Wednesday, December 15

The Burning Question

"Holidays"...what comes to mind?
Sparkling lights, the smell of pine, family, baked goods, paper cuts from
wrapping gifts, money...a paper bag to breathe into because
you're having to talk about money.....

The big question is....
Are you done shopping?

My answer no. I am not done making the gifts that I intend to give this year which explains my blogging absence. (Yup family members crap-I mean craft gifts. While others are truly blessed with the gift of crafting my skills remain to be seen.) That and I had a book club potluck last night. Annnnddddd, I waited until the last minute to read the book. Not because I'm a procrastinator (well maybe a little), but I wasn't going to go and decided at the last minute that I wanted to. Well, that's not true either....I was at a Christmas party last Friday and I was asked in front of a lot of people (you know right when the awkward silence happens in a crowded room) by a very nice book club member if I was going....put on the spot and my mouth could only form Yyyyessss? So, I'm not a procrastinator I'm indecisive and not good when put on the spot . (crooked smile)
(Side note: I had a great time!)

What about you? I'm putting you on the spot how do you like that? (Hee Hee)
That's the beauty of blogging you can pretend you never read this post and
go about your day. In a crowded room....not quite as easy.


Mitzi said...

I am done shopping. Now I just have to stay out of the stores so I am not tempted to pick up just one more little thing. Hope you enjoy your Christmas.

Anonymous said...

We are done! Enjoy your Christmas!

Unknown said...


Rhonda said...

This year I am doing tins of baking accompanied by gift cards. However, my family eats the cookies faster than I can make them, so I have to wait until the 23rd!!! lol

Honey Mommy said...

I am actually done with shopping! Hooray!

I have even finished all my craft gifts for my neighbors, etc.