Thursday, April 29


The fan is on. I rest my head on a pillow that takes my shape like gently folded hands to rest upon. Forced air is twirling my hair and I feel my eye starting to drift downward. Fighting to finish the day with words from the blogging world I click one more time to a new name with a new story. Another door opens into someones life. The talent captivates me so much that my yawns disappear and my wide eyes grasp for more.

Wednesday, April 28

Wordless Wednesday...

Lately, I have been having dreams about bears. Then my husband sent me this....Hummmm.

This is what it's like being married to a Wildlife Biologist..... Not too long ago I was out with my husband picking up bear poop for a research project. I was getting pretty good at it too.
What we do for love.

Tuesday, April 27

The Burning Question....

I'm hoping more people start to participate in "The Burning Question...." each and every Tuesday here at AnnOnandOn. For all of you who read my blog and never comment.... how about leaving one this week? Come on.

Outside of your family and friends...
what are five things that make you smile?

My answers:
Things that sparkle
Summer dresses with flip flops
The sound, smell and feel of nature
Mail (not bills)

Your turn.....

Sunday, April 25

The Weekend

I've turned blue with Avatar, strummed a guitar, had a drink and got sober with Jeff Bridges all in one weekend. I was a busy girl.

We had Sam, our part time dog, for the last couple days. Having her insures two outings a day. I really like it because my husband and I go for long walks when we have her.

The weather was wonderful. On Saturday, we went to the same beautiful park that looked like this in February...

That now looks like this...

Sam made a friend...

Wrapped up in doggy loven I sat on an ant hill and got bit...a lot on my bum. How ridiculous is that? If something is going to happen, it will happen to me. I swear if there is a bug within 50 feet it will attack me first. That goodness someone invented Cortisone. I'm an itchy mess. Go ahead laugh, it's actually pretty funny. Just be glad I didn't share photos.

(Photo from my walk with Sam on Friday... the St.Lawrence is behind me.)

The forecast is calling for snow tomorrow....come on...really? Although I'm shaking my head, inside I'm grateful for the warm weather we had on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, April 24

Size Doesn't Matter

We're talking about blogs, so if you were expecting something else mosey along. (Smile) All week I was celebrating 500 followers of my blog. It was a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it. While I expected to do one more day of giveaways, today I've decided to focus on the four giveaways and save one for another time. Surprise giveaways are fun too!

It isn't about the size of a blog. It's about the content and I haven't been giving content lately.....
This morning I was at SITS and they asked us to leave a comment with a best post. When I had to go back for months I realized that my blog has been sucking.... I haven't been writing the way I intended. For that I am sorry! I hereby pledge (wait I need to get my quill and ink... o.k. I'm ready) to write better.

I really enjoy writing reviews and up until last week I would only write one a is titled Monday To Do...Review/Giveaway. Tuesday I write my burning question. Please stop by on Tuesdays it's a lot of fun and I love to read everyone's answers. I will continue with that. Wednesday is Wordless Wednesday. The rest of the week is just "stuff". So, that what's going on in my neck of the woods.

I was lost and didn't know it, but now I'm found and ready to write.

What sort of things would you like me to write about?

Thursday, April 22


Lots to post, but ran out of time... Tomorrow will be another big day of giveaways. Until then, sweet dreams. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm turning the computer off for the night.

Wednesday, April 21

Swiffer SweeperVac and Walwart $40.00 Gift Card Giveaway

The front doors opens to a beautiful spring day. The sparrows are feasting at the feeder and the robins are pecking at the ground, I want nothing more than to sit on the porch and take it all in. Looking back before heading outside I noticed the sunlight illuminating the front halls wood floor providing a stage for the now dancing dust.

Have you heard of the Swiffer Sweeper from P&G? If you thought Swiffer Sweeper Vac was good than brace your housecleaning self because they have improved it with Double Action Cleaning. You can now let the vacuum pick up the bigger stuff while the electrostatic pad trap and lock in the dust and grit. It makes cleaning easy and very satisfying. You'll have a lot more time to enjoy spring with the help of Swiffer.

When MyBlogSpark offered me to do a review and giveaway from P&G for a Swiffer SweeperVac kit I eagerly excepted.
They are also offering one of my readers a $40.00 Walmart gift card, so you can purchase your very own super handy, super effective, super fabulous
Swiffer SweeperVac.

If time was money...
The Swiffer SweeperVac has not only made cleaning easier
(because it's that good), it has given us the gift of time.

