Wednesday, December 5


It has been a wonderful couple days at the cottage.  I had reservations about being here alone at night without my husband and dog (no curtains on the windows---pretty during the day....creepy at night), but it ended up being so nice.  Yesterday, I did another "first".  I went pop"corn" picking.  I had no idea that I was driving by a popcorn field for the last 6  months until yesterday. I was doing an errand (which in involved a ram...) with a friend and he told me if I wanted any I could go right out there and pick some cobs.

It really does look like this...(below)
                                         Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

That's is just what I did..... a 5 gallon bucket in fact. Who doesn't like a little popcorn now and then...right?  In fact, just last month my aunt made delicious popcorn balls.  I'm thinking I need to make a phone call and get the recipe.

What do you put on your popcorn?  Do tell.....

Have a wonderful. and thanks for stopping by!
                                                                  Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Monday, December 3

Alone... and My Monday Pinterest Pick

It's a strange feeling to be alone in a place that is usually filled with laughter and conversation.  My dog is with my parents and my husband is tucked into the hillside of Moose Can Gully, Montana.   After a long day of grayness and fog the night sky opened up to the wonders of a star filled sky. Under the luminous specks I made wish after wish.  

Do you secretly make a wishes...?

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

The cottage is too quiet and I'm already looking forward to the beautiful sight of tomorrows sunrise.

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, November 29

Fill in the blank fun...

Wide eyed at 5:30 this morning.... thinking. My husband is heading out west for the month of December then returning just before Christmas. I'm going to miss doing all the Christmasy things with him. (I'm not sure he is going to miss them. lol.)  He has been working so hard to finish his thesis...soon this chapter in our lives will be over....soon. 
After New Years we will both be heading to Montana. Until then it's all Christmas....all family and friends.

Here's a little fill in the blank fun for today:

I'm feeling a little __________________ today. Maybe I'll ______________________ just for fun.

I will put my answer in the comments section. Looking forward to seeing what spin you take on this.  

Thinking of you today.....Ann-OnandOn

Monday, November 26

My Monday Pinterest Picks...Comfort and Joy!

The first photo is perfect in so many ways. I love her hair and the rest is a total package.
Salted caramel~
fabulous eyeglasses~
and oh so yummy mac&cheese....
it's all about goodness!


Sunday, November 25

Oh Christmas Tree

When are you going to put up your Christmas tree?  

It's such a beautiful time of the year.  

Glitter and Sparkle! Sparkle and Glitter! 
I feel like twirling....

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Wednesday, November 21

What are you making?

Do you have a signature dish? 

I got up early and went to the grocery store hoping to avoid the frantic last minute shoppers. 
 It worked. I was in and out without a problem.  I even managed to refrain from over buying 
by sticking to my list.  (The one I forgot at home.)  

I'm making cheesy potatoes...vegetarian style. 
 Usually, the recipe calls for cream of chicken, but I substitute that with cream of celery. I'm pretty sure this goes without notice. Perhaps I'll ask around tomorrow and see if anyone can taste the difference.

What are you making to pass tomorrow?


Monday, November 19

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Friday, November 16

Do you send Christmas cards?

With the ease of sending e-cards snail mail has dropped off for sure,
but I still LOVE going to the mailbox in hopes of seeing holiday greetings.

On Wednesday morning I went to to help my mom make photo Christmas cards.
This could have been an ALL day process, but it wasn't. It was very easy to navigate through the assortment of cards to get exactly what she was looking for. Click(select card...flat/folded and size)...Click (add photos)...Click (personalize it)....Click (change color)  and we were done.... no joke!
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Have a great weekend! 

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Monday, November 5

My Monday Pinterest Pick....Coco

It's late...I know.  Today, like most days have slipped by double time. 
 For the record I started 2 other posts, but haven't had time to complete them so they will have to wait...

It's almost bedtime and instead of counting sheep I think I'll count a little Coco...

Check  back again tomorrow.... I have an amazing giveaway starting.
Bonne nuit mon ami.

Tuesday, October 30

Pumpkin Spice...Part Two

Source: via Sabina on Pinterest
Source: via Sabina on Pinterest
Source: via Kalie on Pinterest

Source: via Erin on Pinterest
Source: via Trish on Pinterest
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Each year I "fall" in love.  The colors make me sing.The sunsets make me smile. 
 Sitting, walking, running with the crisp air hitting my face. I cherish the moments. 
It strengthens fills me.

Monday, October 29

My Monday Pinterest Picks- Pumpkin Spice

It is cold today, so I decide to warm us up with some Pumpkin Spice.
                                                                     Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest
                                                                                                         Source: via Nancy on Pinterest