Tuesday, March 20

The Path.

Happy Saturday...
No, I am not drinking already.  
I work Friday through Monday, so Tuesday is my Saturday.

 There is nothing like waking up naturally then enjoying a little breakfast in bed.

Knowing it's the first day of Spring makes today seem a little brighter.
It's a time of disconnected space....connecting.
 A path is formed.  

This path is visible, which makes the "what if" surface.
There might be 5 reasons why you shouldn't do something new today, but 1 really good reason to go for it.

It's the connected space...the path...made for you!

Where will you go...what will you do with it?


Unknown said...

Loved this. Where will we go, indeed.

Unknown said...

Happy spring!!! What a beautiful post to welcome it :) Happy {your} Saturday to you! XO brynn

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohhhh! I love your path photos!! Enjoy your Saturday! Or was that yesterday??? Being overseas I'm ALWAYS disconnected, lol!

Well...hopefully it either was, or is, great!