Sunday, December 27

I am

I am
I found this over at The Way It Is and thought it would be fun to do.

(The first answer is mine and the second answer is my husband.)

I am: 38 years old.
Husband: fun.

I think: someday I'll have children.
Husband: too much.

I know: how to make chicken pot pie, because I made one tonight.
H- less than I think.

I have: a lot of ideas that I need to act on.
H- a bunch of stuff.

I wish: we didn't worry so much.
H- on a star.

I hate: mean people.
H- sleeping.

I miss: the ranch and the animals on the ranch... (Friends and family too.)
H- family and friends.

I fear: loosing my memory.
H- death.

I hear: the t.v.
H- the city

I smell: the candle I am burning.
H- good.

I crave: sweets almost all the time.
H- ice cream.

I search: and search for the perfect pants. Why is it so hard to find a good pair of jeans?
H- for answers.

I wonder: too much.
H- very little.

I regret: the way I have acted in the past.
H- little.

I love: life!
H- my wife.

I ache: for a thinner body.
H- sometimes.

I am not: productive lately.
H- tall

I try: to be a good person.
H- hard and then I don't.

I believe: I should talk less and listen more.
H- .

I dance: when I hear old R&B.
H- alone.

I sing: a lot when people are not around.
H- in the car.

I cry: whenever I need to.
H- once every 5 years

I fight: when I should use better communication.
H- rarely.

I lose: my confidence.
H- often.

I never: eat meat.
H- go on vacation.

I always: have to wear shoes to be productive.
H- obsess.

I confuse: my husband when I say words like "thingy...thingamajig".
H- people I talk to.

I listen: to country music, R&B....almost every type of music.
H- well.

I can usually be found: lurking around a bakery or near animals....
H- on the couch.

I need: to try harder.
H- money.

I am happy: when I'm with my family and friends.
H- when I am in the woods.

I imagine: that I'm a super star...(I'm not, but whatever.)
H- a better life...when I'm out of school. (A house, a man cave...)

Some serious answers and some silly. It was fun to have my husband answer the questions, what a good sport. We are also working on his, "A 100 things about me list" at my request... I love getting to know him.


The Whispering Creek House said...

Oh man i had such a great laugh at this post!! Men and women are so funny no? anyhoo..thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! it was so nice of you..I love hearing from you!And thanks for such a great laugh I needed it! Thank your hubby too...what a great way to get to know our guys better hey?

Unknown said...

That was a fun read! I'll bet you had fun doing it!

Anonymous said...

I adore this!! I think my husband and I will try it as well, it looks like it was a lot of fun!!

Thanks for commenting on my, the picture of the wrapped gifts is not mine and when I posted I couldn't remember where I found it to link...I agree, though, very cute wrap and color scheme!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

It is so funny to see the contrast in your answers. It was very nice getting to know you and your other half a little better. :)

Amy said...

this is such a neat and funny idea. Yeah to your husband for playing along..

Mitzi said...

Very Interesting! Very Inciteful~ Look forward to reading his 100 list.

Jill said...

These are some interesting answers. I might have to do this too, I wonder what Randy's answers would be.

I'm curious as to why Jaige said, "I lose often."

Groovewoman said...

I love this quiz & I love even more the fact that hubby answered them too. I just might have to copy this little idea & do one of these myself and see what He (and I) come up with.

FUN idea!