Sunday, July 25

The September Issue... Strike a pose

Am I a walking contradiction or just eclectic? Perhaps that should be a rhetorical questions. I might be saddened by public opinions.

Within minutes of watching The September Issue... I threw on some wedged heels and headed to the store. Not just any store, I was going to a wedge worthy drug store.(You can roll your eyes or laugh's meant to be silly.) Unlike the states they sell Chanel, Lancome, Dior, etc and fragrances. Still this wasn't really a note worthy outing because I wasn't in search of the next fad or trend I was getting Coke (the liquid) for my husband. That didn't stop me from pretending that I was on Karl Lagerfelds runway wearing a size 2 or is it a -0 these days?
Then I got to thinking....I don't want to be a 2 or -0. I'm not saying the 8/10 that I'm sporting right now is on the top of my comfort meter, but you understand....right. (Did I just admit that?) For the most part that isn't what makes fashion so beautiful to me. Here is where my contradiction starts....
I love high fashion, but I most likely won't ever wear it. I'm not even sure if anyone wears it. It's the fabric, the cut, the skills, the photos that make me dreamy.
I love Coco Chanel fragrance, but I also love the smell of horses.
I love the idea of being a skinny (er) person, but I love pizza, desserts and wine. I'm terrible when it comes to self doubt, but it's not enough to make me commit to an exercise routine. (If you know me that is 100% not my forte. I am the most consistently inconsistent person who ever tried to be consistent.... I love that sentence.)

So, I'd reached the end of my runway career and decided to stop and take a break to enjoy one of summers finest, crème glacée of the creamiest kind. (Ice cream)

Thoughts while trying to slowly eat my ice cream cone:

I thank you Anna Wintour for allowing this documentary to be made. I think your world is fascinating. Your lack of verbal sunshine perplexes me. You actually have one of the coolest jobs and I can't understand why you don't have a smile from ear to ear everyday of the year. If you are ever feeling generous (note personality description above...the likely hood is slim) I would gladly and graciously accept your hand-me-down accessories...the clothing wouldn't fit. I appreciated the little makeup wearing- real women and men of all sizes that work for you. Being able to escape into a world I once thought I could live in, if only for just a few hours, was fun.

Have you seen The September Issue? When is the last time you read Vogue?


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Every time I see her, she always seems to be grimacing! I'll have to check The September Issue out:) I love fashion too...but I love ice cream more!

Unknown said...

Pizza? Fashion? no contest!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I loved the September Issue!

When I was very young and into my late teens, I had a FASHION OBSSESSION!!!
I shopped, shopped, shopped. Along with my Mom. I was on the Teen Board, did some modeling and commercials. I saved all the $$$ for trips to NYC. To shop more...

And then in college I realized my true heart. Changed my major from (fashion)Marketing and Bus. to
Equine and Agriculture Science!
I think my Mom almost fainted when I told her :)

My equine career didn't call for Coco or Lauren. But then, like you, I just love the smell of horses!

Lovely post, Ann!
xo, misha

its simple love said...

I am in the same boat my dear. I like how you said, "I love Coco Chanel fragrance, but I also love the smell of horses.". That made me laugh! I a also a walking contradiction, and I will never give up my pizza or chocolate.