Monday, October 1

I've Monday Pinterest Pick



                                                                    Source: via Christi
My wheels are going round and round. I'm at a green light that is stuck. 
Today is no different. 
I'm not complaining...each day is action packed with memorable moments.  

This is another reason I've been occupied...
For 10 years I have been waiting to get a Great Dane, but we were never in a good 
position to get one.Then along came this sweet stray who needed a home.  
Miss Quincy Grange now happily resides with us and is an amazing addition to our family. 
 Who knows maybe she'll have a Great Dane for a sibling some day. 
(We think Quincy is a Lab/German Shepard mix and anywhere from 7-12 months old.)

Do you have a dog?  Did you train it? What was your secret to training it?

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Love the PInterest pick and Quincy too! Dogs just fill the house with love. :-)

Unknown said...

We had a Newfoundland once. His name was Charlie Barkley. He flunked obedience school twice. We were asked not to bring him back after he tried to mount the female instructor. sorry, I'm no help.

Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

We have always had dogs, our border collie died 3 years ago at the age of 15...she was a really smart dog and very easy to train.
Last year we picked up a Chiweenie pup... he is 1 1/2 exactly today, he is such a contrast from our previous dog, he is only 8 lbs and a total suck. He has been easy to train as he aims to please. I love dogs, they bring such joy into the home.

The Aelick's said...

You've met Spot. He trained us. :)
Wm was successful. Thank you know who for the Mojo.

Mitzi said...

Love that pooch!Bring her again soon.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable, I can just imagine you wrestling in the mornings together :)

xo Kara