Monday, December 21

99% is still not 100%

I was holding out for something. I'm not sure what. (Perhaps a bit of irresponsibility to set in. Maybe we'd throw caution to the wind...then jump in the truck, drive home to see our families for a nice Christmas celebration...) It is 99% certain, I still can not bring myself to say it, that we will be here for Christmas. I am totally disappointed!

On Saturday, I took our tree down then we drove it to our friends house. One tree two cool is that. Unfortunately, that is when my husband confirmed my suspicion that something might be wrong with the brakes.

My bags were packed. Fridge cleaned out. Christmas decorations packed away. Needless to say my bags are still packed, the fridge is still cleaned out and the decorations are still packed away. Maybe, just maybe I'll pull some back out. We decided against getting another tree. I like the idea of sharing the one we had, so all's good.

A bit of my Christmas cheer is lost....I'll look for it tomorrow.
(I know things could be much worse!) I'm fine.....and I'll be better tomorrow.

Would you be disappointed?
What would you do to make it Christmas"y" again? Spiked Eggnog?... lol


Missy said...

That sucks! No, I wouldn't do it all again! I am blah! Wow, that just sucks!
Have a Merry Christmas!

TaMs* said...

Boo. Bad luck!
Thanks for coming by my blog! How fun that you've spent time in Idaho.

and.. you're an ESL teacher?? I'm an art teacher. Oh my.. we have so much in common. :)Try to enjoy your holiday. :)

Ashley said...

I would do something a little Christmasy just so it "feels" like Christmas even if I'm not home. I am decorating my parents' tree Christmas Eve and will take it all down the day after Christmas. Bummed for you but hope you still have a Merry Christmas! This is a good time to start a new tradition!! Maybe when you get my ornament, you can hang it on the wall. :)

Unknown said...

Heavy dose of Christmas spirits can bring out the Christmas spirit.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear...that would be disappointing! In addition to the spiked eggnog (great suggestion!), I would recommend a day of sitting on the couch watching cheesy holiday movies, always works for me:)
Glad I discovered your blog, just became a follower! Thanks for commenting on mine..happy holidays!

Mitzi said...

Sounds like several of the followers have good ideas. Try the Christmas Spirits and cheesy movies. Love!

Jill said...

I think if my bags were packed, the fridge cleaned out, the tree given away and the decorations put back I'd definitely be depressed. I really hope something works out so you can go home!