Thursday, March 22


While fashion continues to tell another new story this spring, lace has once again effortlessly made it's way back on the rack. The delicate twists and loops provide the right amount of sexy and innocence for day or night. Splurging on a piece of lace could be just what your wardrobe needs.

Undoubtedly we think of lace when it comes to lingerie, but the sweetness of a lace item for me is taking a step ahead of  slinky. Whether you pair it with jeans or the classic pencil skirt, adding a sheer lace top is an ageless investment. Define your style with a little bit of lace this season.



Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a lace top with blue jenas and plan to try it!

Ashley said...

Oooh, I'm always a sucker for lace. Those grey shorts are so lovely! My only issue is that I feel like lace makes me look young, so I often struggle with how to wear it. Love your choices here!

Mitzi said...

I have lots of lace doilies you could use. ha

fashion kats said...

Love lace!! Always loved!
Nice pics!


Serendipityissweet said...

Beautiful! You know, I haven't worn lace in quite a while, but I agree with you ;)

Amanda English said...

Love the grey shorts! xxoo A-