Thursday, September 23

Great Expectations

Darn it! I keep my house clean...not free of dust, but things are usually picked up and everything neatly in it's place. Today of all days, why oh why did my landlord have to ask to come into my apartment just as I stepped out of my car.... It's just days after I got home from being away for over a month and it was mayhem within.....bins stacked in the dining room, dishes in the sink, underwear on the bathroom floor, hormone pills on the kitchen table that looks like birth control to the average eye, why! And, he wasn't alone! The man with him was an inspector. Sigh.
Yesterday was my husband's birthday and part of the agreement for staying home together was NO CLEANING, lucky for me.

Once upon a time, I had to clean the house before going to bed or I would lay there tossing and turning, thinking about what needs to be done. This is taking months of self help books about expectations and flushing it down my dirty toilet.

Good thing for me, the books also helped me with getting over things quickly.(Smile)

Signing off with my sink still full of dirty dishes.


Unknown said...

Oh, that must have been awful! I feel your pain!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh no! Well, you survived the ordeal, so that counts for something!! I hate it when people show up and my house isn't "just so" too. Look at it this way, whatever your house looks like, chances are it's MUCH, MUCH better off than mine at the moment!!!

Off to unpack the never-ending supply of boxes... *humph!!*