Your rich with time!
Your house is clean!
And, your husband is making dinner tonight....
I made the last part up,sorry I got a little excited.

Do you want to enter this giveaway? It's pretty simple:
  • What is the first room you would use your new Swiffer SweeperVac in?(Mandatory, please do this before the others)
  • (Extra entry) Be a follower of AnnOnandOn...if you are just left me know(Thanks!)
  • (Extra entry) Enter another giveaway (Come back and tell me which one)
This giveaway is open to US and Canada. It will end on April 30th. I will notify the winner by email, so please make sure to leave that with each of your comments.

Thank you MyBlogSpark and P&G for the opportunity to try the Swiffer SweeperVac (for the review) and share my honest opinion. It's important that my readers know, what I write is how I feel.

Happy Cleaning! Thanks for helping me celebrate 500 followers!

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Wordless Wednesday...

A welcome treat that came in the mail....(Thank you my friend!)

I contemplated whether to tell my husband about the box of Girl Scout cookies.
In the end I did and he ate almost all of them. Those things are addicting.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Don't forget...I'm celebrating 500 followers this week!

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Look for another giveaway later today!

Tuesday, April 20

The Burning Question....

You wouldn't think so, but it is actually hard to think of these questions.
On one hand I have to make it interesting and
on the other hand, what ever I ask you to answer I have to answer myself.

This week I will give you a word and you answer the first thing that comes to mind.


My answers:
Funny- Ellen D
Fruit- Good smell (I pictured a clementine)
Far-my family
Flower- White Orchids
Forever-My husband

This week I am doing a giveaway a day to celebrate 500 follower.
I hope you take part. Click each one to enter...

Sunday: Scarlet Threads- A Fair Trade Apron
(Three giveaways opportunities on this post)

Tuesday- To be announced

Sunday, April 18

Celebration.... 500 followers!

I am just shy of 500 followers.

A celebration is in order, so I'm hosting a giveaway a day all next week.

The first one started yesterday with a Scarlet Threads apron giveaway. They are hosting a giveaway, Tea and Crumpets is hosting an apron giveaway, so am I.
Three opportunities to win a fair trade apron. THREE.


Along with my giveaways I'll post a series of my stories
including how I ended up in Quebec City, Canada.

Today is the last day for my Yoplait Robe Giveaway. It is such a nice robe!
There are accessories too. Check it out. (below) It would be a great Mother's Day gift!

Thanks for following my blog. I really enjoy it and hope you do too.

Saturday, April 17

Giveaway... for Scarlet Threads

Scarlet Threads had me at hello.
Their vision statement starts with "We believe in the possibility of change" and ends with a powerful statement about the ladies they are working with, "People who don't want hand-outs, just a chance".

Have you heard of Fair Trade? (Click here for a little explanation...) Well, Scarlet Threads is a fair trade boutique specializing in products made from seamstresses in rural Asia. They are ladies just like you trying to do their best for their families. When you purchase from Scarlet Threads you are giving her the dignity she deserves with the security of a safe and rewarding way of life.

There is so much more to Scarlet Threads. I hope you take a few minutes to learn more. Right now, they are hosting a giveaway and everyone is a winner. (That is the hook, bite over and check it out.) O.k. I'll give you a little more detail... It has to do with one of my favorite subjects, Aprons. A super cute apron that looks like this....

To enter....
A bonus... Tea and Crumpets is hosting a giveaway with one of Scarlet Threads aprons too.

Here's a challenge for you... and another giveaway
If I get 30 comments on this post I will purchase the Molly apron
(because I have a darling niece with that name)
and one person from the 30 comments will win the apron.

Spread the's for a good cause.
(One comment per person.)

Doing the right thing feels good.

Honest Scrap Award

I heart my award and I am very thankful to The Practical Mom Guide for giving it to me.

