Thursday, December 31


Yup, it was serious. My internet wasn't working again yesterday and today for that matter.

I'm at Starbuck's and I must add that they have the heat blasting. I would be in my under-roos if I wasn't 25 lbs. over my desired weight...just to prove a point. I'm just saying.....goooosshhhh! <---- Did I sound like any of your teenagers? My friend had me rolling the other day when she was talking about her daughter's new "Oh my gooooosssshhhh, Mommmmmm".....teenage talk.

So, let me get right to the New Years talk. I'm setting New Years resolutions. Are you? And, I am calling them resolutions because even if I try to convince myself that they are "a change in my ways" they are still New Years Resolutions... Disclaimer, if I do not stick with them, oh well. At least I am going to try, right. <---That was written for me. For when I read this in three weeks and I haven't a clue what my "resolutions" are. Sigh!

All that "goal" talk has me reaching for my anxiety meds. I need a stiff drink when we start talking about money. I just really dislike "money talks". I usually grab a brown paper bag to breathe in and out of when we have "those" talks.

No joke, someone is telepathic in here. A steady stream of "freezing" air is coming through the door next to me right now. See, just the thought of me striping down has people running to open doors. (Insert giggles with chattering teeth.) Off to do stuff. You know, write down these "resolutions", take photos of myself in something that resembles a bathing suit to be able to show before and afters...scratch that thought.

Happy New Year to all of you!
I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. (Raise your glass) Here's to 2010! (Scene fades and all you hear is Auld Lang Syne. You know the song that everyone know the first sentence to and only the first sentence....(Am I alone on this boat?)

Tap.. tap... Is this thing still on? Oh well, have a special ending to 2009. Be safe! I'll talk to you next year.

Tuesday, December 29

Happy Birthday!!

My Sister...
I look up to you in so many ways.

You're kind and caring. You're a wonderful sister, mother and wife.

And, my favorite thing about you....
I love how you laugh until you cry!

As I said yesterday... I was feeling a little crafty, so I made you a special gift with my
new sewing machine. Many hours, a little blood and a lot of loven' and your gift is done.

Monday, December 28

My day.

Hours of L.A. Ink....I mean...hours. (Not a show we usually watch.) It sucked me and my husband in. We don't have any tats, (lingo from the show) but I am so amazed by Corey, Nikko, Dan and Kat's artistic skills. For anyone who is watching this season... I am so over Aubry.

Nachos...not my photo because I ate mine too fast.

Strawberry yum Shortcake ice cream....

a lot of (below)

and a little of (below)
*I feel a craft coming on....hummm. I'll fill you in tomorrow.*

Sunday, December 27

I am

I am
I found this over at The Way It Is and thought it would be fun to do.

(The first answer is mine and the second answer is my husband.)

I am: 38 years old.
Husband: fun.

I think: someday I'll have children.
Husband: too much.

I know: how to make chicken pot pie, because I made one tonight.
H- less than I think.

I have: a lot of ideas that I need to act on.
H- a bunch of stuff.

I wish: we didn't worry so much.
H- on a star.

I hate: mean people.
H- sleeping.

I miss: the ranch and the animals on the ranch... (Friends and family too.)
H- family and friends.

I fear: loosing my memory.
H- death.

I hear: the t.v.
H- the city

I smell: the candle I am burning.
H- good.

I crave: sweets almost all the time.
H- ice cream.

I search: and search for the perfect pants. Why is it so hard to find a good pair of jeans?
H- for answers.

I wonder: too much.
H- very little.

I regret: the way I have acted in the past.
H- little.

I love: life!
H- my wife.

I ache: for a thinner body.
H- sometimes.

I am not: productive lately.
H- tall

I try: to be a good person.
H- hard and then I don't.

I believe: I should talk less and listen more.
H- .

I dance: when I hear old R&B.
H- alone.

I sing: a lot when people are not around.
H- in the car.

I cry: whenever I need to.
H- once every 5 years

I fight: when I should use better communication.
H- rarely.

I lose: my confidence.
H- often.

I never: eat meat.
H- go on vacation.

I always: have to wear shoes to be productive.
H- obsess.

