Sunday, October 31

I'm back....

Wide eyed...4:00 in the morning.

I got in yesterday around 5:00 p.m., that converts to 11:00 p.m. in Switzerland where I left my internal clock. By 8:00 p.m. I was sawing logs. (Much to my dissatisfaction I do snore on occasion.) It will take some time, but eventually I'll be back in my time zone. Until then I'll be sporting some fantastic bags under my eyes.

Toting my computer seemed to be a waste of time over seas. For multiple reasons I didn't wind up using it once. (Internet costs, wrong/no converter, lack of time) So, I 'm going to start this week and post as I would have sans the issues.

Since I'm up it's the perfect time to click over and catch up on some of your blogs.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 20

Vieux (Old) Quebec

Sometimes you need to .....

what you are doing and take a stroll.

Thanks for walking with me. It was a beautiful day wouldn't you say....

Monday, October 18

Simply Bags...Giveaway

Monogram anyone?

It's that special touch that makes monogram the perfect gift. I'll admit it, we have monogrammed towels. Before I was married I had my own monogrammed towels too.
What can I's those simple pleasures that keep me smiling.

If you could see the front of my computer you would see why having a bag to carry my laptop in should be the next thing I purchase. Simply Bags is where I turned. Simply Bags is where I stopped looking. They have so many Stylish Laptop Bags. How about this one...

Dress up any outfit with our stylish chocolate and turquoise patent trimmed laptop bag. Inside wall has zipper pocket, pen and business card slot. Side to side zipper closure for ease in computer removal. Lengthy handles for underarm carry. This fashionable laptop bag measures 16”w x14”h four inch wide bottom. Overall height 22 inches. Recommended for laptops up to 16". $31.99 (It's the one I got.)

Or this one...
Or this one...
It's not just a bag when you have it personalized.
Someone very profound said was me.

Simply Bags...that's the place to go for bags for every occasion.
It's the place to go for quality monogrammed or personalized
items made just for you.

How about a chance to win this beautiful
monogram makeup bag?

One lucky winner, three easy ways to win it.
  • Go to Simply Bags and take a look around. Come back and share with me one of your favorite bags. (one entry)
  • Go back to Simply Bags and pick out an item you would purchase for someone else...who is that someone? (one entry)
  • Follow me...(one entry)
That's three. Easy Peasy.

~Ends-Oct. 31st~US only~Provide an email
This review is based my honest opinion. I heart monogram...that's the truth!

Mystery Trip...part two

It is Switzerland and now it's only three days until I fly the friendly skies!
(Huge Smile)
First stop Zurich.
I'll do my best to capture each and every moment minus the
boring the 8 hour flight through the night.
I'm afraid my excitement has already started to zap my zzz's. Hello bags!

Much more to come.

Up next, another fun giveaway.

Tuesday: The Burning Question..on Monday just to shake things up.

Today's burning question is more like a fill in the blank.

My Grandma______________________________________________________.

Is 88 1/2 years old with the spirit of a woman half her age.

Sunday, October 17

LAST DAY! Novica Review and Giveaway

Have you ever purchased a piece of jewelry and wondered who made it?

Partnered with National Geographic, Novica is one of the leading fair trade artisan websites. They unite artists from around the world. With each piece, more than 30,000, you can learn about where it was made and by whom. I was hooked!

Novica.... with so many item to look at the only thing you'll need to do is make a decision on what piece or pieces you want. The site is clearly laid out and easy to use. There are three categories to choose from: Home Decor, Jewelry & Apparel and Paintings.

Home Decor is then broken down into ten subcategories. I really like looking at all the Tableware and Entertainment items. Jewelry and Apparel is easy navigate through too. There are 8,597 pieces of Sterling Silver.....need I say more? Just get your Christmas list and your credit card within weeks your gifts will be tucked neatly away into the closet. You can sip coffee with your feet up on the couch while listening to your friends stress about the holidays.
(Doesn't that sound perfect!)

The unique items have you eagerly clicking from one to the next. This is coming from someone who has spent hours clicking from one category to the next, no lies. I am fascinated with everything.

Well, let me show you a few of my favorites:
Khun Boom
"Being born into the varied and abundant culture of Chiang Mai, I was exposed to the world of traditional art and the customs from China and Southeast Asia. This contributed to my love for art, which began at an early age and has become a life-long passion for design and the creation. My love for art is ingrained in my personality, and it comes through in the care, love, and attention to detail that I put into every piece I design. I am so proud to be Thai, and I hope to share some of that pride with you."

Ceramic Salsa Bowl, 'Mexican Spice'
Retails$49.95 On Sale $29.66

Javier Servin
"I'm form the state of Guanajuato, but I began my apprenticeship in a ceramic workshop in Mexico City. I began as an assistant decorator and after two years I was heading that department. By then I decided to start my own workshop at my parents' house. It was just my wife and I.

Turquoise Cocktail Ring, 'Caribbean Mosaic'
Retail $166.95 On Sale $84.95

I love this ring! Click above to read about the artists Guilliermo Arregui.

