Tuesday, May 11

The Burning Question....

Every Tuesday.... You, me and a burning question!



Yesterday, I talked with someone who's mother had her at 45.
It made me smile and hopeful.
Today, I'm wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday. (I took it off when I got home from working with one student for 2 1/2hrs. That's not really gross is it? :)
Tomorrow, I will call a friend to say hello...just because.


burlap+blue said...

These questions are always so much fun...

Yesterday I went to our local botanical garden with my baby and a friend and her children--we had a great day!

Today, I am still in PJ's...and loving it!!

Tomorrow, is a morning of shopping with my mom!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I felt down on myself.

Today, I feel confident and strong.

Tomorrow, I hope to feel even better.


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Yesterday-I felt really great!
Today- I am dragging!
Tomorrow- I hope I get my groove back :)

(I have Fibromyalgia and some days are just really hard!)

Hope you have your groove on, Ann!
xo, misha

p.s. I put up a new video of Annie!

Unknown said...

Yesterday: I tried to be energetic.
Today: I gave in and took 2 vicoden because my neck is killing me!
Tomorrow: If I'm not better, I'm going to call the doctor's office.

hahamommy said...

YESTERDAY? I rocked the bake, I made another bowl, I remembered to breathe & I snuggled with m'boy ♥
TODAY? I am creating MORE amazing art ♥ I am a sweet and thoughtful mama ♥ I will again, rock the bake!
TOMORROW? Mercury will be out of retrograde and so will I! Corvallis will be well-stocked on the dessert front ♥ I might just have to visit the clay studio again...

Adrienne said...

Yesterday I cried over stress, today I laughed at it and fell down ...OUCH and tomorrow is handles because I can laugh! Never give up hope!