Thursday, July 26

On the Bright Side...

I know.... I was M.I.A. again. I blame it on the lake.  
This is our first summer living relatively close to family and friends in 8 years. 
 The 2 hour drive it takes to get here (for almost everyone who visits)doesn't compare to the 14 or 36 hours
 it took to in the the past. While we are busy entertaining...hanging out...catching up...we are also in the
 process of planing our next move.  It looks like we are going West again. 

It's threatening to rain today. On the bright side,  I have all I need right here in this little cottage.

I hope you have a "bright" day...rain or shine. 



Carlinn said...

WOW pretty :)

Inez said...

This looks absolutely amazing! Love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Where is this?

Jill said...

How glorious to spend the summer at a cottage on the lake!! I hope you're reading, relaxing, taking lots of photos and reveling in the proximity to those you love!

Where West?