As someone who enjoys giveaways....what's better than winning one? Hosting one!
This lovely Pearl Pendant necklace, 'Sweet Kiwi' (below)by Buana is another favorite of mine.
It's delicate, simple yet chic.
Do you want to win it? Here's how:
  • Go to Novica and pick out something you like. Then come back and share. Mandatory, this needs to be done to be part of this giveaway. (One entry)
  • Follow my blog; If you do or if you just started...leave a comment. (One entry)
  • Tell me about another item you like... Believe me, it's too hard to pick just one. (One entry)
  • One more entry? O.k. tell me something that made you smile today.
This giveaway will end on Sunday October 17th (my papa's b-day). I'll notify the winner by email, so make sure to put that with your comments.

Thanks Novica for asking me to host this giveaway. I was given a g.c. for this review. All information provided here is based off my own opinion.

Congrats to Natalie of The Adventures of Paul & Natalie... She won the Pillsbury Sweet Moments giveaway.

Saturday, October 16

Mystery Trip

I'm about to explode! The countdown has begun for my trip....
FIVE days.Cinque giorni. Cinq jours. Fünf Tage

Can you name this place?
A little treat awaits the person who can answer correctly.

Hint... Above I wrote "five days" in three languages outside of English.
In this country three languages are spoken.
***Red is another hint***

Next Thursday, I will be flying to this mystery place and meeting my sister there. She is going for work and I am her chaperon. Actually I'm more like her tag along, but I promise to be the best tag along in the entire world! I could squeal with excitement.
Umm, I just's a good thing I am alone right now.

If you're a family member you do not get to play because you know the answer.

Tuesday, October 12

Tuesday: The Burning Question

Fill It In
(Make it a little dreamy or keep it real... it's your call.)

I like to fill my morning cup with_________while nibbling on__________.
(Of course there's no calories in that.)

It's then time to slip into my ______________and__________.

It's fall my favorite season, so I'm going to_____________ today. After that, I'm going to__________________ just because I can.

Me: I like to fill my morning cup with Starbucks amazing Decaf. Pumpkin Spice latte (skim milk no whip cream) while nibbling on their no calorie lemon pound cake.
It's then time to slip into my size 4 clothing and
one of many pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.
(It makes me laugh just thinking about how far from the truth that is...)
Classic Plus
Classic Plus+Plus
It's fall my favorite season, so I'm going to enjoy the beautiful sunny afternoon by horseback riding today. After that, I'm going to get a relaxing massage just because I can.

Your turn......

Monday, October 11


I love him I really do, but doing wood work on the kitchen table is just a
disaster waiting to happen. Right my dear husband.
Needless to say we had a small disaster.

Like any online shopping junkie...I mean well informed shopper
I knew where to go. I went looking for a simple and affordable
drop leaf table. I like this one (above) because it can be placed against the wall in a small apartment or house, but I really want this one (below)
"when I'm all grown up".
I'll admit it. I'm o.k. with this shopping trip...from my couch.

Sunday, October 10


Did we just put the cart before the horse...?

I was busy looking at Halloween costumes while cooking
for a Thanksgiving dinner???

It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. Not to be confused with the typical Thanksgiving Day in the United States. To most (not all) it's one of those holidays that provides a day off not a family get together.

That being said, a group of us got together yesterday to feast on typical T-day grub. All the right fixens' with pumpkin pie to boot. With my pants unbuttoned I suffered through the night with a satisfied smile and heartburn. Now, that's what I call a good Thanksgiving. fellow Canadians.

8 Questions and an award...How's that for a productive morning.

I was tagged by Flip Flops & Pearls, a blog that I started reading about a month ago. She is a cute (darn it), funny (drats) and loves flip flops and pearls as much as I do. (So I guess that bonds us for life.)
Here are the 8 questions she sent over:
1-What was the last thing you ate? My morning sweet tooth yanked me out of bed for a sliver of homemade apple pie (made last night), where I had taken another sliver just hours before.
2-What is one of your best childhood memories? There are so many, but one thing I really appreciate now is that we ate at the dinner table every night. That and when my sisters were getting ready for a date I would sit and watch them. Once in a while they would curl my hair...only to run out of time leaving me with half of my hair curled.
There's no way to pick just one "best" memory with my brother...too many!
3-When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you were older? Famous darling..... Just kidding. "I just want to be happy" was and is my answer to this day.
4-Do you paint your toe nails in the winter? Yup. My piggies are usually painted.
5-Do you watch reality television? If so, what one is your favorite? This fall, I've watching The Apprentice as couple times. Nothing has really grabbing me this season, but it's not too late...maybe my obsession is lurking about waiting for a vulnerable moment.
6-What were some of the "trends" when you were a kid? Layers baby! I think I wore 2 to 3 pair of socks and shirts at a time. Then there was the trend when everyone would taper their pant legs. Remember that? We would take the pant leg and pinch it together...then roll it up. Good Heavens. Not "that's hot" Paris!
7-What is your favorite time of year? Hands down, FALL. I love cool days with my hands wrapped around a coffee cup. Sweaters. Colorful leaves. Pumpkins. Candle lite nights. Warm bread and soup. Football on t.v. (I'm not usually watching it...)
8-Do you have any hobbies? I do. I like to take photos, make cards, weave rugs, sew, hike, cook, read, decorate....I'm consistently inconsistent with my hobbies, that's the way I roll.

To not leave anyone out.... I'm inviting all of you to answer these questions and take the badge of honor. See...No cyber bullying here. I heart all of you. (Mean people suck!)

Happy Sunday!
Did you see my giveaway? Click here for goodness sakes.