Thursday, December 23


Are there really 24 hours in a day? Seriously.
When I have the opportunity to be around family I often forget to take time for myself
...which is just fine with me.

I might check back here over the next few days, but just in case....

Enjoy each and every minute of the day with your friends and families.

Merry Christmas!
(I'll try to stop by your blog if I have a few minutes here and there.)

Monday, December 20


My Blog Spark...General Mills/Cinnamon Burst Cheerios...Flip Video

We arrived in Michigan late last night. The 16 hour drive was well worth it. I spent a great day with my nieces and nephew making a commercial for Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. I received a Flip Video from My Blog Spark to make it. The cereal is really taste like mini cinnamon buns! The camera is "cool"...easy to use and would make a great gift if anyone needs a last minute gift idea.

More on that later....without further ado:


Friday, December 17

I am now on Christmas vacation.
What to do first?

Relaxing here would be nice....
photo from

What are you doing today?

Thursday, December 16


The new OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is launching on January 1, 2011! OWN programming will include original series and specials, all focused on entertaining, informing and inspiring people to live their best lives.

New Years...New Years Resolutions...the start of an inspiration network... there's nothing wrong with trying to make some changes or improvements in your life. If a day of the year provides some hope why pooh-pooh it? (Step aside cynics.)

I used my birthday last year to create a list of "39" things to do within the year. Like all good ideas or list of important "things to do" I put it in a folder looking at it once and a while. Did you know "things" don't happen when they are in a file or tucked away? I'm making my list public. After today it will also be on the side of my blog. By the New Year...I will have my OWN...list complete.
(Highlighted if done since my birthday)

1. Travel...Going to Switzerland was beyond my wildest dreams
2. Plan a girls weekend...Two years in a row now! :)
3. Make something to public.
4. Improve my French (Maybe I've improved, but it's not going to get highlighted...)
5. Volunteer
6. Send birthday cards on time
7. Can veggies/fruit/jam.....
8. Re-decorate our bedroom...I started, but it's not done (half highlighted)
9. Spend the night at my grandma's house/my husband's grandpa's house
10. Go fishing with my husband and his grandpa
11. Loose weight the right way
12. Get a facial
13. See Zack Brown band in concert
14. See more of Canada
15. Open an Etsy Shop
16. Read War and Peace
17. Continue horseback riding
18. Exercise more...I've committed to 3 days a week, but not the intensity I would like
19. Write more
20. Understand myself more...a bit tricky
21. Read more
22. Support my husband more in this 1 1/2 years of his Phd.
23. Try....harder (that requires another list)
24. Make someone's day (Be an Oprah to someone...)
25. Set up a plan for our future children.

That's how far I got. The last one could possibly be the most important, but our options are limited right now. $20,000...the magic number. It's always on my mind and pulling at my heart. Someday.

OWN...that's a pretty cool title. It carries a lot meaning, but if Oprah can do it so can my OWN way.

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network blogging program, for a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

Wednesday, December 15

The Burning Question

"Holidays"...what comes to mind?
Sparkling lights, the smell of pine, family, baked goods, paper cuts from
wrapping gifts, money...a paper bag to breathe into because
you're having to talk about money.....

The big question is....
Are you done shopping?

My answer no. I am not done making the gifts that I intend to give this year which explains my blogging absence. (Yup family members crap-I mean craft gifts. While others are truly blessed with the gift of crafting my skills remain to be seen.) That and I had a book club potluck last night. Annnnddddd, I waited until the last minute to read the book. Not because I'm a procrastinator (well maybe a little), but I wasn't going to go and decided at the last minute that I wanted to. Well, that's not true either....I was at a Christmas party last Friday and I was asked in front of a lot of people (you know right when the awkward silence happens in a crowded room) by a very nice book club member if I was going....put on the spot and my mouth could only form Yyyyessss? So, I'm not a procrastinator I'm indecisive and not good when put on the spot . (crooked smile)
(Side note: I had a great time!)

What about you? I'm putting you on the spot how do you like that? (Hee Hee)
That's the beauty of blogging you can pretend you never read this post and
go about your day. In a crowded room....not quite as easy.

Saturday, December 11

The other spam....

