Thursday, August 2

A little bit of Lexington

We've been in Lexington, Kentucky since Saturday.
(Insert smile.)

It's another part of the country that has swept me off my feet.  The rolling hills, countless horses and southern hospitality conjures up feelings of wonder and delight.  My in-laws only add to the splendor.
Each a.m. I go for a run, (I'll call it running when in actuality it's somewhere between a run/walk/crawl) but stop and talk
 to each horse along the way. A long morning "run" filled with anthropomorphic conversations
 eventually leads to a new list of  friends.  When I finally arrive back at my in-laws house it's pool time.

 We went to downtown Lexington for dinner and a taping of Wood Songs Old-Time Radio Hour.
Nearly every Monday evening the historical Kentucky Theater is filled with a live-audience to hear grassroots music that broadcasts to over 500 radio stations worldwide. 

We had the pleasure of hearing Adian Legg and The Dunwells both outstanding British performers.
(It you click on the link you can hear how talented they are for yourself.)

 Downtown Lexington is relatively small, but full of charm.

 We are going to a few horse farms and a distillery tomorrow.  As for today, we are going to graze all day, sip some cocktails and enjoy each others company....poolside. 

Have you been to Kentucky?  
Do you like Bluegrass music?


Mitzi said...

It all looks and sounds wonderful. Wish I was in the pool with you all this afternoon.

Jill said...

Wow, is that really their pool?!!

GingerG17 said...

Live just north of Kentucky in Ohio. I've been to Lexington a few times. Love the horse farms!