Tuesday, November 30

The Burning Question

It's been a while since I've posted a question.

With the holidays here in full swing it seems only fitting to ask a few questions about them.

Do you have a lot of gifts to purchase this year?

Have you cut back in recent years?

Who is the hardest person to buy for?

Me: Actually, it doesn't feel like we have a lot of gifts to purchase. Even though I haven't been "Christmas" shopping yet I feel in control of the shopping that needs to be done. I am not planning to go to the mall unless I have to...

When I worked in retail it was too easy to buy things at "great prices". That was the problem, I would see a great price and add on to peoples gifts because of the price. It wasn't necessary, but I hate to pass up a great sale and I love giving presents.

The hardest person to buy for is usually my dad.

Your turn....
Have a wonderful day!


larkswing said...

It is that time again! I am close to finish, but have a few more. My brother is the hardest - what do you buy for a work a holic?? no hobbies, nada! I have not cut back, but I have refused to make a list for other people for me. If you don't see something that you want to give me - please don't spend your money on something just for the sake of buying- make a donation to a needy cause instead - Salvation Army, Autism, or if you are mad at me, make it to the Heifer Project :)

Mitzi said...

Am heading out today to get more shopping done ahead of expected snow tomorrow. I love buying for my Grandkids, but find it harder to buy for my daughters and sons in law. Ideas?

Unknown said...

When I retired last year, I informed my kids that I would no longer be buying gifts for the adults, and only would buy for the grandkids for budget reasons. When in doubt as to what to buy, I purchase a gift card so they can get what they want.

Ann On and On... said...

Funny Mom! :D