Wouldn't it be great if the spam folder was legitimate. Just this morning:

I have a loving friend in Rosa

Olivier and Sara both gave me £850,000.00 in this months NATIONAL LOTTERY

Abdulla Hassan is a businessman who needs my help, but will share in his wealth

Jason McKinley, a dear friend of mine whom I've never met, wanted to say "Hello" (I'm sure there was money involved, but I didn't open the file because we are not on speaking terms. :)

My husband can have a long erect penis....I can be skinny in just 10 days

Forget the rose colored glasses. I'm about to put my spam glasses on and enjoy the rest of my day.

Congratulations to Adventures in Winterland for winning the Progresso Soup giveaway. (She is hosting a Carmax and a CSN giveaway...)

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, December 10

Final Product...

While talking to my sister on the phone a couple days ago she said she wasn't going to send Christmas cards because she didn't have the time. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Within 20 minutes and just a little help she was done with her cards. Didn't they turn out beautiful!

Shimmering Snowflakes Holiday 5x7 folded card
Click here to browse Shutterfly's holiday card collection.
View the entire collection of cards.

I hope you are enjoying the spirit of the holiday season. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, December 8


I'm about to start a love affair with Mod Podge Gloss
and maybe his cousin Matte.
I know, it sounds a little slutty doesn't it.

That's right, I'm going to work my craft magic. (Clearing of the throat...)
Let me rephrase that... I am going to attempt to make some simple craft items
over the next couple of days. It's snowing. work is slowing down
(nobody wants to learn English in December)and I've got the Christmas spirit.

Give me a C...give me a R....give me a A.... (snicker)

In a few weeks we are heading to our hometown and I really want to have a
craft day with my nieces. Last year at a friends house
I saw this fun card holder...
(she was in the process of moving...)
Thanks to The Shabby Chic Cottage
blog I was inspired to do this project.
Her middle name is Crafty (well it should be but I'm not really sure) , so don't compare please.

I did the same project with my own twist.

To make your own Christmas card holder you need:
fun scrapbook paper
Mod Podge Gloss
some ribbon or string

Do you get a lot of Christmas cards?
I have received two...If you need my address just email me. (Smile)

Wordless Wednesday.....Me and Milan

While in Switzerland last month I made a quick trip to Milan, Italy.
History. Fashion. Fresh Pasta. Fashion. Gelato. Fashion.
In that order.

Enjoy some window shopping with me....

Tuesday, December 7

The Burning Question

What do you think of when you see these words?
(First word that comes to mind.)

The best smell
Your Purse

Me...... Snow-Blowing wind, the best smell-horses (I know I've got issues),
Gifts-thoughtful, Winter-cautious, my purse-old/full,
morning-breakfast , pink-champagne

I look forward to your answers....
Have a spectacular day!

Sunday, December 5

Chex Mix....and $25.oo Kroger g.c. Giveaway!

If there is one thing that you should understand before you read the rest of this post is that you will not find a person out there who loves this product more than me....

I have a few addictions one is sparkle water and the other is Chex mix. For years I would wait until the holiday season to scarf down bags of Chex mix. Then I got wise to my obvious mistake...why wait until the holidays. Now, I enjoy it all year. My dealer...I mean my mom has even sent me boxes of Chex mix when I wasn't able to find it in the grocery store. Bless her heart and my stomach.
Real photo (intended for my mother only but I couldn't resist)
when my bag of Chex mix ran out on my trip out west.

Once upon a time Chex mix was made in the oven (which can still be done) and I would wait patiently for it to finish, but all too often I would find myself flipping super hot Chex cereal in the air while blowing on it to avoid burning my mouth. Patience is not a virtue of mine when it comes to Chex mix. Now, most people make Chex mix in the microwave. No worries you don't loose any of the deliciousness. 15 minutes that's all it takes. 15 minutes to crunch time...

My newest enablers My Blog Spark, Chex and Kroger have also become my recent suppliers. They sent me a "Chex Holiday Recipes" gift pack that includes two samples of Chex cereal and a $25.00 gift card to Kroger Family of Stores and ONE TO GIVEAWAY!

