Wednesday, November 5

Our Song

I was drooling in the ice cream section of the grocery store and I found myself tapping along to Muzak. Softly, I began humming the tune. Without a thought the words slipped between my lips. Thinking nothing of it, probably because I was now eying the donuts. The chocolate donuts with nuts delicately sprinkled on top started screaming my name the minute I walked through the door. I resist the urge and leave, o.k. I bought one. Sigh. Hours later while washing the dishes there it was again. This time his faced appeared. It was actually funny because I was just starting to question how I knew every word, every crescendo even the closing guitar solo that leaves you wanting more. It was my Jr. year in high school. I was in love (right), he was in lust, the story ended shortly after it started. But it hurt, the high school hurt. The everyone knows he dumped me hurt. Going to school everyday was self inflicting torture. Driving the pain deeper,to deafening heights I played "our" song over and over, shortening the world's supply of Kleenex and steering my parents to insanity. I have no idea how they did kept their sanity through four kids.
We all have an "our" song. A certain life altering ballad that defines a place or time in our lives. Maybe the song swirls forgotten memories of your first date and the way you felt walking on clouds, twirling into your room and laying on your bed with stars dancing to your tune. There is also the swipe with the back of your hand to the forehead followed by that thank you God feeling.
I challenge you tonight to find that song. Play it for someone special and take one minute to remind each other how it all began. This could be that one thing that is missing.
On a funny note... I couldn't share the words or song that I heard, it might have lead you to fall on your knees in laughter or pity. Yup, out of all the romantic ballads written mine was sung by K.I.S.S. Nothing spells romance like K.I.S.S.!


larkswing said...

Ahh, what a great post!

Good self portrait - I chickened out :(

Thanks for stopping by today!

Jill said...

How funny to even think about this. I had several "our songs" during high school but the thought of me playing "Careless Whisper" over and over and over again in my room at night while feeling all gooey over Scott B. just cracks me up now.

Unknown said...

KISS?!? did my husband break your heart during high school ;)

Deb said...

Hi Ann....thanks for visiting my blog today! I got quite a chuckle out of your blog post just now. :)


michelle said...

KISS, huh? That's hilarious.

When you're in jr. high and high school, no one can tell you that this too will pass.

Anonymous said...

Who is that dashing gentleman?

Barb said...

I love the dancing photo. Makes me want one of my own.