Thursday, August 9

Non-motorized vehicle of the difficult sorts...

Let me first start off by saying I am not the person in these photos,
but I did learn how to use a paddle board this week.  
 What a blast!
Just when I thought I was "cool" I found out that people (talented and crazy) are doing yoga on them.
I can stand....that's about it.

Have you used a paddle board?  Would you?


PartyMixTape said...

Haha! Talented and crazy is the right choice of words!

Happy summer,

Mitzi said...

I couldn't do yoga on dry land-much less on a paddle board. Glad you are enjoying your summer at the lake.

Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

I got on a paddle board this summer for the first time, alot of fun! Yoga...hmmm...don't know if I'd have the balance and co-ordination that would surely take! :)