Saturday, April 17

Honest Scrap Award

I heart my award and I am very thankful to The Practical Mom Guide for giving it to me.

Here are the rules: Tell 10 honest things about yourself.
Humm.... here it goes.
  1. The most honest thing about me is my heart....I can't hide it as much as I try. I'm sensitive, silly and stubborn.
  2. I do not like getting instructions from my husband. He is so~so~so good and patient 90% of the time, but I don't want him to help me unless I ask for it. Even if I ask I might not be happy about it...not all the time, but a lot of the time. (See #1)
  3. I'm not competitive. I understand that I am just o.k. at a lot of things and not outstanding at any.
  4. I have a terrible memory. I had someone say to me if I cared I'd remember...that's not true. Than why can I remember songs on the radio? I think it's the repetition.
  5. I regret not trying in school.
  6. It would be a dream come true to start a family. Adoption-surrogate...
  7. I sleep with a fan on...all year around.
  8. I love fashion and makeup. I wear sweatpants too much and secondhand clothing, but I will save for something really nice. I was a makeup artist for many years and would love to get back into it. Hummm, maybe someday. Only to make people feel better not change them.
  9. I want to travel more, a lot more. I'm fascinated with seeing, learning and experiencing different countries. (And, the countries I live in.)
  10. I want to be a part of something, but I haven't found that something. I still haven't done what I'm here to do. My future is exciting. I can't wait to do more....
Love many things, for there within lies the true strengths, and whosoever loves so much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.
Vincent Van Gogh

I now have to pass the award on...Please do not feel obligated to post this on your blog if it isn't something you are comfortable doing. I just want others to know how fabulous you are. For the sake of time and no other reason I am only going to pick a few of my favorites.
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I have to stop, but I can honestly say I have many, many, many more blog I read and really enjoy!

How about you comment on one honest thing about you....?


Debbie said...

I loved your list. I hope the family part comes true for you! And I would like to be less competitive. Not going to happen though:)
Thanks for giving me this award. It really means a lot to me!

Unknown said...

congrats on the award. Good list of facts.
I too sleep with a fan every night; my hubby--he's my biggest fan! lol

Coffee Slut said...

Happy Friday Follow!

Claudya Martinez said...

Your list is wonderful. I especially like this part about wanting to get back into being a makeup artist:"Only to make people feel better not change them."

I am an actor and I can't tell you how many times I've been hired for jobs and had the makeup/hair person try to make me look totally unlike myself. It really guts your confidence. I think it should be about enhancing not totally changing the person.

Claudya Martinez said...

I linked to your post today.