Saturday, June 25

Do you notice anything different?

I've been thinking about changing my blog for some time now, but I'm not big on change. Ironically, that is what my life is about. When I reflect on all the changes in my life, I've adapted pretty well.

So, here's to change.

Applause to Little Blue Deer Design. If you are thinking about modifying or completely changing the look of your blog I highly recommend Shari. She is so patient, professional and very creative. I can't thank her enough. 

Do you have an aversion to change?



Jill said...

I love the new look, it's beautiful!

I fear change and yet desperately want it too.

Unknown said...

Lovely, but I'll miss seeing your photos.

Mitzi said...

I agree totally with Eva, but I guess change is good. Now just write more and we will all be happy. Have fun this week with your peeps.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love the new look! So fresh!!!!
I hate change yet life does it to us every single moment...
Happy day to you friend!
xo, misha

fruit.root.leaf. - a blog about living life to the fullest said...

I LOVE the new look - chic, timeless, and mature! J'aime beaucoup!