To make things even sweeter, Kroger Family of Stores will have Chex cereal on sale so you can make more and send it to me...I mean give it to friends and family. For 3 weeks, from December 2nd - December 25th, Kroger will offer Chex cereal at their lowest prices of the year!

"And that's all I have to say about that"
...Forest and I

How about that! Here is how you can win the "Chex Holiday Recipes" gift pack:
One Entry- Go to Chex and tell me which recipe sounds best to you. CLICK HERE
One Entry- Follow my blog...comment if you already do.
5 Entries- Post about this on your blog, on a linky giveaway or tweet about it. (5 for each)
One Entry- Share with me what your yummy holiday weakness is.

This giveaway starts today 12/05 and ends on 12/12. Open to the US. I will notify the winner by email so please leave your email address in the comment box. Thanks for stopping by...I'm serious...I thinks it's really nice of you. (Insert Smile) Good luck!

As stated, I was given a "Chex Holiday Recipes" gift pack that includes two samples of Chex cereal and a $25 gift card valid at the Kroger Family of Stores for writing this review which was supported by the fabulous My Blog Spark. My honest opinion...I love Chex and would yell from the mountain top about it. :D

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Saturday, December 4

Urban must have gifts!

Owl Bandages $7.00
There are a lot of really cute owl items.

The Butt Station...a best seller $18.00
A tape dispenser with metal cutter, pen and business card
holders and a toilet paper clip compartment....hummm?

Frank and Bean Bubble Gum $8.00
That makes me gag. Smile. Gag...

App Magnets $16.00 additional colors available
World's Largest Gummy Worm $35.00
I know....gross, but really funny.
3 lbs.- 26 inches
Porcelain Gnome Lantern $68.00
(Cat and Owl lanterns also available)
Audiobot Speakers $16.00
Includes USB plug and audio cable
Mini Cupcake Maker $30.00
7 ultra fast cupcakes in 5 minutes

How about Monkey Banana flavor or bacon flavor gloss for $6.00?
Hot dog gum?

Go check it out for yourself. I'm sure you've got some stockings to fill.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, December 2

Progresso Soup Review and Giveaway

Soup might be my one and only salvation on cold winter days.
A soft cashmere sweater is a close second.

It's a must have in my cupboards from September through May. Although, it wouldn't be unheard of for my husband and I to be seen sipping soup on a Sunday evening in the summer.

While I really enjoy making soup it takes a lot of time and that's not something I have a lot of during the week. I don't want a watery soup with a bunch of salt. What I'm looking for is a great flavor... hearty soup that has nutritional value.
Progresso soup is the brand I know and trust.

It would be fun and challenging to creatively alter what a professional has spent hours on, but I've decided to utilize the provided snippets about Progresso Soups...enjoy.

Progresso® New World RecipesTM - Inspired by Mexican recipes, explore one of the fastest growing ethnic cuisines by giving the Progresso New World Recipes line a try. Made with authentic Mexican ingredients and seasonings, four new Progresso soups will be hitting grocery shelves near you - Chicken Tortilla, Meatball & Rice, Black Bean Jalapeno and Chicken & Vegetable.
Progresso Light - America´s number one Light soup just got better, as all 13 existing Progresso Light varieties are now packed with bigger pieces of white meat chicken, more tender pieces of beef or added vegetables. Need eve n more to talk about? Progresso Light New England Clam Chowder is the first creamy Light ready-to-serve soup that holds true to the Progresso Light name with just 1 Weight Watchers® POINTS® value per serving!
Progresso Reduced Sodium - With 49 percent of shoppers concerned about high cholesterol1, Progresso understands the importance of soluble fiber and reduced sodium diets. New Reduced Sodium Tomato Parmesan soup is one more tasty option that has a delicious blend of flavors and carries the "May Help Lower Cholesterol"2 benefit. In addition, five additional Reduced Sodium soups also carry the "May Help Lower Cholesterol"2 benefit.
Progresso High Fiber - With 9 out of 10 Americans not getting the recommended Daily Value of fiber, Progresso High Fiber line of soups are packed with 7 grams per serving. Giving you one more thing to talk about, Progresso brand´s first Chili Soup just joined the High Fiber family!

