Monday, May 3

The Burning Question....

Your answers last week were so much fun! I might start a Mr.Linky....we'll see.
(Let me know if that sounds like something you'd be interested in.)

Last week I asked what makes you smile. (5 things)
This week....

"__________________ is music to my ears."
3 things

The sound of percolating coffee in the music to my ears.

When I open my drapes first thing in the morning is music to my ears.
It's the start of a new day.

It's the look on my husbands face while at a social gathering ,we're on opposite sides of a full room and our eyes meet. He mouths "love you"'s music to my ears.
I'm twitterpatted all over again.

Your turn. What is music to your ears?


Queenie Jeannie said...

The sound of the UPS truck bringing my new stamping goodies!!!

Anonymous said...

~my children music to my ears

~waking up to birds music to my ears

~my husabnd getting home from work and shouting "hey sweetie/love/honey I'm home" music to my ears.

Bayleigh said...

You should definitely do a Mr. Linky. :)

A baby's laugh is music to my ears.

The phrase "war eagle" is music to my ears.

The click of my camera shutter is music to my ears.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

What a great question.

My three year old saying something sweet to my 1 1/2 year old...

My husband telling me to "get out of the house for a while" (in a good way)... :)

My shop owner calling to tell me we had a big sale...

SooZeQue said...

Ahh the sound of my plasma cutter cutting thru hard steel. Also, seeing my son's name in my received emails since he rarely emails. :)

Brooke said...

the laughter of my children is music to my ears..

silence is also music to my ears..

the sound of my coffee maker clicking ON is music to my ears...

Unknown said...

grand kids saying, I love you, Mememere.

Hubby asking me a suggestive question in French..a language he doesn't really speak.

a phonecall from my sister.

Either of my sons calling to tell me about their days.

the sounds of Hubby cooking a meal.

Adrienne said...

when my son says I love you momma ...that is perfection

Marija said...

just about anything my kids say. but especially when they try to make up nicknames for me...

love this post :)

Mitzi said...

Grandchildrens voices on my answering machine
My kids calling me
Birds chirping in the morning
Husband saying"Let's eat out tonight"
sermons and hymns at church

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