Saturday, May 1

The Red, White and Blue

I realized today that I never wrote about my trip to the US. I'm sitting in the Detroit Airport at this very moment. I just a few hours I will be snuggling with two of my nieces. My sister and husband needed some help this week, so they invited me to Missouri. My flight from Quebec City to here was pleasantly uneventful.

It is very different to be around everyone speaking English. Like a tortoise, I am slowly coming out from the safety of my shell. While I enjoy the beauty of language, I am more relaxed in the comfort of what I know.

Even more amazing, President Obama is at University of Michigan (about 40 minutes from the airport) today and I can see Air Force One. (Technically, it isn't officially Air Force One unless the President is on it.) So, it's like a big welcome to the US for me.

Have a wonderful Saturday. I will be posting all the winners tomorrow. Thanks for taking part in my giveaways. If you didn't, you still have until 11:59 tonight to enter.


Unknown said...

How exciting. Helicopter One flew over my house a couple of weeks ago. The President was flown by military helicopter from Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME, and they had to fly over my house to get there. I waved.
I hope you enjoy your visit to U.S.

Janiece said...

Enjoy the USA.
and hug and love on the nieces and nephews!

scrappysue said...

it must feel good to know that you can jump on a plane and be there for your sister - i bet she really appreciated it