Here are the rules: Tell 10 honest things about yourself.
Humm.... here it goes.
  1. The most honest thing about me is my heart....I can't hide it as much as I try. I'm sensitive, silly and stubborn.
  2. I do not like getting instructions from my husband. He is so~so~so good and patient 90% of the time, but I don't want him to help me unless I ask for it. Even if I ask I might not be happy about it...not all the time, but a lot of the time. (See #1)
  3. I'm not competitive. I understand that I am just o.k. at a lot of things and not outstanding at any.
  4. I have a terrible memory. I had someone say to me if I cared I'd remember...that's not true. Than why can I remember songs on the radio? I think it's the repetition.
  5. I regret not trying in school.
  6. It would be a dream come true to start a family. Adoption-surrogate...
  7. I sleep with a fan on...all year around.
  8. I love fashion and makeup. I wear sweatpants too much and secondhand clothing, but I will save for something really nice. I was a makeup artist for many years and would love to get back into it. Hummm, maybe someday. Only to make people feel better not change them.
  9. I want to travel more, a lot more. I'm fascinated with seeing, learning and experiencing different countries. (And, the countries I live in.)
  10. I want to be a part of something, but I haven't found that something. I still haven't done what I'm here to do. My future is exciting. I can't wait to do more....
Love many things, for there within lies the true strengths, and whosoever loves so much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.
Vincent Van Gogh

I now have to pass the award on...Please do not feel obligated to post this on your blog if it isn't something you are comfortable doing. I just want others to know how fabulous you are. For the sake of time and no other reason I am only going to pick a few of my favorites.
Blushing and Sweet
How about Orange
From My Front Porch
Our Daily Blessing....Life
Suburb Sanity
I have to stop, but I can honestly say I have many, many, many more blog I read and really enjoy!

How about you comment on one honest thing about you....?

Friday, April 16

Follow Friday Blog Hop

Friday Follow

It's fun...check it out!
Make sure to CLICK HERE to win a luxury robe and fun accessories.

Wednesday, April 14

I'm Whining....

I'm not really whining, but I am wining.

I do not suffer from enomania, but I really like wine.

Having hygrophobia would be really terrible.

I didn't see viticulture or viniculture on my career assessment...darn it.
I think I missed my calling.

One thing is for certain......

I love Hello Kitty!

Those who really know me (I haven't told you everything about me...yet) know that there's a little bit of Hello Kitty in every room of my house. Don't worry, it's hidden for my pleasure and for my husbands masculinity. It's silly I know, but I'm o.k. with being silly once in a while.

Did you see this....
Taken from Newser:
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé: “Has a frothy mousse as well as a pretty nose of rose petal and red currant scents,” says
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling "Sweet Pink": “Sports a pale pink hue and has very delicate bubbles.”
  • Hello Kitty Angel White: “A fresh, very "blanc" white wine.”
  • Hello Kitty Devil Red: “A classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas.”
I need to get my hands on these... I really do. Have you seen them in a store near you? Do you like wine? What's your favorite?

I realize some people are opposed to this product... 35 year old Hello Kitty is loved by all ages. Candy for kids and alcohol for adults. As pointed out in another article the $15,000 handbags aren't for kids either.
This however says it's for adults, but I'm sure someone can alter it for a little one. Mine is at the dry cleaners or I'd loan it to you.

Monday, April 12

The Burning Question....

This weeks question:

If you were handed two tickets to anywhere,
where would you go and who is going with you?

Of course, Europe is always on my list... Africa too, but today if I were to receive two
tickets I would like to go to California with my husband. The first stop would be the Ellen show. Then to see my cousin and his family. Next stop San Francisco. The remainder of the trip I would like to drive the coast and enjoy the wineries.

It's your turn.... where would you go?

LOOK just below this post...I'm hosting a giveaway. The first 50 people win a little gift and one winner will receive a luxury robe and bath accessories. Check it out!

Sunday, April 11

Monday To Do: Review Yoplait Greek Yogurt and Luxury Giveaway

I'm taking this "spring cleaning" thing to the next level. Not only am I working on my house, but I'm also working on my body. That sounds a little extreme.... I'm working on being a healthier me the o' natural way. (E.g. last weeks post on watch less t.v.)

When My Blog Spark offered me to do a review on Yoplait Greek Yogurt I jumped at the opportunity. Being on a budget has limited my food exploration, so I was excited to try it and excited to share what I learned.

Details: As a vegetarian I am always looking for a good source of protein. Within one cup of Yoplait Greet Yogurt there is 12 grams of protein...two times that of the leading yogurt. It comes in 4 flavors, Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla and Plain. I have been using plain yogurt in place of sour cream and making some yummy things might I add. For explain, when we have nachos I use plain yogurt and sprinkle taco seasoning in it and when I want veggies and dip I use plain yogurt then add a dehydrated veggie packet to's fabulous-o. I promise!

