Tuesday, July 31

Release the Louis Vuitton...

I'll spare you the photos of Louis Vuitton condoms and shot gun , but hot on the market is this not so authentic waffle maker for the LV lovers.   
 (Soon to be pulled once paperwork goes through. I'm not sure how they can even publicly sell it in the first place.)
Steer clear of "master perfumer" Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud for he is on a mission.
Confirming all the buzz, Louis Vuitton is going to release a new fragrance crafted by him. 
This fragrance is the first since the 1920's and 30's, so the pressure is on. I'm sure all 461 Louis Vuitton boutiques (only sold there) will have them sold before they arrive.  

All hands idol or eager must wait for the official date to be announced before purchasing the scent.  
Dare I say that I'm equally as interested in the bottle as I am the fragrance.

What scent do you currently wear? Are you interested or curious about the new scent?
Does the look of the bottle have an influence on your buying decision?



Ann On and On... said...

In the summer I like Miss Dior, although I don't currently have any. I also use Cashmere (powder) by Donna Karan. Once in a while I'll dab on some Chanel scents.

Anonymous said...

I've worn so many great perfumes over the years. I think Chanel No.5 is probably my favorite, although CK One is wonderful for summertime since it's light and fresh and citrusy.

I haven't worn either of these in quite some time though. My husband and I both started to sneeze a lot from just about any fragrance on the market.. So sad.

Mitzi said...

I am a Jessica McClintoc fan. The shape of the bottle means nothing to me. It's more about the price. I wear perfume everyday.

Madeline said...

i'm very curious to see what it smells like. I hope it has some notes of leather. i feel like that would be new and fresh, but also brand appropriate. do you know when it will be released?

Nicolecfcq said...

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