Tuesday, October 5

Tuesday: The Burning Question

Are you a coupon clipper?
Does the amount of the coupon entice you to get the product?
Will you switch products because of a good coupon?

Me: I am a coupon clipper.
I love to see the price go down as they put them
into the register at the grocery store. Cha-Ching

It's thrilling!

If I don't need the product I won't use the coupon to save money.
To me coupons are a great way to try something new/a different brand at a lower price.
If the product pales in comparison...at least I saved money.
There's nothing worse than trying
something new and it stinks, right.

Last question...
Do you have a blog you go to for coupon information? Do tell.


Scientific Housewife said...

Hey swap partner! Coming over to learn more about you and excited for our Christmas swap! I am a coupon clipper but sometimes forget them at home. They definitely help though!v

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Hey! Yes, definitely bad thumper :) I can't believe how much those bunnies eat!

As for coupons, I save them and use them occasionally, but I'm by no means an expert.

My coworker told me us uses http://www.couponmom.com/ to get deals and figure out spending. He knows there to use double coupons and competitor coupons and expired coupons. I don't have the patience for it...I probably would if it were a financial necessity so I am thankful that it isn't for our family.

Happy Tuesday!

Unknown said...

I clip coupons for things that I would have bought anyway, and occasionally to try something new. But I won't buy 3 of something to save a dollar. Since it's just me and my hubby, some things would go stale before we got around to eating them, and I don't have a lot of room in my freezer! I get coupons from the sunday paper.

Anonymous said...

I clip coupons and use them when I remember to bring them with me...if my husband is with me however I don't use them...I think coupons embarrass him :(

nomo wino daph said...

Oh mercy....I tried, God KNOWS I tried. I get so overwhelmed and flustered, LOL!!
I am going to try again, probably next week. Took late cause I just went to Publix and spent waaaaaay too much yesterday! (2hrs so you can imagine!)

I left something for you on my blog today!

Kristin said...

I clip so many coupons that it gets a tad overwhelming. I need to revamp my system (what system!).

I'm your newest follower...Flip Flips and Pearls tagged both of us so I stopped by!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

OneCraftyFox said...

Hmmm, I clip coupons online to use at Micheal's crafts. Other than that if it's groceries, I go to Costco to save big time, lol!

Unknown said...

Couponcabin.com. I always use it anytime I make an online purchase, it's amazing! XX!

Mitzi said...

I especially like to use coupons for Tide, paper towels and toilet tissue. I just have to remember to put them in my purse to keep them handy when I shop. Also love to get money off on a magazine that I wouldn't normally buy but would enjoy reading.

Danielle said...

A) I did the free trial at grocerystoregame.com after saving a few months worth of sunday coupons (and not clipping) and when there are more people to feed besides myself I'll totally re-up that cause it was handy and does the summing up of all the websites.

b) whenever i buy something different or other than groceries , definitely if I'm buying online I google the item and coupon or sale or free,, to see what comes up. I just went and tried on shoes yesterday I need for daily life and then went online today to price compare and coupon clip and I'll save about 15.00 with a few keystrokes