Thursday, November 6


Soft music fills the bar. Candles dancing beneath the well dressed, champagne drinking, self proclaimed important people. Sensual gestures being passed down granite. The pop of another cork. The lights are low and the voices loud everyone vying for attention. Name brands are dropped by the social elite and their diamonds sparkle so pretty. Someone spent their entire check on a dress just to get some attention. Within everyones incognito from reality, here to escape another day at the office or home. There I was. The lights started to get brighter and my thoughts drifted. The noise was deafening and the talk was cheap. Where was this heading? I was caught somewhere in between them and me. Last call. Lights were turned up and it was time to stake your claim, call a cab and make the night last with your new best friend. The spot light got hot and I wanted to go home but I couldn't find my keys. I didn't know how to escape the heat. I knew that I was walking into the circle of fire.
A sudden turn in the right direction and the past lights were fading. I was going home to stay.
I'll be the first to admit that I love champagne, a soft candle lit room, sounds of a piano while I sit and eat. I desire to feel pretty and put on fancy things and laugh and share with friends. But, I will never need another last call. The social discomfort of putting on a facade has seen it's day. When the path leads us to the masquerade ball or a shiny hot spot I won't have purchased something beyond my means nor will I have to search for the spot light so I'm seen. Sincerity will sit with me. It is a funny thing to deny the light for that is the direction home. As long as you find peace where you are at and the person within, that's all that was meant to be.
These words come from a borrowed mobile home that I like to call the "mobe". My life is humble but rich. While I know the comfy house, that I'll someday call my home waits for me in the hills, for now I wait. I will do what I can to make what I have gold. My fancy apartment in the city sits empty holding my life's possessions while all I really need is here. Somewhere in the foot hills of the Rockies I am sitting in my candle lit "mobe", sipping soup from a can and eating my fancy grilled cheese. Now, I think I'll go pour some bubbly.


Jill said...

Being able to realize this sentence is possible "I will do what I can to make what I have gold." is such a gift! All the rest of the acting and facade making is exhausting and hollow. It's too bad it takes so long to figure it out, but once that life experience is obtained it's so liberating!

I would take soup and grilled cheese at home any day!

Unknown said...

Last Call... the worst time of night. nowadays, i would much prefer soup & a little bubbly in The Mobe!

Deb said...
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Deb said...

I vote for the soup and grilled cheese in "The Mobe" too....I'd hate to think about being out on "the market" again these days! :)

Hope you enjoyed the bubbly!


Betsy said...

Wow - if Mr. Streng could read you now!

michelle said...

I love these thoughts, Ann. Making what we have gold. That's what happiness is all about! I'm so glad I am not out to impress anymore. It's exhausting.