Oh, there's more! Yoplait has provided me with this embeddable microsite (do I sound smart or what) for you to learn more and to get a free ... FREE cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt. The first 50 people to comment will get a coupon and you'll also get to see some cool footage from "Clash of the Titans". Check it out!!

The campaign is "Nourish Your Inner Goddess", that's pretty fancy-shmancy but I like it. I pictured me at a spa with burly men wearing togas, gently taking one hand while sensually feeding me this yogurt. Snapping out of it I realized it's a good yogurt not magical.

The yogurt is fantastic, the price ($1.19) is affordable, the free coupon is very generous, last but not least Yoplait and My Blog Spark are also allowing me to giveaway to one lucky winner this:

Here's how you can win this luxury robe and accessories...listen closely.....just leave a comment. That's it! Tell me what flavor of Yoplait Greek yogurt sounds good to you and if you could have one person feeding you this yogurt who would it be. (I know that kind of silly, but it's good to explore your silly side every once in a while.) You can also get another entry for becoming a follower and/or being a follower. Ends April 18th.

*This coupon offer for a free cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Tennessee, but click here and you can get a coupon to for Yoplait Greek yogurt.

I am not paid by any company to review their products. The luxury robe and accessories were given to me for a FREE review. I am not responsible for your decision to purchase or not purchase a certain product. Thanks.


Here I sit...o.k. I'm really laying down. I know it's 12:50, but that's what you get to do when you don't have kids or if they're old enough to take care of themselves.

Last night we went to our friends house for dinner and a movie. As door flew open we were greeted with sincere smiles. It's an emotion that can rarely be defined, but often felt when you know your welcome. As fast as I could I reached for their baby. Just before nestling him into my arms our eyes connected and his cute little crooked smile melted my heart. At one point my husband wrapped around me while Cedar was in my arms not only could I see our bright future I could feel it....

We got home around 11:00, just in time to answer the phone. Like most of you a phone call that late brings fear of bad news. Thankfully it was just the opposite. It was a 3 1/2 hour call that filled in gaps of communication leaving me in laughing fits and tears. I love the feeling of good friends. I love knowing miles apart doesn't mean absent from mind.

It's never a bad time to reach out to a friend, Even if it's been a long time...just call. That effort might be the one thing the person needed to get through a difficult time, a lonely day or just an added reason to smile. Reminiscing is great medicine even when you're healthy. Pick up the phone!

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'll be writing a few reviews today, so be on the lookout for some fabulous giveaways.

*A quick shout out to Pink Daisys Blog. I was reading her blog and listening to her great (easy listening) playlist. I opened a new page, so I could continue to listen to it as I write. If you want to check out a new blog...head on over.

Friday, April 9

Follow Friday Blog Hop and Last Chance for my Giveaway!

I'm getting ready to go to work... What are you doing today? How about participating in F.F. Blog hop.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Friday Follow

Make sure you enter my Seventh Generation giveaway....
CLICK HERE! I will draw a name tomorrow.

Thursday, April 8

Organized Confusion

Honestly, I'm not sure where this week has gone. I do know this....
I still have a cold. Oh that's right, I decided not to write about that last week because I didn't want to believe it, but I am dragging this cold around with me. (Funny thing to picture.) It's week two of a butt kicking cold, honk honk.

I am also working on a few personal changes.

First things first, I really want to watch less t.v. I usually have it on for noise then realized I don't really want the noise. I also realized that I could be doing a lot of those "things" that I always wanted to do, but never had time for when the t.v. is off. I also realized that television programs are a lot like magazines for me..... I need less of them and more of "real" people in my life....and "real" experiences. Don't get me wrong, I'm still watching t.v. just less of it.

My husband and I are working out together. I'm not sure whether to clap or cry, but we are trying to get in better shape. He is naturally skin (^%$*&&^^) and I am naturally not.... (*&_+%&$#@)

There you have organized confusion for the day. What's on your mind today?

Tuesday, April 6

The Burning Question....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with beautiful weather and lots of chocolate.

It doesn't feel like Tuesday, but it is's time for the burning question.

If you could purchase one thing for your house today
without thinking about the cost...
just based off what you want....what would it be?

I would like to purchase an armoire. A grill would be nice, but I've always wanted an armoire to put my t.v. in. I don't like to see the clutter....

It's your turn to answer the question.

Congratulations Cait to for winning the Wilton "Cupcake Fun" book and my handmade apron.

I am still hosting a SEVENTH GENERATION "Huge" product giveaway. CLICK HERE to enter.

Friday, April 2