Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday: The Burning Question

If you could change your name... what would it be?

Me: I would like a name that whenever my mom said it,
it would make her remember a special place or thing she loves.
(Thankfully, my mom isn't a Unicorn lover.)

Was it difficult to name your children? Why did you choose the name(s)?

Your turn.


Unknown said...

I was named after my Grandmother. My kids weren't named after anyone, I just liked the way the names fit with their last names.

UmmaThreads~ Crafty Squirrel said...

I wouldn't change my name, it's pretty unique. I was named after the doctor that assisted my mother with her delivery when no one else would take her. As for my little ones, my husband name our first son and I named our second. I named my second child his name because I wanted something that was all his own and pretty unique as well. It just 'spoke' to me.

Chrissy MacCEO said...

I would not change my actual name, but I'd push more people to use it. My name is Christina. Not Chrissy--which 90% of the time is what people call me, and what I refer to myself. But to me, the name Chrissy is so blonde-airheadish and childish, that I wish my mom had people call me mby my real name.

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