know what pair of glasses you like best...

Thanks Hillary for finding me! Thanks to all of you who read this review, I really appreciate you and feel lucky to have so many great blog friends.

In closing.... all you need to do to get a new pair of glasses for yourself is:
1- Get your prescription from your DR. ( I called Costco and had it faxed to Glasses USA.)
2- Pick out your frames
3- Use a Visa, Master Card, American Express or PAYPAL.
4- Wait (not a long time) to get your glasses in the mail

Happy To Do Review....Monday!

Saturday, January 23

Green and Lonely..or.. Green and the Family Tree

What? Last year in September I gave up purchasing magazines. It was an early New Years Resolution with really good reasoning. (I can read recycled magazines, so I'm not in the dark or out of the fashion loop. Not like I'm in the fashion loop when considering the last piece of clothing I purchased was a pair of brown pants from Walmart that were on sale for $5.00...Did I just admit that? Oh well.)

(I heart Jennifer, but look at the small photos above...let's rate the importance...)

Why? When talking to friends/people I could recite with easy what was going on with Angelina and Brad. I knew who Drew Barrymore was dating and why the Olsen twins were fighting. What I didn't know was what my nieces and nephews were doing. I didn't know how my brother was feeling, (Not like I'll ever really know that..Are you reading this Jota?)but you get my reasoning, right. Magazines were not the problem. I was the problem. I wanted to know more about people in my family than the people I've allowed to replace them.

So, while I sit here remembering my Jan. 1st resolutions that I am failing at miserably (darn donuts and pastries) I can give a little pat on the back for sticking to my goal of knowing my family more than the famous. I wouldn't say that I've done the best job of keeping up with them, but I can say I have my head and heart in the right place.

(I'm not really lonely. Of course, I would always welcome more communication with friends and family. As I mature (LOL) I realize how little time many of them have for themselves let alone others outside of their home. I just thought the title was fun hence the reason for two titles.)

Hug a tree....Call a family member....and if you are a part of my family... I love ya and I'm thinking about you. I'm also likely to call you in the next few days. so look at caller id before picking up. Hee! Hee!

When is the last time you called someone..."just because"?
Do you read a lot of magazines? What magazine do you like best?
Are you sticking to your New Years Resolutions? (Avoid this question if it will only cause sadness.)

I love how my friend Jill has questions at the end of her post. It allows for commenting ease, so I am going to follow in her fabulous foot steps and do this more often.
Have a great Saturday..... check out Creative Musings and Such for some reading pleasure.

Friday, January 22

Sharing is Caring...

I just found Chronicles of a Country Girl and I like it, so I thought you might too. Her photography is breath taking. Her dog is adorable. Her blog makes you want to grab a hot cup of something yummy and relax. As a little bonus, she is having a tres chic giveaway.

French Home Gourmet LaRochere 9 Ounce Water Glass in Napoleonic Bee Motif (Set of 6). The giveaway ends tomorrow night at 6:00.

How was your Friday? I'm sitting in my comfy chair...enjoying Pizza Friday with my husband...but yawning A Lot.

Thursday, January 21

Sunny Side Up

Before the first rooster breaks in song, before the sun wipes the sleep from it's eyes, before anyone's brain is actually working without the assistance of caffeine, I am teaching "at the egg place". *Start time 7:00 a.m. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to drive to this company every Tuesday and Friday, but it's worth it. The people there are excited to learn and I am hearing progress, which is the ultimate goal.

Straight from the hens....

In this section of the warehouse there are one million eggs. I counted them.

For two hours at a time one person stands there and picks out the bad eggs. That end up in this icky mess. (Below)

Separating the eggs according to size.

Put in cartons.

To the store they go...

Pretty cool, a. (So Canadian.) Another job perk, free eggs.

How do you order your eggs?

Tuesday, January 19

One thought...then another thought.

I wanted to write another review yesterday, but I found myself in the fetal position, in the dark with a migraine. Oh man...what a difficult night. It makes waking up free of pain...

Frustration #1: trying to teach while experiencing the pain of your head being pinched in a vise grip

Frustration #2: When your boss says...."You don't look sick."

And...the Oscar goes to.....
ME! Hello. You try making present progressive with future meaning sound fun with a bang your head...migraine. (Smile.)

After work today, with really good intentions, I did whatever I could to make up for the most unproductive day ever. Until- I found a blog with amazing fabric then it turned into 6...then 13 blogs with the most amazing fabric... Then the most fabulous sewing projects.... Of course, then my husband needed to be fed. Since he was so kind last night I got kitchen O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder). First, I cleaned the kitchen...then I made a mess of the kitchen...then I made two dinners.

Next, Sam needed to potty. Sam really needed her nightly walk. It was just then that I remembered Sam is going home tomorrow. Now, 24 hours later...I'm nursing another aliment, a broken heart. Nothing says loven' like a dog.

Do you get migraines? Do you ever start a project that leads to another and another, basically making the original idea of something simple turn into a mess? (Oh I hope would be a lonely boat to be in.)

Have a great night!

Monday, January 18

Monday To Do: Reviews

Adventure of Meno... BIG FUN.
Just too cute. My friend read the book with her son who thought it was "cool" and s-filly (silly). The crafty illustrations and simplistically fun text invites young readers to pages of adventure.

The six book series of Meno, a space-elf, has out of this world adventures inviting children to have fun while learning. Looking at life through the eyes of a toddler from space and his friends is a great way to explore with your child.

If you want to check it out CLICK HERE where the award winning author/illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi and his wife Angela talk about the book and HERE where they read it to you. HERE, is Planet Meno~ no question....hands down.....the place to go to find out everything you need to know about Meno and his adventures.

It's a "Big Fun".... silly Yamagoo and Meno time.

Sunday, January 17

Last week

Last week is a blur. All I remember is getting up early and not having enough time to get many things done.

Santa came....(Thanks Mom and Dad!)

I tried my hand as a hair stylist. Not by real choice. My husband wanted me to try cutting his hair. (Frugal 101) I used clippers with caution.

My sewing machine collected dust.

Our loaner dog was faithfully walked two times a day, yet I still seemed to gain weight... My rump is now in a different zip code. Sigh!

I learned a few new French words, but I got them.

And, on Saturday a friend and I went to get our piggies done. It was fun until they almost cut her big toe off. (Exaggeration...but she was bleeding.)
We made lots of pot pies to put in the freezer for "easy" dinners when the baby is born.
*She is due in 5 days.... I am so excited.*

Now, I am off to sew. (Smile!)

What was the highlight of your week? Have you ever cut someone's hair?