I confuse: my husband when I say words like "thingy...thingamajig".
H- people I talk to.

I listen: to country music, R&B....almost every type of music.
H- well.

I can usually be found: lurking around a bakery or near animals....
H- on the couch.

I need: to try harder.
H- money.

I am happy: when I'm with my family and friends.
H- when I am in the woods.

I imagine: that I'm a super star...(I'm not, but whatever.)
H- a better life...when I'm out of school. (A house, a man cave...)

Some serious answers and some silly. It was fun to have my husband answer the questions, what a good sport. We are also working on his, "A 100 things about me list" at my request... I love getting to know him.

Saturday, December 26

With open arms some friends invited us to share Christmas dinner with them....

A little singing,

plenty of eating,

and, a lot of laughter.

Thanks...mama and papa to-be! You helped make our Christmas "Merry and Bright".

Thursday, December 24

It's going to be all right,,,not great, just all right

That's right, I'm pulling myself up by my boot straps. Or, if your parents never said that to you.... I'm pulling my head out of my %^$ <--I don't think you want a photo of that. LOL I was missing my tree,(a tree)so I added lights to the front window.

With money being what it is (non-existent) my husband and I decided to make light of the situation... Yesterday we each got $10.00 and went to The Dollar Store. We had to pick out 10 things for the other person to fill their stocking with. Every time I passed Jaige in the store he was smiling and exclaiming how much fun he was having.
(We brought our own canvas bags, so we couldn't see what was inside.)
It was pretty funny and this way we will have something to open on Christmas...

That's right...I was pulling myself up by my boot straps.

Have a Wonderful Christmas Eve!
Off to make some cookies....

Wednesday, December 23

Wordless Wednesday...

Although, most animals have impacted me in some way....Burley is right up there with the best. As silly as it sounds (or I've made him look) he was a charmer. If you met him you'd say the same thing. A famous mule in the packen' world, a sweet ol' mule in mine...

Monday, December 21

99% is still not 100%

I was holding out for something. I'm not sure what. (Perhaps a bit of irresponsibility to set in. Maybe we'd throw caution to the wind...then jump in the truck, drive home to see our families for a nice Christmas celebration...) It is 99% certain, I still can not bring myself to say it, that we will be here for Christmas. I am totally disappointed!

On Saturday, I took our tree down then we drove it to our friends house. One tree two cool is that. Unfortunately, that is when my husband confirmed my suspicion that something might be wrong with the brakes.

My bags were packed. Fridge cleaned out. Christmas decorations packed away. Needless to say my bags are still packed, the fridge is still cleaned out and the decorations are still packed away. Maybe, just maybe I'll pull some back out. We decided against getting another tree. I like the idea of sharing the one we had, so all's good.

A bit of my Christmas cheer is lost....I'll look for it tomorrow.
(I know things could be much worse!) I'm fine.....and I'll be better tomorrow.

Would you be disappointed?
What would you do to make it Christmas"y" again? Spiked Eggnog?... lol

Give me a Brake...and some rotors too!

I needed a day (or so...) to get the pissiness (not really a word) out of me before writing, but as it stands we will be staying here for Christmas.

(Honk. Honk. Pass the tissue.)

Why you ask?

Because Santa isn't an auto mechanic, but I am. Well, technically I'm not either, but I decided to help my husband change out the rotors and brake pads instead of pouting...
Not to say I won't later.

See that shiny silver thing? It's a rotor. Rotors are not cheap!

I'm glad it wasn't cold....Oh Wait...YES it was, but
I'm glad it wasn't snowing....Oh Wait.....YES it was.

Mostly, I'm glad it is over. Merry Christmas to us....
I know, we are healthy, safe and happy but it would have been fun to be all of those things with our families. I'll get over it, just give me a few more days.

Be honest, would have used the money to get new brakes or
would you have rented a car to go home for the holidays?

Giveaway Winner

A big thanks to everyone for entering the Hamilton Beach 3 Cup Chopper Giveaway. The lucky winner is A Nut in a Nutshell.

I'll be hosting another giveaway, soon....really soon.

