Wednesday, March 14

Oak Hill Designs .... Winner

I put all the entries from my giveaway into a hat and......

Congrats....fruit.root.leaf on winning this custom designed and hand stamped necklace by Oak Hill Designs.
Thank you Lynn from Oak Hill Designs for this giveaway and for being my first Sponsor!
  Remember, you don't always need a special occasion to give a gift.  Just think of the smile you could put on someone's face...just because.
A note from Oak Hill Designs...Mothers Day deadline is April 25th. All orders placed after April 25th WILL NOT be started until May 14th. Her daughter is graduating from high school on May 13th. 


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Fé... said...

I'm so loving your blog header. It's lovely :) The three pictures match each other perfectly, and I heart that it has a touch of Tiffany blue color in it. Nice work!