Progresso also has a great website that offers many recipes for those..."what am I going to make for dinner tonight"moments. They offer nutritional information, The Progresso Story, money saving ideas and more. You can even watch their fun commercials.

My Blog Spark and Progresso kindly sent me one can of Chicken Tortilla Progresso soup and one can of Light New England Clam Chowder Progresso soup, a spoon rest, soup can rack, and soup mug with matching spoon and a winner´s prize pack of VIP coupons for two cans of Progresso soup, a spoon rest, a soup can rack and a soup mug with matching spoon. Check out the photo....

Here is how you can win this tummy warming...super tasty giveaway:
One Entry Tell me what is your favorite Progresso Soup. Click here to check out the choices.
One Entry Follow my blog or let me know you already do.
Five Entries Post this on a giveaway Linky, Blog about it or Tweet about it.
One Entry Tell me your favorite Progresso Soup commercial. Click here to view them.
One Entry Tell me what you like to eat with your soup. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and soup!

This giveaway is open to US residents. It starts today and will end on December 10th. I will contact the winner by email, so make sure to include that in your comments.
Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

The above review is based off my honest opinion.

Wednesday, December 1

Wordless Wednesday

Me...frolicking in the snow of the Matterhorn.
(Zermatt, Switzerland- Oct. 26, 2010)

Rabbit Rabbit my family. (Smile)

Tuesday, November 30

The Holidays are coming....The Holidays are coming...

Are you intimated by the technology? Do you feel like your walking around with the bag phone from the 1990's. I had one..and I thought I was so cool. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

Where do you go to find the best tech gifts? How do you keep up with the bells and whistles? Who can you count on to provide you with as many details as you need to make the right purchase?

To start with there are countless websites available for's just about finding them right.
Let's start with There you will find answers to questions you wouldn't even think to ask. Just click the "reviews" and there you have everything listed into specific categories. (E.g. camcorders, cell phones, desktops, GPS, cameras) What about Engadget? Yup, they are helpful too. Read reviews, look at photos, listen to podcasts they are all available for you.

Honestly, it can take a little work to find the best tech item to fit your needs. Going to a retail store like Staples is another great idea. There you can see and feel the product. For example right now they have an interactive display for the Kindle. It's one thing to read about an item it's another thing to actually experience it first hand. They also have trained staff members bubbling with facts. They are usually very eager to share the features and benefits.

How about watching Oprah? I'm not kidding. Did you happen to catch either of her Favorite Things shows. She has the latest and greatest that's for sure. She also has a nice gift guide on her website. (Click Favorite Things) Can you imagine being one of the lucky audience members? Do you know anyone who was there? I would love to hear their story.

Ask to friends, read some blogs...get that nose in there and snoop around. Find out what and where. People are posting reviews, gift ideas, discount codes and sharing their stories for you. They want to make your shopping experience easier. Whether they received the item for free as a thank you for a review or just wanting to talk about something they just bought, they are still taking time to share it with you..that should count for something. I know I've appreciated many reviews already this year.

One thing is for sure is so much fun giving someone a gift with meaning. It's so amazing to see their face light up when you actually took the time to find the right gift. Researching will be rewarding. You will not only feel prepared to make a purchase you will be able to find the items you need at the best price. Knowledge is power!

Start now by making a list of people you need to buy for. Set a budget....I know there's that "b" word, but it was bound to surface this time of year. It's not necessary to go over board. Big isn't always better. Unless we're talking about diamonds. Just kidding....

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Staples blogging program, making me eligible for a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

The Burning Question

It's been a while since I've posted a question.

With the holidays here in full swing it seems only fitting to ask a few questions about them.

Do you have a lot of gifts to purchase this year?

Have you cut back in recent years?

Who is the hardest person to buy for?

Me: Actually, it doesn't feel like we have a lot of gifts to purchase. Even though I haven't been "Christmas" shopping yet I feel in control of the shopping that needs to be done. I am not planning to go to the mall unless I have to...

When I worked in retail it was too easy to buy things at "great prices". That was the problem, I would see a great price and add on to peoples gifts because of the price. It wasn't necessary, but I hate to pass up a great sale and I love giving presents.

The hardest person to buy for is usually my dad.

Your turn....
Have a wonderful day!