Saturday, December 19


It's a bird, it's a plane... it's my husband walking off the airplane. Yippeee, he's home. (Insert Huge Smile.)

I realize this might be one of the most unflattering photos of me, but if you could only feel the emotions within you can overlook the no make-up overexposed me.
Jaige is glad to be home... I'm glad he's home...

Two Bars...

For some people two bars is enough in one morning. Well, not me. Two bars left me tapping my disconnected fingers on the table, not the key pad. My searching left me in despair... left me no choice. I tried to beg, borrow and steal from my internet stingy neighbors to no avail, so I did what any internet crazed person would do.... I shuffled across the street to Silvan Cafe Boutique.

Together my $2.80 decaffeinated cappuccino and I sat down at a cute little wooden table with all the charm and ambiance a coffee shop should have. A cute little coffee shop thriving with joe drinking, french talking..... NO internet sitting people. That's right, no internet. The exact reason I tortured my frozen nose hairs and my empty pocket book has once again left me tapping the blues.

I never did get my internet fix.... by 10:00 p.m. I was a shaking mess. It's 12/19 and I am at Starbuck's... a coffee and internet mix, ahhhh.


Tuesday, December 15

Wordless Wednesday...

This is chocolate... Chocolate!!!

Make sure you enter my giveaway for a Hamilton Beach 3 Cup Chopper...HERE!

A good delivery...

How cute is this?
My sister was shopping, saw this wreath and thought of me.
Awwwww, she is so nice.
Thanks Mrs. J

Are you sending Christmas cards this year?
I am. I just have to wait until next week to send them.

Are you receiving a lot Christmas cards?

Make sure you enter my giveaway for a Hamilton Beach 3 cup Chopper...

Friday, December 11

Hamilton Beach 3 Cup Chopper Giveaway!

When the little angel from CSN Stores landed on my blog last week (See Here) I was excited to learn that I could host a giveaway with one of their items. I started thinking about an items that would benefit someone not only during the holidays, but long after. Something that would ease the stress from all the holiday cooking. Something that will perhaps make cooking more fun.... How about a Hamilton Beach ChefPrep 3 Cup Chopper?

Values at $54.99

* Bowl-size adjuster
* Precision blades
* One-touch pulse control
* 3 cup capacity
* Oil dispenser
* Spatula storage
* Easy clean up
* Dishwasher safe bowl, lid & blades

With a large 3 cup capacity and one-touch pulse control this compact food processor will fulfill all your needs without taking up too much space. Precision blades will cut through any food. Dishwasher safe bowl, lid & blade make for quick clean up and storage.

What do you think? Do you want one? Here is what you need to do:
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Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Open to Canadian and US residents. Giveaway ends December 20th. I will post the winner on December 21st.
*Disclosure: I will receive complimentary Hamilton Beach 3 cup Chopper from CSN as well. No payment was received for this blog post.
Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Bloggy Blog Designs Giveaway!

Bloggy Blog Designz is having ANOTHER Holiday Giveaway!!! Last week every entrant won something, so they decided to do it all over again! They are giving away blog designs and all kinds of goodies. Plus ALL entrants will receive 20%off their purchase through the end of the year! Be sure to check out their website for more information, or to enter yourself. Take a look at their portfolio and packages to see what you want for Christmas ;) With 6 giveaways this week, who knows whats in store for next week?
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Go over and check it out HERE!

Last day with my mom....

After climbing 400 steps... this is what you get to look at... gasp...gasp.... The St. Lawerence.

The Quebec treat...comfort food..... Poutine.

Even though it was snowing...a lot, she enjoyed walking around.

What a week it has been. I asked my mom to define her week in just a few words....
"Enchanting, relaxing, amazing, cozy, invigorating (the cold weather) and returnable".
I'll take that.

Thursday, December 10


Oh my goodness......
My blog had a bug, not H1N1, but something to do with an advertisement.
I... I fixed it. Talk about empowering.
(Let's not talk about the few mess-ups along the way right now.)

Now, back to blogging!!! Sorry for the interruption.

Wednesday, December 9

Wordless Wednesday....

Big or small, care packages touch the heart!