Sunday, January 30

A little craftiness

Saturday morning wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of coffee. A clear agenda lays before me. My body relaxes and a smile lingers. I rest my head on the shoulder of the man I love.

I allowed the day to progress without a designated direction.

It turns out a few small craft idea surfaced.
Pearls and sparkles on my outlet cover.

Frame and cork board jewelry holder.
Pearl pins from my husband's grandma's sewing basket passed on to me.

What did you do yesterday?

Thursday, January 27

Oh my arse.....

How often do you read posts you have written in the past?
I spent a little time doing that tonight. It light a fire under my arse...
Under not out of.....

Perhaps that is what I needed.

Has your blog changed a lot over the years?

Monday, January 24

The Door

Opportunity and options.

What do you do to make sure your doors stay open?

Some days I feel like my fingers are loosing their grip on the only door that
I can unlock while other days it's like every door within reach is meant for
me to walk through.

Confused, overwhelmed, unsure I step backwards instead.

Thursday, January 20

The idea of pretty and warm...makes me smile.
I hope it does the same for you.

Photos from WeheartIt

Wednesday, January 19


Please let me introduce myself. My name is Ann. I'm the author of this blog.
I guess that is what's necessary when I take long breaks from blogging.

My high hopes of blogging everyday once I got back from the holidays fell short when I was overtaken by a need to clean my apartment. I mean clean. One day turned into 7+ days. This might lead you to believe that we are slobs borderline hoarders, but that's not the case. Creeping into the timeline, A.D.D. (self diagnosed). I was here then there...then back to here with a lot of repetitive unnecessary-unproductive actions. Sigh.
While things are looking a lot better I am now focused on minimizing my magazine piles. I have so many magazines that have been gifted to me over the last three years. I read them from time to time, but very rarely get rid of them. I pulled the "I will look at this more...later." Later has come and gone according to the fashion treads and what's "in" according to the design world. I have a pile...I mean a mountain of magazines that I am going through.

Well, there you have it. I'm back...leaving you with a bedtime snack. Enjoy.

Do you save magazines? How often do you re-read or refer to them?
How much do you love Oreos?

Photos from WeheartIt.

Monday, January 10

On the the place I live.
We should be there later today.

What are you doing today?

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year!
2011, may it be your best year yet.

We are still in MI with family and friends....loving every minute of it. I am just getting back to normal after 4 days of being sick. New Year's Eve was low key, but very nice. I look forward to spending a little more time reading blogs and hearing about what you've been doing.

Have a great start to a new year......

(My computer cord is broken again, so I'm arm wrestling my mom for her computer daily. She a blog addict too. :D)