Saturday, June 25

Do you notice anything different?

I've been thinking about changing my blog for some time now, but I'm not big on change. Ironically, that is what my life is about. When I reflect on all the changes in my life, I've adapted pretty well.

So, here's to change.

Applause to Little Blue Deer Design. If you are thinking about modifying or completely changing the look of your blog I highly recommend Shari. She is so patient, professional and very creative. I can't thank her enough. 

Do you have an aversion to change?

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, June 19

Flower Power

Women who were given flowers as part of a 2005 study by researchers at Rutgers University reported elevated moods for up to three days after receiving the bouquets. Those given fruit or candles given no such change.

Put an extra dash of happiness in your life today...

or how about a friends.

search...Living Magazine 3/2009
photos by we heart it

Monday, June 13

Using a hoe... my very own garden.

Mr. and I have teamed up with two other couples to harvest a
variety of veggies in a community garden.
Presently, the parsley, chives and rhubarb that we acquired from the previous plot owner are flourishing. With a combination of a few green thumbs and a few willing, able and encouraged thumbs we are seeing the fruits of our labor...

Additional "dirt" on gardening...
an adult gardener will burn approximately 325 calories per hour
spading the garden. Not to mention every time you water the lawn you
expend about 90 calories.

Do you have a garden?

Photos copyrighted to B.G. Merkle in 2011, photographer/gardener extraordinaire

Thursday, June 2

Just the five of us...

This week my in-laws came to visit... For some of you that might evoke feelings of dread, but not me. It was an absolute delight. I know...I'm lucky!

Quebec City opened its arms as wide as we did. The sun shone brightly and a gentle breeze caressed our skin as summer temperatures allowed us to sink deep into our lounge chairs, take long strolls and dine outdoors.

An anecdote or two about my husband's childhood always entertains my heart.

Did I mention they have a super cute dog?

It was hard to see them go, but I won't allow that sadness to cloud all the happiness that filled our home.