Monday, June 28

It's Up to You!

Make the decision to do something different.

See the beauty. Be in the moment. Look at it with new eyes.

A special moment can come just after a dark cloud.
(Photos taken on my hike last Saturday.Yes... I got wet, but it was worth it.)


Janiece said...

what beautiful pictures!
I would agree after seeing that rainbow...the rain would really be worth it.
After getting my new little amazing heart I truly do see things so much differently than I did before.
Even the dark clouds are beautiful...because I am getting to see them.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos. thanks for sharing. And the rainbow is special!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts.. thank you for sharing! Reminder to self: I need to take a hike.. it's been too long :) -Tammy