Thursday, December 16


The new OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is launching on January 1, 2011! OWN programming will include original series and specials, all focused on entertaining, informing and inspiring people to live their best lives.

New Years...New Years Resolutions...the start of an inspiration network... there's nothing wrong with trying to make some changes or improvements in your life. If a day of the year provides some hope why pooh-pooh it? (Step aside cynics.)

I used my birthday last year to create a list of "39" things to do within the year. Like all good ideas or list of important "things to do" I put it in a folder looking at it once and a while. Did you know "things" don't happen when they are in a file or tucked away? I'm making my list public. After today it will also be on the side of my blog. By the New Year...I will have my OWN...list complete.
(Highlighted if done since my birthday)

1. Travel...Going to Switzerland was beyond my wildest dreams
2. Plan a girls weekend...Two years in a row now! :)
3. Make something to public.
4. Improve my French (Maybe I've improved, but it's not going to get highlighted...)
5. Volunteer
6. Send birthday cards on time
7. Can veggies/fruit/jam.....
8. Re-decorate our bedroom...I started, but it's not done (half highlighted)
9. Spend the night at my grandma's house/my husband's grandpa's house
10. Go fishing with my husband and his grandpa
11. Loose weight the right way
12. Get a facial
13. See Zack Brown band in concert
14. See more of Canada
15. Open an Etsy Shop
16. Read War and Peace
17. Continue horseback riding
18. Exercise more...I've committed to 3 days a week, but not the intensity I would like
19. Write more
20. Understand myself more...a bit tricky
21. Read more
22. Support my husband more in this 1 1/2 years of his Phd.
23. Try....harder (that requires another list)
24. Make someone's day (Be an Oprah to someone...)
25. Set up a plan for our future children.

That's how far I got. The last one could possibly be the most important, but our options are limited right now. $20,000...the magic number. It's always on my mind and pulling at my heart. Someday.

OWN...that's a pretty cool title. It carries a lot meaning, but if Oprah can do it so can my OWN way.

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Mitzi said...

I hope you are able to cross some of those things off your list very soon. We should all have such a list...hmmm.

Unknown said...

A very impressive and ambitious list! Good luck with it.