Sunday, August 8

The "B" Word!

There are only a few things that make me really uncomfortable. At the top of my list is when my husband uses the "b" word.


I scramble for a seat while reaching for a paper bag. (I store them under cushions for such occasions.) Being the gentleman that he is, he's quick to rub my back while I struggle for oxygen, but he is still going to talk about money as soon as I am done gasping. Eventually, I retire my Oscar winning performance for best drama and listen with one ear....

Fast forward...That was me a few years ago. I have since matured (a bit) and listen with both ears and sometimes participate.

When one door closes (more like slams shut on my pretend Christian Louboutin shoes) another one has to open right....right? It's like being in front of 1000 doors with only one key. I had to try a lot of doors to find a way to live with the dreaded b-word.

Door number 1: Didn't open, so I kicked it and broke my big toe.

Door number 13: I decided to shop at second hand stores. While I've always enjoyed them I didn't have to go there. Do you know what I found out? I still don't have to. If you shop at the right time you can get new items at amazing prices. I still go to second hand store, but don't be fooled the prices aren't always better.

Door number 22: I searched high and low for coupons that I can use in Canada. This was sort of a dead end for me. I did find some, but nothing that compares to the US. (If you know of any please pass them along.) Ultimately, like clothing I started shopping smarter. I compare prices and maximize on special. We treat ourselves to a few nice things, but save them for special occasions. I also plan meals. This eliminates waste... I also learned how to can stuff. *Not always a cheaper way to go, but it's still fun to do. (Try finding someone who has a fabulous garden and swap skills or stuff for veggies.)

Door number 30: I learned how to live smarter by going Green. I rarely run my dryer (exception towels), most of our items are unplugged and we have wind up alarm clocks. (Just a few examples.....)

Door number 44: I sold things on Ebay. Bye-bye Chanel jeans that were too small... sniff!

Door number favorite door to date: I decided to try and win most if not all of my gifts for family and friends in 2010. I was embarrassed at first... I didn't want to share this with my readers or family or friends. I didn't want the recipient to think that there wasn't thought put into their gift, which couldn't be further from the truth. I tried to win things for certain people...and a few fun things for me too. I'm having a blast!

Door number 76: I started writing reviews on my blog. It really is a way to try something that I might not be able to buy...what to buy (because of the cost)... didn't know to buy. I also believe honest reviews help others. I love having the opportunity to give something away too.

Door number 89: To dreadful to talk about..... (just kidding)

Door number 101: I learned how to use my sewing machine. If I couldn't win my gifts I could make them. (I'm not sure this is putting me on the "best gift giver" list. :D)

Door number 110: I started doing odd jobs for friends and family. Ex. Dog grooming, cleaning, baby sitting.......

Door number 120: I learned how to ask for help...NOT EASY or fun....and say "yes" when someone offers something. I'm blessed and thankful. For those who have helped my husband and I, we truly look forward to the day that we can repay you.

The doors keep opening and I keep peaking inside.

What are some of your money saving ideas?

*I feel the need to explain myself....If we were in the United States I would be working full-time. Since my French is dismal my options are limited. Experience is priceless....


Unknown said...

Since I retired, I experienced a HUGE pay cut. We try to eat out less, and if we do go out, we try to do it at lunch time, 'cause it's cheaper. I'm planning meals and cooking more. I have only bought 2 new tops in the past 1 and a half years; I stopped having perms $75 or more and had my hair cut short. Now I just get cuts and I can shampoo and blow dry for a decent look.

Anne said...

I found this site for Canadian coupons - groceries, etc. . Then you can try for other stores and such. And here is a list of 20 frugal Canadian blogs . Hope that helps. =)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Planning anything always saves time and money! Whether it's meals, or running errands - plan your work and work your plan!!! Sounds like you are doing a great job!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

So funny! I've been working on a new budget all morning because our daughter is starting college in Sept and I just found out it's going to cost an extra 100 a month to put her on our car insurance not to mention the gas for going back and forth. Thought I'd take a breat and the first blog I visit is yours with the budget post!! Maybe that means I should get back at it LOL! I enjoyed your post and those are all good points!


Marie said...

Funny! I hear you.....great tips!